Monday, June 22, 2015

The Sound of "Huey" Helicopters.

Tom's Journal.

I recently joined a Vietnam Veterans group on Face/ Book, and tripped across this entry below.   I found out that too many of my combat brothers feel like misfits and so they have grouped together in a common forum that endeavors to help them with coping skills, IMHO.   We need to circle the wagons and help each other as best we can, and I am very thankful that this web site exists.   Thank You, friends, and fellow Vets, for making me feel welcome and not totally crazy and so alone in this world.   That fact that so many troops feel the same way and suffer from the same challenges and problems, makes me feel better.   I believe that the "Vet Center" in Milwaukee, WI. prob saved my life when I hit a super 'Low' in my life when everyone else deserted me.   But I must also give the real credit to my Lord, Jesus.   I found the Lord, at the same time, roughly.  
    As usual, I am home alone, again, and need to force myself to get out and about.   My doctor from Green Bay, WI., told me that I need some more X-rays of my Left ankle again....  as it pains me more lately.   I dread the possibility of more surgery.   Time to call a few people and light a fire under their butts.

Warm Regards,

Seriously wounded and huddling in the dank underbrush, men struggled to stay alive and remain hidden from...
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  • James Buckland None of us will EVER, EVER forget this familiar welcoming sound or the brave men of the 1st Cav who flew these mechanical horses. Some of us cherry's remember our first flight like it was yesterday. I also remember a door gunner instructing me when I clumsily climbed aboard to keep my eyes on the "Jesus Nut". You who know will know.
    The most famous of all choppers , no doubt about that . I was reading somewhere...
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