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Marital Law... soon.

Tom's Journal.     

Friends,  Please bare in mind that the author of the following message is  a bold Christian, who prob. knows that he will also someday soon be interned into some remote FEMA camp !     I believe he is also affiliated with the publishers of the fine:  DEFINED KJV Bible, that has helped so many Christians better  understand the Scriptures in their purest form, albeit "Old English" --- at least in Shakespeare's  time....  1610 AD.     The older, 'archaic' terms are in bold print and defined at the bottom of each page... and that is a great help to old farm boys like me in Wisconsin...  lol.   You can read and study the Bible all your life, but if you have NOT the Holy Spirit, and a humble, meek  heart,  you prob. won't get the correct  meaning/ value  of it, IMHO.     That's why so many super, uber, "educated," PRIDEFUL people in the world will NEVER get the true meaning of the Scriptures !!   And heaven will prob. be out of their reach....  sad.   I admit that I have a lot to work on,  but I know that I am Saved.

One Cross + 3 nails= the Gospel, and Salvation, so I've heard.   Those folks who cannot or will not bend knee to Jesus and confess Him, will not inherit the Kingdom.  

Tommy Schuckman

Martial Law In The USA  Has Happened Before
                   120,000 Innocent Patriots Imprisoned
                      “In Relocation” Camps For 2 Years
                                        By Bob Parker
                             Received April 28, 2015

I Challenge You To Read Every Word Of This Serious Situation Coming Soon In Our USA! 

Once upon a time...

In one of the greatest countries on Earth...a law was passed which negated the rights of certain citizens.

Overnight, 120,000 innocent patriots were rounded up...stripped of all rights and property...and locked up in "relocation" camps for 2 long years.

Without any warning, they were branded as potential terrorists, and suddenly had everything taken from them...their homes... their freedom...their dignity...and all in the name of "national security."

The scariest part of this story? This didn't take place in Russia or China...or in some Third World country...

It happened right here - in the United States of America.

Hi, my name is Bob Parker, and in this short presentation that could be taken down at any minute I'm going to show you right now how martial law can...and almost certainly implemented again... sooner than you think... and when this happens, you will be robbed of your most basic rights in a blink of an eye.

I will expose the truth about a dark chapter in the history of our nation, that could repeat itself this very year when anarchy comes to the US... virtually guaranteeing a "front-row seat" for preppers, patriots and all the other "enemies" of the liberal socialist agenda.

But more importantly, if you stay with me until the very end of this brief presentation, I will show you one of the most powerful ways to "opt out" of a martial law scenario... stay out of "relocation camps"... and keep your personal freedom intact... even as your neighbours and their children are being held at gunpoint by militarized policemen.

Not because it was cool, not because it made for interesting conversation... but because after decades of studying the violent history of this world, prepping seemed like the only common sense thing to do...

In my research, I grew interested in the concept of martial law, and how likely it was that we will experience such a scenario in the near future.

What I uncovered shocked me to the core...

Because the next few months are likely to mark a crucial turning point in America's history...and the results will almost certainly prove to be devastating for the vast majority of the population.

And you need to know what to expect and how you and your family can avoid being shipped to a FEMA you can avoid a bloody showdown with the you can not only survive...but even thrive...once martial law has been put into place.

Many patriots are asking: "Can martial law really happen in the USA?". But it's a question that shouldn't even be asked. Because martial law happened before... on US soil... and not just once.

Less than ten years ago, Americans were given a glimpse of what it means to live under it.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Feds rushed in and confiscated more than 1000 firearms owned by law-abiding citizens - leaving them unprepared to defend themselves against the real criminals who, of course, still had their own illegal weapons at hand.

As curfews were set in place, average citizens like you and I were left defenseless, caught between armed Federal troops on the one hand and gangs of armed looters on the other.

Yet Katrina was far from an isolated incident. Americans got another nasty preview of martial law in the spring of 2013...

The Boston Bombings proved that martial law can be enacted at a moment's notice and that our government will not hesitate to suspend citizen's rights in the name of anti-terrorism.

In this case, an entire major US city was shut down, with tanks rolling through the streets and militarized police breaking down people's doors at random.

No search warrants, no warnings - innocent citizens were held at gunpoint while their homes were searched, and their registered guns confiscated.

But these are just some local events. This could never happen on a national scale...or could it?

As disturbing as they are, the above examples pale in comparison to what happened during WWII...right here in America.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, the US government made a shocking decision that resulted in the unjust imprisonment of over 120,000 law abiding American citizens.

These were regular folks... some of them, genuine patriots who were owning legitimate businesses... were working in factories... or were actively contributing to the war effort.

Their only fault, and the sole reason why their fate was sealed? Their parents and grandparents were Japanese.

