Monday, March 16, 2015

Holy Spirit in the Trib.

Tom's Journal.

A very good friend at church gave me two books to read.. actually loaned them to me,  but I also found those same books "On-Line" for half the price and order more so we could help other folks too.  THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES, written by Gary Chapman, is one of them that I am reading first, and already learned some good stuff that I could use in my own marriage.   The stuff in there will 'hit a nerve' because it is intrinsically TRUE of most couples, right off the bat.  Our super love attraction seems to wear off [the honey moon is over!] in about 2 years, and then things start to get sour, and things about your mate will start to irritate you,  like her chewing and crunching on ice while you are watching TV,  or the man leaving his hairs and whiskers in the sink instead of cleaning it up after he is done, or never taking out the garbage, etc, etc.    The list goes on, and we might chuckle,  but it's true... lol.   I urge my married friends to get a copy of this fine book.... and it's only about $9., and only 200 pages long.  

As for the Holy Spirit being in the Great Tribulation,  I don't always agree with everything this guy says,  because I know the scriptures very well.  For instance,  The people that are going to heaven must have died AFTER Christ did, on earth.   The Rapture is a "numbered" scenario where only a certain amount of people on earth are going, and no man knows that number.   We assume, and expect that number to be millions, but prob. not billions....  however, like I just said, only God the Father knows that number.   The rest of  'Tribulation Believers' will live on the New Earth...a great, fine Paradise.    The folks that go to heaven --  The New Jerusalem,  will serve as 'Kings and Priests' governing over, teaching and helping  the folks on earth, in Paradise, to eventually reach perfection and live forever !   It's going to great no matter where  you are, except for all unbelievers and wicked ones, who will go to hell...  forever.   This is why so many of us who suffer from all kinds of disease, injuries, persecution on earth and rom the devil, abstract poverty, hunger, stress and disaster,  hope and pray for the Rapture.   Rest assured that our Father in heaven knows the exact best, perfect time for the Son, our Lord Jesus to come and Rapture us up.   After all,  when we were still heathen wrong doers and did not know Christ--- we WOULD HAVE BEEN SENT TO HELL, if the Rapture would have come back then.

Some of us just think, meditate and PONDER how good, kind and merciful the Lord is to have included US in that number, by waiting for the correct time ! ! !  Wow!  Because none of us could ever merit heaven on our own.   Our very BEST "good offerings" would only be as filthy rags before the Lord --- we are so imperfect and sinful !   It is God's Grace and kind, merciful LOVE that forgave us when we accepted the Christ as our Lord and Savior, and NOTHING WE EVER DID.   This is important, dear friends, as we wonder and think:  When will the Lord come to make things better, secure and safe for we, the Church [actually, the Congregation of Saints.].  

And I patiently continue to help my friends understand that it's NOT where we attend church or support some organization,  but what we know to be pure TRUTH from the KJV Bible, aided by the H.S. [HOLY SPIRIT].   People who just cannot tear themselves away from false religion, and false teachings are playing a silly, dangerous game, and please remember that the Rapture will come like a thief in the night....  poof.  Do not straddle the fence.   You cannot serve the Heavenly Father, and the devil at the same time !!   If a person doesn't understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ after reading the 4 Gospels and the book of  Romans, having the H.S. --- I think they are just lost....  sorry.    Actually, they should be "producing fruit" already and help others find the Lord !   Anyone who has read my humble Blog posts for any amount of time is sure to know this.  
     I have a friend whose wife and kids left him a long time ago, after he became a Christian and even stopped drinking, and I know that he is lonely, but he still does a lot for the Gospel sharing and works hard at the church.   Please pray for him too.   I have much in common with him, and he has been a 'God-send' and good buddy to me,  especially, recently.   His name is T.H.   You never know how good you've got it until you meet someone worse off than you.  

  The other book that I mean to read is:  WHEN SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH....   by Gary Chapman, and Jennifer Thomas.
      Well, I have a full day tomorrow, and if I have time, I will re-join the Health Club- Gym, and start pumping iron again.   I will be plenty sore. 

Warm Regards,

The Holy Spirit In The Great Tribulation

Q. At our church some people teach that after the rapture of the Church, the ‘grace’ or the ‘Holy Spirit’ will be taken away from the gentiles and given to the Jews. Now we believe that many Jews don’t believe in Jesus because it’s not their time of grace, but ours (the gentiles), and once the Church is gone then this time of ‘grace’ will be given to the Jews. Is this true according to the Bible? If it is, then is it fair to say that who ever remains on earth during the tribulation period, it will be very hard for them to give their lives to God as the Holy Spirit wont’ be there for them to convince them of their sin. Is this true? Thank you for your answer.

A. It would be more accurate to say that the Holy Spirit reverts to an Old Testament style of ministry on Earth. Both Ezekiel 39:29 and Zechariah 12:10 tell of God’s Spirit being poured out on the Jews during Daniel’s 70th week.  The Ezekiel outpouring brings them back into an Old Covenant relationship with God at the beginning of that final 7 years, and in Zechariah their eyes will be opened to the Messiah just before the 2nd coming.
But throughout the period, the Holy Spirit will be active among the Gentiles as well. A great many of the tribulation martyrs will be gentiles.  Rev. 7:9 speaks of a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language  who will have become believers after the rapture.  Rev. 20:4 describes the martyrs who will be beheaded for refusing to take the mark of the beast during the Great Tribulation.  And in the sheep and goat judgment (Matt. 25:31-46) we see tribulation survivors gathered from all the nations. These are gentiles. The ones called sheep will be welcomed into the Millennial kingdom on earth, signifying that they are believers.  Whether martyred or still living, all these believers will have become so through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

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