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How a few Words can have so much Power.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry Guys,
    But this is one message from a fav. Christian that I just cannot let go, so I am posting it with the hopes that many of you will make the time to read all of it..... especially about Pope Francis, the Socialist Pontiff.    I was born and raised Catholic, studied Latin, went to a Catholic grade school and loved the nuns and priests and that way of life !   When I got home from the war in S.E. Asia,  I dug down and found out what lies and falsehoods the church was teaching, and was cut to the heart.  Like I keep saying, JUST READ THE KJV BIBLE !  ONE GOOD PLACE TO START IS:  1st Timothy, Chapter 4, and just read the entire chapter, which will take a slow person less then 4 minutes !   Do you all know how bad it hurts when you really love and respect someone you thought was near perfect, and then find out the real truth that they have lied and mislead you ??  Yes, it hurts big time--- bad!   And please don't tell me that no one is perfect and all people lie and cheat.   There are some really good people on earth that try hard to obey the Father's wishes, commands and statutes, and they are in fact FORGIVEN, and also know that they are going to Heaven, for sure.  
     People who have the Holy Spirit in them [always] from when they first asked God to forgive all their sins, past, present and future, and follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior, have the power to work on and change their lives, for the better.   So many pastors have told me that God MUST HAVE LOVED ME SO MUCH,  and so  He Saved me, after all the baloney I've been in and through...  a big sinner, me.   But then, I always loved God, although being in the dark because I had not studied His holy Word, the KJV Bible yet....  but yet always searching for Him and wondering.   I owe God, BIG TIME, and can never really "repay Him,"  but feel the need to share what I have learned through the years.  Without the Word, and talking to other Christians, like Pastor Kevin Sullivan, U.P. here in Iron Mtn., MI.... I might have listened to the dirty old devil and taken my own life  ---forgive me for saying that.   I suffer from Combat related PTSD, Depression, etc., and constant physical and mental Pain....   but the H.S. [Holy Spirit] holds me up and strengthens me, PTL.   And many of my fine email friends, too.   Like:  Sandy, Ruth, Linda, Greg [Skeeter, the Navy man], Patty, and many others, Wanda Jane, from Kansas, also.  Thanks you, dear Friends !   And I am back on FaceBook again, but I have to really watch what I say on there....  "Big Brother is watching. " 
     Now,  if you really want to get truthful, guys,  you will just have to face the pure facts that America is going down for the count, for good and forever,  from kicking God out of the picture and choosing to follow Satan....  and passing WICKED, ABOMINATION, FILTY LAWS....  so sorry to state that terrible FACT.   We can expect everything bad to happen to us now after we let the 'clown in the WH' and the Congress and SCOTUS do those terrible abominations to us all, and we the people didn't have the 'stones' to stand up and yell, either.   We are so close to being a modern Sodom, folks, and now we are going to pay for it, big time, so sorry.   And abortions alone would have sunk our ship,  but now we have gotten much worse and horribly evil.     Since we worship the 'god of money' --- that will crumble  first, IMHO, and be almost worthless, and we may still have the Dollar, but it's purchasing power will be nil.  Try on $13 for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, for size.     The Gov't doesn't want us to buy PM's [Precious Metals...  gold, silver, platinum, or even copper!].  Why?  Because they cannot tax it, control it, seize or steal it!   Yes, the banks are in with the Gov't, and eventually we will all have some kind of Credit system, so that the Gov't knows exactly what we do with our 'money' and the banks can charge and tack on extra fees for doing the slightest work or favors/ services for us !    And see what the new Pope says about that stuff too.   And when we finally lose the fight to keep our guns --- that will be our last defense, and the NWO Gov't will control our every aspect from cradle to grave... but that won't last too long either, because God has promised to clean up the entire globe/ world, and He always keeps His promises ! [See:  the book of Titus 1:2]   Armageddon is only mentioned one time at:  Rev. 16: 16, and it will be the war between God and the wicked forces --- MOST OF MANKIND, who are left on earth after all the plagues are loosed upon the nations for following the devil and taking the "Mark" on their right hand or forehead.

Well, my dear wife is leaving tomorrow on another  long road trip to visit her kids for a few weeks, so I know that I will be eating a lot more baloney sandwiches, just as I have been for the past few months...  lol.   It's OK, as long as I can have a few pickled jalapeno peppers to spice things up.. Ha!  I've got to start lifting weights again and getting some exercise, as well as getting Mr. Sun's healing rays, also.   At least I have my faithful dog/ Rottweiler male, Tazer, with me for company.   I am going to brush his beautiful coat to make him shine and feel better, very soon.   
    Please find out how  much weight the words of the Pope carry that affect so many people and change the way they vote...  because it's really important.