These were NOT illegal immigrants, terrorists, criminals or even refugees...they were ordinary American citizens... who were herded into internment camps...losing their homes...losing everything.... just because some bureaucrat labeled them "the enemy of the State"

During the same time, the 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team was making history. This was a legendary unit made out of Americans with Japanese heritage who fought the Nazis in Europe... and who by the end of the war became the most decorated infantry regiment in our nation's history.

"They were superb! They showed rare courage and tremendous fighting spirit."

General George Marshall remarked.

These brave men fought and died for our country while their mothers and fathers...their wives and children...their friends and relatives were being rounded up and treated like cattle.

What's this got to do with you?

Let me put it this way: The next time this happens, it won't be the Americans with Japanese ancestry behind the barbed wire.

And if you're "clinging to your guns and to your religion"... if you believe in one nation under God... if you uphold the 2nd Amendment not to defend yourself... but to defend this great country from a tyrannical government... then you could be labelled a "terrorist", and become the next "enemy of the state."

The government is busy disarming its citizens, while building up a massive domestic military presence designed to exert control over us in the event of a "national emergency."

Some are convinced that their agenda is to gain complete dominance over the population. Once there's no more chance of armed chance of the citizenry rising up against them...our corrupted so-called "leaders" can finally implement the plans they've had in store for us all along.

The only obstacles in their way are us patriots who cling to our principles...who aren't afraid to exercise our rights and our freedoms...and who haven't allowed ourselves to become silenced.

It seems that in the new America, if you own guns and are skeptical of the are already a suspected terrorist.

If you support the NRA and believe in stockpiling food, water and are on a list somewhere.

If you are a veteran who speaks out for other are highly suspect.

And the fact is, the government is preparing for something BIG.

Many Americans aren't aware of the fact that dozens of federal agencies are becoming increasingly militarized. And we're not just talking about the ATF or the Bureau of Land Management.

Did you know that the Department of Agriculture has its own SWAT team?

Or how about the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

In fact, agencies you have probably never even heard of now have their own SWAT teams.

You may also not be aware that "homeland-security grants" have been given to local police forces across the nation, encouraging them to create their own paramilitary SWAT units.

There are now more than 50,000 raids carried out by local police SWAT teams every year.

Compare that figure to the 3000 per year that were conducted in the 1980's and you'll begin to get the picture.

So what reason could they possibly use to instate martial law? One in particular is making patriots uneasy.

For several years now, China, Russia, and the oil-producing Middle Eastern countries have been discussing moving away from the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Everyone knows this will happen eventually, but it now appears that it may very well happen in the next few months.

Our ever-increasing debt and general downward economic spiral may very well trigger the 5th and final stage of our complete economic collapse.

If Russia drops the dollar, and if other nations follow suit - which at this point, many of them likely will - our teetering economy will not be able to withstand the blow.

When the collapse comes, events will unfold rapidly. Once the American people realize the seriousness of their predicament, we will have mass demonstrations and riots.

In fact, all hell may break loose in various cities across the nation, with police clashing violently with desperate and angry citizens.

And that will only give the government a free pass to do what it's been trying to do for decades: to come after us.

It won't take long before the government begins to act...rounding up those who display any sort of independent spirit...those patriots who are looked to for leadership by their peers...even those who merely own registered firearms.

Preppers, conservatives, Tea Party members, NRA members - we are the ones the government is most afraid of.

And when they come into our homes, no one will be here to help us.

Very few cried for the Japanese-Americans and even fewer will cry for patriots when they begin to round us up.

The manipulated liberal media has painted true patriots as crazed right-wing, tin-foil hat, trigger-happy extremists, and much of mainstream America has taken the bait.

Once martial law is put into effect, there won't be any search due process...there won't even be a knock at the door.

No, what's much more likely to happen is that one night...while you're peacefully'll be awakened by blinding lights and the sound of screaming as you and your family members are dragged out of bed at gunpoint.

After your guns, your property and all your belongings are confiscated in the name of national security, you and your family are taken away to live in a FEMA camp until the government has decided you're no longer a threat.

I pray that this never happens to you or me, but the reality is that it very well might.

                  [The article goes on, but I’m stopping here.  DAW]


The Mark: Will You Wear This “Beast Tech” Digital Tattoo That Can Read Your Mind And Operate Your Devices?

