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Saturday Night....TOM'S JOURNAL.

Tom's Journal.

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UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Just Took a Giant Step Forward – Thanks Congress!

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From my friend in IL,  Greg, the navy man.

Hi Friends,
     I am happy that the author of:   The Daily Jot, quoted the scripture at,  Galatians 3: 25, 
that we are ALL the same in following/ believing in Jesus Christ, and He doesn't make any distinctions....  so neither ought we !!' ---Paraphrased.    That is actually THE WAY to tell if a co-called "Christian Church" is the  Real McCoy !   ---If they have real love among each other, without stress, strife or bitterness.   You can pretty much tell a Christian right off the bat, by the way they dress, act, speak, work, drive, behave, etc.   And woe to any of US who claim that we belong to Jesus, and then act the fool, be stupid, loud mouth, talking filthy, etc.    That is one of the challenges many of us need to work on, especially ME, so I don't bring SHAME UPON THE CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION.
       I even have a smaller tattoo on my Left Deltoid  [shoulder] that says:  "Jesus is Lord."   So I must behave myself and walk the straight line ! !   Forgive my sins, Oh Lord !    Hey, the devil would just love to see me dead or my mouth stopped up forever, so that I never share the Gospel ever again !!   It seems like I do a lot of good things, and then goof up and say something silly or stupid, or mess up, royal...  Duh.   It vexes me that most of my friends are just plain 'GOOD PEOPLE' without any mess ups or bad habits or traits.... but I have to really work hard to be a 'good man.'   I know the bible inside - out,  but dong the right thing all the time, every day is sometimes a real challenge for me, and that is why I beg you all for prayers.    And thank you all for being my friends, and supporters, guys and gals..... brothers and sisters !

I just invested some heavy money in a few purchased items.   Buying a nice suit of clothes, a truck, tools, a nice short vacation for your wife, are all "Investments" if you think about it.   Storing up a few extra canned goods, meat in the freezer, paper tissue and paper plates, towels, matches, candles and batteries, etc., are also about 'Prepping' in case there might be an emergency !   But, for one thing, I invested in a better knife sharpening system, and can sharpen tools also, plus help my neighbors and friends.    I will NEVER get rich,  but I like to help folks, if I can.   I also decided that I need to put more in the offering basket at church, starting NOW !   Actually, tomorrow morning.    Going to church is important to me and many others because we can see our friends, help them, encourage them, pray for them, learn more from the bible, and worship our Creator and His Son, Jesus.  
     I think it's proper for the husband to DISCUSS EVERY EXPENSIVE PURCHASE / INVESTMENT, with the wife, before they buy it.   Yet, there are so many, women's Lib, totally ignorant, loud-mouthed, INDEPENDENT women these days, that a civil tongue, kind, soft, natural speech is not possible....  been there -- done that, too.  LOL.   It surely grieves me to see so many 'Christian' marriages on the rocks now days, with Satan putting a vise-like pressure on our Unions with our mates/ wives, in these 'Last Days.'   And it is my humble opinion, that many Pastors are afraid to point out the duties and ways to act as a WIFE,  because perhaps they have seen many wives just pick up and leave the Church, if they don't get their way ! ! !   And I have seen just that with my own eyes, U.P. here, lately !   Pity, and so close to the Rapture/ End of this system of things.     Personally,  I am just praying that the Lord will ALLOW me to stay in the same  home as my wife, for a few more months,  because I believe that something HUGE will erupt and happen in the next 2-3 months... in the World !
      And if I am wrong, I will just have to "eat crow" again, instead of the Baloney I am forced to eat most every day.... Ha!  No joke.    I would really like some feed back on this vexing question.    There seems to be so much friction these days in the family unit....  with spouses leaving and not supporting their families, even women running away and abandoning their husbands and kids, etc.   And some Pastors who don't have enough below their belts to make sure that the bible message is tamped down for the wives.   Everyone needs to just play their role and co-operate with each other and follow the bible.   Just think how smooth and beautiful things would work / run !   I have also known wives to confide in me that they WISH and PRAY that their own husbands would pick up the ball and run with it, to be more assertive, take charge, wear the pants and take their role as "Head of the Family Unit !"   I have tried to always do just that, even though I have stumbled and fallen many times.   That 'Independent spirit of Satan' loves to see men fail, and then the wife is standing there with her two hands on her hips --- saying, "I told you it wouldn't work !!"  Been there too.   Personally,  I would much rather DISCUSS things with the wife,  but being a combat Veteran,  I love and cherish my family, so when I say "Hit the Deck" I expect every one to take order, and quickly... only for THEIR own good.  
but I never want to abuse that God-given position, either.   Hey,  some smart ladies can only WISH they had a 'take charge, Veteran' to love, care for, cherish, and PROTECT them and the children !     That is just the way I was raised by my family, and I know they loved me.

