Wednesday, July 22, 2015

American Socialism ruins the next Generation.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
     Just another 'day in Paradise, U.P. here,' and Mr. Sun is out, nice and warm, to tickle my bone and warm the flesh !  
    Let me tell you all about the term:  Ignorance, please.   It does NOT mean, "Stupid."   It means, being UNAWARE of something, or not educated or taught about something.     So in that sense, we are ALL ignorant of some things.    I, personally, am ignorant of the Greek language and also Hebrew.   But I would like to learn some day !   Some of us mistakenly THINK that our 'small sins' don't hurt anyone --- but yet they do.   Take, for instance, the concept of "Socialism," that is against the teachings of God and Christianity, and the KJV Bible.   Socialism limits and destroys that all-important knowledge of the Godly concept of giving, sharing, teaching self worth and helping others.   France tried that once upon a time in the 1700's and replaced it with paganism, and heathen ideas, and that concept hurt the fabric of their Society for many years !   While in Germany the printing press was invented so that the Bible could be translated into the Common language of the Germans, etc. !   We just can NEVER get away from God and His Plans for Mankind, no matter how far and wide we travel or fight against Him.   So, why not study His Word, the KJV Bible.   Please check out this address:     --- to get the best thing since sliced bread:  The DEFINED KJV BIBLE.    It has the older, Shakespearean type of writing DEFINED with bold footnotes of what the older terms really mean in our modern day English, and other languages, while still keeping the very PURE rendition of the Original Text intact, so that NOTHING is taken away in the translation.   So it is the 'Cream of the Cream.'  The very Best.   Written on a 6th Grade level for all to read and learn.  
     Actually, with my vivid, extra active mind, full of ideas and activity,  History and the pure Bible come alive for me, as I can imagine things in panoramic view, in entertainment.   It is pure History and God is telling the stories, through the hands of His inspired Servants and Writers.   And please, BEWARE!   The lies of dismissing the H.S. [Holy Spirit] and His abilities and powers is a Serious Sin,  the worst !     You might think of God's Holy Spirit as His' arm and hand of operation, or action, that accomplishes His thoughts and actions.   For instance, it was the H.S. that allowed Samson to have such incredible power and strength to work God's commands and miracles.  Etc.   The H.S. is what brings back to mind and controls our brains and tongues to recall what we learned and studied in the Bible, to demonstrate to others the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Something like total recall.   Or did you mistakenly think that some folks are "just smarter" than you, that things some how stick in their brains, and not in yours ? ?   And If you ask of the Father to HELP you sink this precious 'Knowledge' into your mind and heart, so that you can call it back up when you really NEED it to help you share the Gospel and other Bible truths with others and the Right time.   
     Just like:   I am not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer' --- but the Father 'USES ME' as His servant to accomplish some special things, like sharing the scriptures and good things to help other human beings before the stink hits the fan, and the Rapture comes and goes.   SOME of you people will certainly remember these important words of mine....AFTER the Rapture, and will kick yourselves because you DIDN'T TAKE THE PROPER ACTION to get close to the Father and the Son, long ago!   Yes!  My words and pictures might entertain you all,  but if you don't PERSONALLY take the proper ACTION NOW,  by going to a secret place, alone, and praying, asking the Lord, Jesus, to be your ever loving Lord and Savior, FOREVER, also forgiving ALL OF YOUR SINS, past, present and future, and promising to do HIS Will, to the best of your ability, for ever ----  you will be "Left Behind," and the same goes for ME, too.    I have done this very thing, and it does take some humility, and lowliness of mind, with a 'contrite heart.'   If I can do it --- YOU can do it, too.

Now, in all honesty, America cannot, and will not turn our sorry picture of immorality around and reverse our direction.   Sorry.   That is not in God's Plans....  just read the book of Revelation.   Things Will, and Must Go, in the exact direction that the Father has set in action and His holy Words.   And to Him, it is probably the common, exact manner that an imperfect human, sinful race of beings WILL go.   Just like our Financial picture....  We will try every conceivable trick and maneuver in the book until the day that we all fall and can't get up ! !   I guess that humans are easy to predict, over and over again.     The NUMBER ONE Directive for us all is:   "Heed and Read all that we can in His Holy Book, and do what He says.... and grow very close to Him and His Spirit, so that we can be FOUND holy [and this term means:  set aside for a special purpose].   We will NOT ever be perfect while on Earth,  but we can be found, "Approved", Justified, with Grace, and ready, when that time comes.   

It's also been said that perhaps 77 million Catholics live in the USA, and it takes about 75% of them to elect any president.   It was also the "Catholic Vote" that pushed Obama-boy into the WH ! ! !   The new Pope is also a Socialist,   sorry, but that is the truth, friends.   If there is even another election in 2016,  whom will the "Catholic Block" elect ?   Another Socialist that is against the Lord Jesus Christ ??    Now, we all cannot stop the natural, appointed Order of what the bible lays down that Will happen, in Revelation.    But we might be able to makes things a big easier on ourselves in the Last Days instead of partying with the devil...   Think about it.
       The Gov't is afraid of our 2nd Amendment and the vast ownership of guns in the USA, which is the only and last things holding them back from taking away every last Liberty and Freedom we Americans have,  before letting the UN rule us from cradle to grave.   Resist with Godly power being defeated, and being alienated from worshipping our Lord and Savior.   Obey God rather than men.    I hope that I have come "Full Circle" now.
    Pray for my wife's long trip back home today and tonight, please.   Time to get more sun today...   right now.

Warm Regards,
 Tommy Schuckman

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
American socialism and the future generation
This Administration's socialist economic policies have no doubt changed America as promised. Nearly a third of the population has given up on finding a job. There are more people in the US receiving some sort of government assistance than are working. We only need to look to the next generation to see what our nation will be like in 20 years. The "president's" policies have been particularly harsh on people of color, who believed that his changes would result in better lives, better jobs, and a better future for themselves and their children. This socialist reign promises to have a dire impact on the next generation of Americans, more than on the present, as more children than ever are impoverished.
The Annie E. Casey Foundation 2015 Data Book on child well being says, "During the last three months of 2014, the unemployment rate for whites and Asian Americans was roughly 4.5 percent, compared with a devastating 11 percent for African Americans and 6.7 percent for Latinos...As of April 2015, 17.6 percent of African-American workers and 14.4 percent of Latino workers were jobless or working only part time when they wanted full-time work. And, rates of long- term unemployment remain high: Nearly 30 percent of unemployed workers have been jobless for more than six months." The report points to the impact on children--22% living in poverty--a dramatic increase since the current "president" took office.
The report indicated: "One of the most troubling trends for child well-being is that the percentage of children living in concentrated poverty continues to increase. In 2000, 9 percent of children lived in census tracts where the poverty rate of the total population was 30 percent or more. That figure rose to 14 percent for the period from 2009 to 2013." The report indicates that the unemployment rate dropping to its most recent 5.4% should improve the poverty level of America's children. However, it does not take into consideration that the unemployment rate drop is directly related to a comparable increase in those who have given up on finding a job, with many entering the welfare system. 
The current economic and social policies have harmed rather than helped the most ardent supporters of them. The report says, "Especially troubling is the steady increase in the likelihood of children growing up in a high-poverty neighborhood. At the national level, 14 percent of children lived in areas where poverty rates were higher than 30 percent in 2009-13. This is a significant increase from 11 percent in 2006-10 and 9 percent in 2000." Socialism doesn't work. It attempts to replace God with government. It is a bane to the existence of America, and its impact on the next generation is far reaching. Jesus said in Luke 17:2, "It would be better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he was cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble." Think about it.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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