Mac Slavo
April 27th, 2015
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Read by 7,499 people

Over the next several years we’ll begin to see advanced bio-technologies hit the retail market. According to Tom Horn, author of On the Path of the Immortals, this Beast Tech could lead to the eventual extinction of the human race as we know it today.
Google engineers, for example, are working on life-extending technologies that will directly modify our DNA to keep us alive longer. Some have suggested that in the near future it will not be out of the question to live for 150 years or more.
The advancements are happening at such an incredible pace that it’s difficult to keep up.
Last month scientists announced that they have successfully brought back the Woolly Mammoth and spliced it with the genes of an Asian elephant. And just a couple of weeks ago Chinese researchers edited the genes of a human embryo, opening the door to the real possibility of not just curing disease before a child is even born, but enhancing them with faster muscles, a more intelligent brain, or better eye sight.
Many of the real-world applications for DNA modification technologies are still some years out but the evolution towards technologies that will change a human to a cyborg are taking place right now.
Take, for example, a new tattoo that is applied behind the ear. Once installed and integrated, the tattoo will not only act like an EEG and be able to identify your moods, but it will also be able to “listen” to your brain to launch applications, control home devices like your coffee machine or TV on demand, and they’ll eventually even eliminate your mobile phone because the speaker and microphone will be built right in.
It promises to let us monitor our brains discreetly 24 hours a day, and can be worn continuously for two weeks, staying put whether you’re swimming, running or sleeping.
John Rogers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign led the team that built the device, which is so light that it sticks to the skin through van der Waals force – the same mechanism that lets geckos’ feet stick to surfaces. It only falls off when the build-up of dead skin beneath it makes it lose its grip.
Comprising just a small patch of gold electrodes on and behind the ear, it beats the existing tech, described by Rogers as a “rat’s nest of wires attached to devices that interface to the skin with tape and gels and bulky metallic objects”.
To test it, the team looked at their system’s performance in tasks that clinical EEG devices usually handle. For example, volunteers were able to spell out the word “computer” on a screen in front of them using their brains’ electrical activity.
Their stick-on EEG was wired up to a computer for the tests, but the team is working on wireless transmission of data and power, something they have already achieved in other devices.

The focus is on medical applications to begin with – “EEG is important in detecting seizures – particularly in premature babies,” says Rogers. But the fact that it can sit discreetly behind an ear means that all kinds of other applications are feasible. No one wants to wear a headset constantly, but applying a hidden electronic tattoo once every two weeks is more acceptable.
Although Hidden EEG can’t rival the precision of the keyboard and mouse from your desktop computer, it is good for controlling systems in a more passive manner. Instead, it might start a coffee pot brewing in the morning when your brain activity implies you’re waking up. Or, if the device reads that you’re in a highly focused state, it could tell your phone to silence any notifications.
The new technology, as noted by the developers, will also hook directly into cell phone and Wifi networks automatically.
While this will give adopters of the technology the ability to instantly access everything from their home air conditioning unit to their daily schedules, the danger, of course, is that the connection to the internet will be two-way. This means that those who wear the technology will also open their brains up to monitoring by research teams and more than likely the government.
Imagine a scenario where law enforcement obtains a warrant to wiretap your brain. Or perhaps worse (but not by much), a situation that allows unscrupulous individuals the capability to brain-hack your emotions and thoughts.
Need to steal someone’s bank account number or password? Brain-hacking will be all the rage and we can most certainly envision a world where this intimate information is eventually sold to the highest bidder on the dark web.
Just as millions of Americans who protest the surveillance state happily put cameras, microphones, and GPS trackers in their pockets on a daily basis,  so too will the next generation of global citizens with the advent of Beast Technologies.
(Hundreds of people line up for a chance to buy the newest iPhone in New York City – September 2014)
While it may be hard to imagine people voluntarily subjecting themselves to something that can read their thoughts or modify their genetic makeup, the fact is that millions will adopt these technologies as a way to enhance their inter-connectivity and physical abilities. If the last ten years are any guide, they’ll be lining up in droves.
And those who don’t want the technology will be forced to have it implanted, according to some researchers:
It’s not possible to interact with society in a meaningful way by not having a mobile phone. I think human implants are likely to go along a very similar route. It would be such a disadvantage to not have the implant that it essentially becomes not optional.
Just as there is a push to force health care and vaccinations onto people through government mandates, you’ll likely be required to be “chipped” or “tattoo’d” as part of your Patriotic duty. Failure to do so will mean you don’t want to be a participant in a peaceful, law-abiding society.
This next wave of technological advancement, where we begin to directly modify and enhance the genome and the physical human body, is unstoppable. Governments and multi-billion dollar corporations are heavily invested in it. A large portion of the world population will accept it without question.
When they do, will we still be able to call them human?

SHTF Plan Newsletter

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Heli gunner Tom said...

This is not a scare-tactic, Folks! This is fact! Think about what is taking place across the country right now! Do I fit into this scenario? Proud to say---YES! I will speak-out for my fellow Veterans; will speak out against the illegal actions of our own government; will stand-up for the Constitution & our freedoms! When I stay silent, I am dead! I live by~~~~I will not be silent; will not sit down; will not comply; will not be a slave to anyone but God! If yiu have the courage, send this on as I did! Otherwise, start getting ready for the ride to the camp!
---Greg L., from Chi-Town.

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