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Origins of American Slavery.

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    Here is the 'eye-opener' that really needs to be published all over America, to correct the false information that the Left loves to propagate and spread in the school history books !

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Leader Origins Black Slavery

Origins of American Slavery
True Roots of Slavery in the USA
What is not commonly found in the populist annals of the slave history narrative force fed to American Students is the fact that Negro slavery did not originate with Europeans or Whites, but rather was a product of African tribal trade, inter tribal warfare, and Moslem commerce.
What is also commonly swept under the rugs of simplicity and convenience, basically because it does not fit the narrative by Liberal Propagandists posing as Historians, is the fact that many slaveholders themselves were black or mixed race.

Moslem Roots of Slavery
The modern slave trade in the Western World has been recorded as early as 870 AD, but it is likely that it predated that on a limited scale. Enslavement of African tribesmen and women was practiced primarily between Moslem traders and African kings.
African kings and Tribal Chieftains sold their own people as well as captives from competing tribes to Moslem Traders. Moslem Traders diseminated their goods throughout the Western World.
As European nations began to emerge from the dormancy of the Dark Ages, and claim dominance over the High Seas, trade with the Moslem World expanded. Slavery in Europe had been largely relegated to the dung heap of History by the year 1000 AD, replaced by a new form of slavery - feudalism and serfdom. Just as in Centuries to come Slavery in the New World would be replaced by the serfdom of Entitlement. The last vestiges of de-jure slavery in America were abolished as a result of the Civil War.
In the Islamic world, slavery thrived unabated, and continues to this very day on a limited scale.
The Moslem World traded heavily with Black Africa. The African kingdoms and tribal chieftains used African people as currency.
The Moslems did not discriminate based on race, all Infidels all non-Moslems were equally enslaved. The "Barbary States" were the primary offenders, it is estimated that over a million Christians were enslaved by the Barbary pirates. "...enslavement was not something that White europeans did to other peoples, to black Africans in particular .... by 1640, upwards of 3,000 British were enslaved in Algiers alone..." Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History)
The US even engaged in a small war and bombed North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria in the early 1800s in an effort to curtail this slave trade. [4]

European - American Slave Trade
As Europeans and Americans did commercially enter the slave trade they rarely engaged in raids and violence in order to obtain slaves. As a basic rule of convenience Black slaves were more cost effectively obtained via trade with Moslem Traders, and African Kings and Tribal Chieftains.
Unlike the fictitious Roots Saga where Kunta Kinte went off into the woods to fetch wood for a drum, was captured by slavers never to be seen in Africa again.
Alex Haley first claimed this to be a true and researched portrayal of his ancestor[s]. However it was later proven that Kinte's life was apparently taken from a fictional book, the African by Harold Courlander, and Haley was sued for Plagiarism. Neither Haley or Courlander , Author of the African acknowledged the fact that slaves taken in the way Kunta Kinte was taken were an extreme rarity Haley later labeled his work as "factional" a mix of fact and fiction, Courlander never denied his work was pure fiction.
Slaves arriving in North America were in most instances acquired from Africans and Arabs by Europeans and Americans. The origins of most slaves was as currency for goods purchased by their own kings and chiefs. Those slaves fortunate enough to end up in the Amercas.....".could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.- SCOURGE OF MUSLIM SLAVERY
Historians estimate that between 10 and 12 million Africans were sold by other Africans to Europeans before the USA even existed. Nearly 20 Million more were sold to Arabs. The legends of European pirate-merchants storming peaceful villages in the jungle are basically nonsense . It may have happened on rare occasion, but was never the norm. There was no need for European - American slave traders to risk their lives, or expend capital on mercenaries , they simply purchased slaves from the Moslems and African Chiefs.

The Africans themselves frequently enslaved members of other tribes. Men and women captured in inter-tribal warfare became slaves. The Akans - [ Modern day Ghana and Ivory Coast], purchased slaves from the Portuguese that were taken from other parts of Africa, such as the Congo. There is little to indicate that they sold slaves themselves till the late 17th century. By the time Lee surrendered to Grant at the Appomattox court house and the last vestiges of legal slavery were vanquished from American shores, there were still many more slaves in Black Africa owned by Blacks than in all the Americas combined. To this day slavery is still practiced on a diminished scale in the Islamic World and sub Saharan Africa.
The overwhelming majority of Slaves that arrived on North American shores were sold into slavery by their own kings and chiefs. Slavery of Negroes even regained a foothold in Europe thanks to contamination from the Moslem World.



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