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When people talk -- only watch what they do with their hands.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Well..... Do ya still think that I am a crazy, paranoid, alarmist ??    I told you all that this stuff would happen.  When a big old politician talks -- watch his hands, and where he puts, invests HIS money,  not where he SAYS he does. They are usually, mostly LIARS!   Like my Father used to tell me...  'Once a man lies to you, you can never really trust him again, because you will never know what he says is the truth, or not.'     My father taught me so much in my younger life, to protect and guide me, and my only brother says that he never got that advice.     But I knew how to shut up and LISTEN well.   I am far from being rich, and my dear wife loves to charge up lots of bills on my plastic...  lol.  But I bear the responsibility for most of that for spoiling her from the get-go.     I have a soft heart and a soft head...  duh.  Ha!  Famous last words...
I have been ahead of the curve, blessed, a few times in my life, and made out like a bandit !  I drew all my "Tech Stocks" and those type of Mutual Funds out of my Chrysler 401K BEFORE the Tech Stock crash before Y2K.... and some of my good buddies that I worked with took a deep loss, who did not listen to me.   Most of us will prob live thru this next 'crap storm' caused by our corrupt Gov't and WH,  but many will get hurt $$$$, and when we are older, living on a fixed income, we cannot tolerate such a fierce bruising and lose ALL OF OUR LIFE SAVINGS and other instruments/ investments ! !   Both of my sisters also lost their  behinds with goofy investments that went sour..... duh.   They KNEW that I was "Security Licensed" but were too proud to ask my advice....  oh well.  "Pride cometh before a fall."   I don't like to see or hear of people who work hard all their lives, get hurt and skinned, unless they are heathen, Islamic murderers, or too proud.   BTW, is the WH doing all they can to fight ISIS while they are butchering every Christian and Jew they find ??   Shake your head, "NO !"    And, of course, our spineless Congress is COMPLICIT !     And then some under educated CINO's 'Christians' still say, "Pray that the USA turns around to seek the Lord."   There is NO mention of America in the entire KJV Bible, ever, in any way, shape or form ! !  Some how we will become or be reduced to a third world country, or worse, and we brought it all upon our own heads....   sorry, friends.   The KJV Bible is 100% TRUE and HONEST.  

Psalm 9: 17, says,  "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."   That sounds pretty clear, final, and understandable to me.   Have we forgotten God when we OK homosexuals into our Military and let them abuse and harass straight people in the USA?  Do we continue to allow an illegal,  fake "president" to over step our good U.S. Constitution, and weaken our country.   Do we just roll over and allow ABORTION to be the common, acceptable way of our Society and  'moral behavior ??'    Let the IRS, and Gov't take away our basic freedoms and liberties?   We are Sheeple, and everything is just sliding the way the Bible says it will, so why don't we just accept the Word, prepare and draw nigh to the Lord ?   Why try to beat a dead horse, waste valuable time, and polish the brass on a sinking ship?   What should a Christians real, FIRST Priorities be ?     Just read the 2 books of John, and Romans, to get the answer, ladies and gentlemen.   And I know that most of you are prob tired of this message,  but not ONE OF MY READERS CAN EVER SAY THAT THEY NEVER HEARD THIS MESSAGE OF SALVATION.   If they get "Left Behind" they don't have a leg to stand on...  sorry, friends.   And if you find merit in my posts, you ought to share them too.

