Friday, June 12, 2015

Gathering The Elect.

Tom's Journal.

I am very HUMBLED when I finally understand something new / learn the correct meaning of things that are point blank -- staring me in the face, like today...  HA!   That's what happens when you 'learn from the wrong/ false teachers,' -- like the JW-cult, etc. ! !  It's just like a young boy learning guitar chords.... and if you learn them the WRONG WAY, they are very hard to 'correct!'   But it CAN be done/ corrected with hard practice and study. 

   'Practice does NOT make something Perfect !!'   But practicing the correct way, the right way -- makes perfect !'   Repeating the same error and expecting success is stupidity and failure.   But doing things the CORRECT way....  God's Way, according to the KJV Bible, is the way to success and happiness. 

   Another example is:  When you attend your CCW [concealed carry weapon] course, you will learn that you ought never have your finger on the trigger ---unless  you are really ready to shoot the weapon !   This is to avoid accidental shootings and accidents.   I FORCED MYSELF TO LEARN THE CORRECT WAY/ PLACE TO HAVE MY FINGER, UNTIL THAT RIGHT, correct,  TIME to fire.    It's the same thing with SIN and imperfection, as we ought to be AT LEAST TRYING to follow Christ Jesus, our Savior, as best we can, now on earth.   We have to watch our language, demeanor, actions, deeds and even thoughts !  Let me say that this has been a huge struggle in MY life, so far, but I have changed and matured in some respects.   And there is a big difference between 'falling into temptation and committing A SIN.... THAN 'PRACTISING SIN ON A REGUALR BASIS', dear friends.   Our Father and Creator is so kind and forgiving, and Jesus Saved US !!     I can help people over come some of their bad ways....even as I am working daily to improve myself and ask forgiveness for my own sins... as I pray daily, study, read, and hang out with other real Christians, so that the good actions 'wear off on me'.... lol.   If you hang with the bad, evil sort --- you will soon have their fleas, flies, diseases,  and ticks/ bugs on your own body and mind.   So the Bible tells us.    But again,  that doesn't mean that EVERY church is full of good, holy people and a bible loving/ teaching preacher.  There are good churches and meeting places, and bad, false places to gather.   How do you find out which is which??  Study the Bible !   If I would lie about something in the bible,  I would consider myself DEAD, rotted,  MEAT in the eyes of God !  The Truth is the Truth, and everyone who is humble and contrite can learn it and lean on it. 

Well, the word is out now;   My poor wife, Terri, fell down near the Breeze way stairs and probably tore/ hurt her "rotor cuff" in her Left  shoulder area, and is in much pain with her Left arm in a sling.    Sorry, Terri.  The trouble is that she is so full of non-stop action and energy,  every day with all her hobbies, pets, duties, helping other folks, that she is greatly frustrated now because she is 'OUT OF ACTION', and DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO JUST SIT DOWN, HEAL,  AND RELAX !!   I am feeling some of the brunt of her anger and frustrations, BECAUSE I AM THE CLOSEST TO HER.... LOL.     I am a good teacher, but some folks just don't want to learn that they need to slow down and REST ! I had to learn these things after few very severe accidents that almost took my life ! !    I HAVE ALREADY SOUGHT TO HELP HER in locating my good, Orthopedic surgeon in Green Bay, WI. {Home of the famous Green Bay Packers' foot ball team} who knows a great Orthopedic surgeon specialist in this field,   that may help us get Terri healed and well again.  Please pray that wife learns to slow down and take her "medicine," relax and smell the roses.    Surgery might be involved too, and then Rehab.    Jeepers,  I did not cause her accident!   And things were going so well for us until this happened.  Now other folks can help HER for a change, and that is what true Christianity ought to be like in the first place !!     I am hoping that I can do more around the house and get her anything she desires, if I can....  just as I promised her I would.

Instead of constantly going to the VA twice a week for the LAST YEAR to heal the huge tears/ rips in my Left lower leg, I decided to just let it heal in the open fresh air, and it seems to be working !   See, the VA --"Medical Profession" now in 2015, thinks that wounds should be kept OPEN and wet with dressings on it, with all their magical compounds and drugs on it.   I told them,  why has Nature... more accurately our Creator designed us to 'form a crust/ scab'  to protect the wound until new skin grows underneath and heals the natural way ??    But the VA says:  "Better living thru Chemistry, and Drugs."   Well,  I study Healing Herbs,  but I have that authority from the beginning of Genesis 1: 29-30....."I have given every green herb for meat...." -- that means food.   Bottom line:  if I heal well, I will be the hero... and if now, I will be the GOAT.
       Really, We Americans are so fat, lazy, out  of shape and spoiled ---compared to other countries and societies on earth!!    And combat Veterans/ Soldiers KNOW this fact because our Gov't usually sends us to the worst, most hostile, nasty places on EARTH !     Always 3rd world countries without running, clean water, etc.   And you cannot just hop in the car to shop in Stores to get some baloney and bread, etc.   But I found Germany to be a nice, clean, advanced Society, with beautiful, smart  people.   I have also been to Thailand,  Japan and Vietnam.    Sorry,  I don't want anything to do with the Islamic culture...  "The religion of peace."   Many of them are still living in the 15th Century, and the bible clearly tells us how they were, and how they still are..... the product of Ismael, sired by Abraham, with his wife's heathen servant girl.   And now they plague  the world like poisonous serpents in the grass !  

Below, the term, "Elect" can have many different meanings, but we need to know that what the surrounding text says, identifies  the meaning of the word.  And that is key --- usually the cause, when searching for meaning.  Some false teachers will "cherry pick" and misrepresent the meaning of a term, to support their selfish agenda !!  You can discover false teachers with this information.   When in doubt,  read the entire chapter surrounding that WORD, and you will usually figure out the correct meaning.   There are other ways to figure out things, like asking a qualified Pastor who teaches the KJV Bible, and using some Bible Aids, or a mature, older Christian who has studied the Bible for a long time.   I don't know everything....  but I know how and where to find the answers. 
   Thank You all for all your prayers and kind comments. 



Gathering The Elect

Q.What exactly is going on with the gathering of the elect in Matthew 24:31 and Mark 13:27, since the Church has already been raptured by that point? Also, does “the elect” strictly refer to the believing remnant of Israel? Even so, what is the point of this gathering, which seems to imply only believers so as to exclude this from being part of the “sheep and goats” gathering/judgment?

A.  The term “elect” can refer to Israel, the Church, Tribulation believers, even angels. You can determine who is being referenced by the context.   In Matt 24:31 notice that the elect are being gathered from one end of the Heavens to the other.  Because the context of Matt. 24 is about Israel, I believe these are the spirits of dead believers from the Old Testament who will be resurrected at the time of the 2nd Coming (Daniel 12:2).  The Mark passage mentions spirits in heaven as well, but tells us that there will also be believers on Earth. They’re tribulation Saints who have survived and are being called to the sheep and goat judgment. They’re the sheep who will enter the kingdom in their natural bodies to re-populate Planet Earth. The goats (surviving unbelievers) will also be gathered for judgment at the same time (Matt. 25:32).

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