Warm Regards,


I just love the breed of well trained Rottweiler's !!

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' Well, he finally did it.

Desperate for a legacy, with a complicit Secretary of State desperate for a Nobel, the President made a deal with the devil.

More precisely, I suppose, the mullahs of Iran.

As of this writing, we're not sure we know all of the details of this pact, but from what we do know, this is on par with Chamberlain's historic surrender in Munich that led directly to World War Two.

Don't laugh. We've just told another nation -- one that has openly and often pledged to destroy Israel the moment it has the ability to do so and holds national "Death to America" days -- that if they will play the part for a few short years (as few as 96 months by some accounts), then they can go ahead and build their nuclear weapons to make their dreams -- and our nightmares -- come true.

Who, in their right mind, would willingly do that? But even worse, apparently get down on their knees to beg for the opportunity to do so. Then be publicly ridiculed by the other party when the deal was concluded!

You guessed it. We would and did.

I recorded this program the very day the deal was announced, so I did not have time to examine the parameters of the agreement. But this week, I am going to give you a little background on the history of these negotiations. You wouldn't buy a used car from a salesman who pulled these kinds of stunts during your negotiations over the price.

Too bad President Obama wasn't only haggling over the price of a broken down beater. Instead, he was gleefully offering the keys to the nuclear weapons factory to the Iranians and lighting the tinder for the nuclear bonfire that is coming to the Middle East. Unless the Senate can muster the intellectual courage, and the veto-proof majority, to put an end to this debacle, President Obama has just created his legacy. That is, the beginning of the most dreadful arms race this world has ever witnessed, in the most dangerous and volatile region this world harbors.

If this doesn't have last days prophetic scenario written all over it, nothing does!

Unless it's my second story of the program, that is. I've called it, "Last Days Pontiff."

This week, I will be discussing the latest encyclical issued by Pope Francis. Recently, the Pope released "Laudato Si'" or "Praise Be to You." In this Papal pronouncement, or encyclical, the Pontiff says he "does not presume to settle scientific questions or replace politics....", then he proceeds to do just that.

Let me give you a brief preview of the brief review that Nicholas Hahn of The Washington Times gave "Laudato Si'": "The pope suggests getting rid of fossil fuels... supports imposing 'restraints' on the rich... recommends coal, oil, and gas be 'progressively replaced without delay'... advocates for new 'global regulatory norms' and 'international institutions' which should be 'empowered to impose sanctions' on climate violators... endorses populist boycotts of businesses that don't fall in line... bans products that allegedly pollute the environment... (wishes there) were 'new ways' to regulate the financial system... proposes a general slowdown 'in the pace of production and consumption'... and wants us to somehow think about 'containing growth'...."

I'm glad to see he didn't "presume to settle scientific questions or replace politics" with this papal diatribe. I suppose actually proposing that we begin moving toward a system of world governance doesn't qualify!

On top of that, in June Pope Francis wondered publicly how folks who manufactured weapons could "call themselves Christian...." He continued, "Duplicity is the currency of today... they say one thing and do another."

I guess he should know. He doesn't seem to mind that the bodyguards who surround him, and guard the Vatican, are armed to the teeth with the weapons made by those "unchristian" manufacturers.

He's also the Pope who implied that practicing homosexuals may not stir God's anger like his predecessors believed. He famously said, "If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?"

That musing -- which his press office tried diligently to walk back -- actually inspired more than one lawmaker to vote for same-sex marriage when the opportunity arose.

When he publicly implied that all are redeemed by the blood of Christ -- not merely the ones who accept that sacrifice and follow after Christ, but everyone! -- he stirred the fires of the traditional controversy between Armenianism and Universalism. Within days, the Vatican PR people were doing damage control. Conservative Catholics were frantically explaining that he didn't mean everyone is automatically redeemed, but that Christ's redemption is available to everyone!

So Pope Francis has advocated a move toward one world government, implied that everyone is saved, that God really doesn't have a problem with homosexuality if the practitioners have 'good will', and that human caused climate change is our number one enemy. Add to this the fact that he has emphasized that evolution is real; jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon; and can't say enough bad things about capitalism and I'm beginning to think that, just maybe, Pope Francis might well be the Pontiff of the last days!

I truly believe that it won't be very long before we know for certain! If you're not ready to leave this world when Jesus Christ returns for His true church, now is the time to get ready. Confess that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus Christ really is who He says He is -- the Son of God -- and that by dying on the cross of Calvary He took upon Himself your sins and paid the price for your redemption; accept the free gift of pardon from God's judgment that His death purchased for you; then forsake the sins of your past and follow Him through the power of His Holy Spirit.

The moment you do that, you become a part of God's forever family and you change your eternal destiny!

Do it today!

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