There is just a list of 'Rules' that every one ought to know.  Number One:  If you are seeking to learn about PM's [Precious Metals] or jewels,  guns, ammo,  how to do anything,  you would not go to a brick layer,[or a welder, or a carpenter], would you??   You would go to an EXPERT who knows about such things and can be trusted.  Or use the mighty InterNet of Information, as I do, and research the subject..... or buy a few books on those subject.    Never, but never, go to a Bank for any kind of investment !!  They only serve crap and low  interest bearing 'instruments, low  level B.S., sorry.   Banks and Insurance Companies are your WORST ENEMIES !   I learned that when I got into Finance and Investments with PFS Investments, about 20 years ago and really got a blue chip education in that area.  
    If you are interested in dealing with a well know, fair, HONEST PM company, go to:  MONEY METALS EXCHANGE....  800-800-1865.   Or:     ---I am NOT getting any perks or money for offering this advice, and wonder if I could even get into trouble to posting this,  but I deal with them and like they style.   But never, ever keep you 'stash, PM's, etc.' in any bank deposit box, ever !!  You will lose it there!   BTW, I have tried a few other companies,  but MMX, is the Best, IMHO.  You all need to stock up on Silver, IMHO, [in my humble opinion], my personal preference.   Even my ex-wife is listening to me now...  lol.   Shhhhhhhh !  Confidential, please.
     And when you hear some talking head politician speak about something, watch what he is doing with his hands, and NOT his lying lips ..... and where he puts HIS  money and assets, not what he 'claims'  he is doing.   And that is why I am posting this article, so late at night.


(Pictured: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon speaks at the secretive Council on Foreign Relations)
In a communication with JP Morgan Chase shareholders earlier this month Jamie Dimon, CEO of one of the world’s largest and most influential banks, said that a more volatile crisis than 2008 is coming.
It was striking admission from a man who has close ties to the Obama inner circle and was once at the top of the list for the post of U.S. Treasury Secretary. Considering the President continues to tout economic recovery, and that a significant majority of Americans reportedly believe the economy is healthy, the fact that Dimon is warning of another financial crisis should be a clear sign of what’s to come.
But if his words aren’t enough to convince you we have a systemic problem that will soon come to the forefront, maybe the recent actions of his secretive trading desks will suffice.
According to a detailed report from The Wealth Watchman JP Morgan Chase has been amassing a huge stockpile of physical silver, presumably in anticipation of a major liquidity event.
They’re baaaaack. Yes, “old faithful” is back at it again!
Of course, they never really left silver, and have been rigging it non-stop in the futures market, but for awhile there, there were at least no admissions of newly-stacked silver being made in their Comex warehousing facilities.
Yet, after a 16 month period of “dormancy” within their Comex warehouse vaults, these guys have returned with a vengeance.
In fact, our old buddies at JP Morgan Chase, not only see value in silver here, but they’re currently standing for delivery in their own house account in such strong numbers, that it commands our attention.  Let me show you what I mean.
Here’s a breakdown of the Comex’s most recent silver deliveries to JP Morgan:
April 7th: 1,110,000 ounces
April 8th: 1,280,000 ounces
April 9th:  893,037 ounces
April 10th: 1,200,224 ounces
April 14th: 1,073,000 ounces
April 15th: 1,191,275 ounces
April 16th: 1,183,777.295 ounces
This is a huge bout of deliveries in such a short space of time. In fact, within the realm of Comex world, it’s such an exceptionally large amount, that it even creates quite a spike on the long-term chart of JP Morgan’s vault stockpile:
All in all, JP Morgan has added over 8.3 million ounces of additional silver in just the past 2 weeks alone.
 Full report at The Wealth Watchman (via Steve Quayle and Realist News)
Curiously, it was reported this week that Chase banks will no longer allow customers to store cash or precious metals like silver coins in their safe deposit boxes. As they signal an end to private storage for their customers, however, they are taking physical delivery of massive amounts of silver.
As The Wealth Watchman explains it, JP Morgan Chase has been closely associated with the rigging and suppression of silver (and gold) markets for the sole purpose of keeping the system afloat. “Without the rigging of silver and gold’s price, the price rocket that would take place would torpedo world confidence in debt instruments, in inflation figures, and in the state of the global market’s health,” he says.
But things may be about to change because for the last year and a half or so Chase’s silver purchase have been in a period of dormancy. This begs the question, why now?
So, it stands to reason…
That IF JP Morgan has reached the point where it’s looking to “score big” on a silver run-up, then it’s only because the system itself has run its course, and there is nothing left to steal. As I have long stated, I expect the big “escape” of silver’s price to only occur once their system is done.
It appears that the end game is nigh.
This would explain why the elite are buying secret hideaways, why the government has been simulating economic collapse scenarios and the civil unrest that would follow, and why Jamie Dimon has instructed his organization to be one of the largest holders of precious metals in the world.

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