Monday, January 26, 2015

SuperBowl Entertainment Half Time.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends, Followers and Readers,
Terri came home from her long trip to central Wisconsin after visiting her son, earlier than I reckoned, but it was a nice surprise.  Perhaps we can also go out for lunch today, if things work out.   There is a new Mexican restaurant in our small town with good, but expensive food, that I want Terri to experience soon.   But someone said that this new eating shop will funnel a lot of new people U.P. here, namely Mexicans... lol.   And come to think of it, the people that work there, don't speak English very well....  Duh !   Oh Boy!  They are using a converted old fire house for their eating establishment, right behind the bank where we deal with, and they draw a lot of brisk business too.   Well,  I don't think I take my wife out to eat all that much, and just want to treat her right.   I think that most ladies like to go out to eat, even if they are good cooks.  Just my humble opinion.  
      So the air temp. U.P. here is 14 degrees F. this morning @ 0850 hours.  We are supposed to get more snow,  but nothing like the East Coast.   I am so happy that my 4WD on the truck was repaired, but what a high price!  Ouch!
      BTW,  the price of gold and silver is now beginning it's journey UP thru the roof, and many experts think that "this is the big one" and a world financial trouble is upon us.   The Bible says, how ever, "A lover of silver will never have enough silver."   That can be an addiction too,  but I only see it as a safety net, and investment.   Some of my friends say that they are not in the market [or perhaps cannot afford to invest in PM's],  but I say, that people can't afford NOT to invest!  I have had good fortune before when I was into stocks and bonds, and Mutual Funds, years ago, but I don't trust them too much anymore.   Sure,  there will always be winners and losers.   The safest 'bet' is a solid, close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and having the Holy Spirit inside of us!    The book of Ezekiel also says that someday people will be throwing their money in the streets...  because it won't buy them Salvation when the Great Tribulation is all in full swing, and what a horror!  

And here is a pearl of wisdom that I gleaned from yesterday's sermon at church:  'If you want true peace of mind, forgive and pray for your enemies.'   That hate will eat your guts alive and just make you miserable, don't I know it!   When 2 vicious thugs murdered my only, dear son, Andy,  I immediately begged for the H.S. [Holy Spirit] to grant me peace of mind, and allow me to forgive them.   And by myself, if never would have happened,  but all things are possible with God's help, and I DID IT !!  It even shocked me, even though I still hurt from that horrible tragedy.   Perhaps I am not using the correct term/ word,  but I have 'tested' the powers of God many times, and found Him to be so powerful and almighty.   So I know that I am dealing with the Grand Keeper of His Word, and God cannot Lie !  --Titus 1:2. 

And as for the 'Pollution of our every day activities and entertainment' -- the following article is so true and correct.   After all,  'Satan is the god of this world.'   2nd Corinthians 4: 4, says,  "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God should shine unto them."    I need to be reminded of these things just as all my friends need the same thing.  We 'meet together' at assigned times to incite love and camaraderie between/ among ourselves --- in a sort of 'Spiritual Paradise' away from all the Spiritual Pollution of the World.   I had a 'problem' with a certain brother at church, a personality conflict, so I took the initiative and asked his forgiveness [even though I thought HIM at fault... lol], and we mended every thing up and became good friends !!   All I did was to implement Matthew 18, and it worked !   

I feel much better now, getting a phone call from my wife, that the errand she did is now done and complete, and she is also filling my truck with gasoline!  Good!  She helps me so much, and my goofy Left Ankle still hurts too much, and I think I will just have to live with it this way.

Warm Regards,

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Note from Jan: The occult is guilty of massive home invasions. And for that matter, church invasions as well. Listen to our current radio program posted here on the topic. The discussion and sound bites will tell you we have a problem. It is the mainstreaming of all things paranormal. My guest columnist below, David Fiorazo, calls it soul pollution.
He writes about the potential debauchery at the forthcoming Super Bowl which will invade homes next weekend.
Soul Pollution
By David Fiorazo

January 26, 2015

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How far will Katy Perry go and do people even care? There is no denying Americans have become super-desensitized to godlessness. What we accept as 'normal' entertainment today was considered immoral a hundred years ago - or even fifty. Many have learned the hard way if we don't teach our children to believe in and live for Jesus Christ, the world will definitely teach them not to. So, what messages are promoted during a Super Bowl?

By selecting Perry, the NFL again reveals their lack of concern for young children who will be watching. Money, ratings, and pleasing their advertisers are priorities. (We could also discuss commercials but that's for another time.) The NFL's endorsement of evil and ignorance of spiritual things is problematic. Perry recently suggested the NFL knows she likes to walk the line of what is acceptable and what is offensive. So much for being family-friendly.
There is a possibility her performance will be tame compared to Beyonce's 2013 Satanic halftime sex show, but Perry did say she has a few tricks up her sleeve for February 1st. Over 100 million viewers will most likely watch the Super Bowl halftime show.
Like Miley Cyrus, Perry grew up in a Christian home and made references to God early in her career, but now admits she has left the faith. In an interview with ET about the Super Bowl gig, Perry stated,
         "I think when the universe gives you these things, it's just asking you if you're ready for the next level. And I'm getting ready."
 This is a good reminder to pray for those who look to "the universe" or to other gods for answers. They simply lack understanding of the living God of the Bible.   
Parents, please remember this: whether a celebrity acknowledges it or not, they are role models for youth in our culture. Bad or good, millions of children will try to be just like them by mimicking their behavior and lifestyle.
Flashback to the 2014 Grammy Awards
Wearing black witches clothing emblazoned with a glowing red Knights Templar cross on her chest, she emerged from the crystal ball while demons danced frantically around her. The Knights Templar were a medieval occult society some consider to be the originator of Freemasonry, the Bavarian Illuminati and the keepers of "sex-magick" secrets as practiced by Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis)
Perry and fellow witches used their brooms to perform a pole dance of sorts. The act featured a beast with Moloch horns as well as dark-robed dancers. The song ended with a circle of fire around her, apparently symbolizing her being burned at the stake.  
Sadly, Perry's music and videos are being used to seduce young fans. She now seeks spirituality in the writings of people such as neo-gnostic medium, Echart Tolle, who channels demonic forces and teaches we can realize our own inner divinity through occult knowledge.
Katy Perry is not alone by any stretch. Though we don't know how deeply she is invested into the occult, the music industry features many performers engaging in Satanism and witchcraft. Some utilize demonic powers to ensnare their followers. I'm sure Superbowl organizers don't care.
Whether we're discussing entertainment or everyday life, we shouldn't expect unbelievers to act like Christians nor should we judge them -- they need salvation through Jesus. We can however, overcome our silence by warning, informing, and encouraging others to be more discerning and to avoid the garbage this world often produces and promotes.  
Too many families have conformed to the world and according to the Bible, friendship with the world is hostility toward God. 
         "Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God." (James 4:4)
Harmless entertainment? You make the call. A chasm exists between being edified and slimed. We cannot protect our hearts and minds while filling them with trash.
Some call it entertainment; I call it soul pollution, and there are much better things we can do with our time.
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