Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Iran "Deal."

Tom's Journal.

     I did not fully understand the far reaching results and reasons why the weasel in the WH pushed this latest 'deal' with Iran !  It was all about blackmailing ISRAEL !   The Iranians have historically never kept their word and are treacherous and mean spirited, IMHO.   And BTW, women and Gays would never fare well in that backward country.  Slavery still exists too.   They threaten Israel with death all the time, and America is called the "Big Satan."  Inspections of suspected nuclear areas can only be inspected after a 21 day warning, so they can move all the machinery and underground factories, etc.   The congress is also controlled with blackmail, threats and arm twisting, and we all know about the SCOTUS being in the pocket of the 'dog pile in the WH.'   Sorry to be so graphic,  but I do get excited when things are 'in my face.'  

Back on the home front,  I plan to drive a few miles to the Iron Mountain VAMC [hospital] to have my left ankle cleaned and re-wrapped [AGAIN].   I thought 'my way' of just letting it heal by itself, and fresh air and sunlight was working to heal it better,  but now the scab fell off with an open wound again, and I am afraid of infection setting in... and toxic shock syndrome like before, that almost killed me, if it were not for the fast thinking of my pretty wife, Terri.   She is very smart in many things, and en expert remodeling gal, a horticulture expert, and our back yard looks like a  paradise garden with all of her handiwork !   But things are right here lately after dealing with the IRS that is penalizing me because of the 'sale of my old house in Union
Grove, WI.   The was foolish of me to just let it go and lose it in the end, and I should have kept that property, as a 'safety net' of sorts.   I could kick myself for listening to 2 people's 'advice.'   But it water over the bridge now...  
      I am preparing for 'the storm' said to be coming in October,  but putting 100% of my Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ.   However, the Proverbs encourage us to save some money and goods for a 'rainy day' or a sudden adversity or disaster.   Other wise, Murphy's Law tells us that the money we should have invested WILL BE SPENT OF OTHER STUFF THAT ARE NOT SO IMPORTANT... AND WE would be poor stewards of our income and substance.   I always believed in some savings and investments just for that very reason.   And the church needs donations for the upkeep of the buildings and meeting place.

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