Since I have to make most of my meals, and standing on my sore feet, and fractured ankle that just won't heal right, vexes me.....  I don't eat the right kind of food, and if the lady of the house in 'too busy' with her hobbies, pets, many girl friends, or long road trips each month to see her kids [who just can't be bothered to drive here and see her... duh], I am pretty much on my own, and just cannot shed the pounds that will make me more healthy.   If I could just lose 100 pounds, I would be so happy, satisfied, with more energy and zip !   In the past few weeks my BP and BS have gone up, to cause the doctor at the VAMC some concern.   Frankly,  I don't think I need to eat at all, except that all my VA medications will burn holes in my stomach if I don't take some food with all the Meds.   So....  I have been buying some 'healthy' Muffins for morning meal/ snack.   Actually, contrary to the so-called "doctors' opinions" -- bacon and eggs are GOOD FOR A MAN.   I prefer Rye toast and real butter, water... as I don't drink coffee or tea, or milk.   I know that I shouldn't drink any soda pop,  but ONE  Cherry Coke in the morning seems to jolt me into action and wipe out all the brainy cob webs in the morning.   I used to do much of the same S.O.P. when I was working at the Chrysler auto plant in Kenosha, WI., for over 30 years, supporting my wife and 3 kids, and ate my first baloney sandwich and Mountain Dew @ 0545 -- before the assembly line started.   Personally, I think that many folks are stone jealous, including my wife, that I enjoy a good income every month, and I am RETIRED, with full Bennies, also being a disabled Veteran...$$$, etc.    But they will NEVER know or see how hard I had to work all those years, sweated, bled and coughed up all that poison that we had to breathe and work in every stinking day, with unkind people, convicted felons, child molesters, murderers and perverts that we had to work with.  There were also good looking witches, loose women who had a game of tempting and  seducing married men, and breaking up their marriages, too.  What twisted people, and at one time we had over 6000 people working at the Kenosha, WI auto plants, so you got a great variety of different folks...  if you know what I mean.     Yet, I thanked God every day that I had a hard, but good paying JOB to support my beloved family !  PTL.

 You know.... some men go all through their lives, NEVER learning or knowing how to properly sharpen their knives and tools.   But I have achieved that bench mark, and just INVESTED in a better way/ method, that will be shipped to me, soon, so I can shave with my knives.... a small, modest collection, and also love to do some of my close friends' blades too !!   So that is MY hobby, and I used to have many skills and hobbies, like carpentry, welding, wood carving, hunting, fishing, veggie gardening [ I love fresh cucumbers, zucchini's,  and tomatoes!!].   But now I have enough trouble just getting up and walking to the bath room to do my duty.   Why can't some people figure that out after I explain it about 200 times ??     My dear wife, Terri, has RLS, Diabetes, and I certainly understand all that !   And I am not even a 'rocket scientist !' 

Well, the leaves on the trees are already starting to turn colors and it's still August !!  Holy Cow, our long, cold, snowy Winter in the U.P. are fast approaching, as usual.   The Summers U.P. here are just a glorious Paradise, and I intend to gobble up every minute of sun shine on my skin, as possible !   I have many nice friends and email buddies in Louisiana, SC, NC,  Virginia, TX, AZ,KS,  etc.,  BUT I DON'T CARE for living in a furnace most of the year and paying those super high energy bills, sorry. 

If you like,  I will share a few nice videos about, 'How to really sharpen your knives and tools, the easy way, like with your auto/ truck window !!'   I will see you all on F/ B too, and right now they have a fine Vietnam Veteran corner where us older Vets can hang out and chat, remember and visit.


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Thursday,  August 27, 2015
Of race, terror, and heart's intent

The look of terror in the eyes of 24 year old TV reporter Alison Parker tenths of a second before being gunned down by a man who wanted to start a race war should be enough for anyone with a heart to say "No More" to this kind of hatred. The gunman, Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, was an embittered man who was fired from the television station where Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward, 27, worked. Ward was also executed by Flanagan. Flanagan wrote in a suicide manifesto that he killed the victims as revenge for the Charlestown church shootings, he wanted a race war, and that he was about to explode because he faced racial and sexual discrimination as a black and gay man.

Flanagan was fired from two TV stations, both after having made numerous complaints about racism among co-workers and station management. All the allegations were deemed to be unfounded, according to sources involved. The UK Daily Mail reports that in his suicide note, Flanagan wrote: "'Yes, it will sound like I am angry...I am. And I have every right to be...'The church shooting was the tipping point...but my anger has been building steadily...I've been a human powder keg for a while...just waiting to go BOOM!!!!'" He also confesses to killing his cats, blaming the news station for the animals' deaths. And he was censured for reporting from a voting booth wearing a campaign sticker for the "president."

There is a huge difference in this crime compared with Travon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray. There is clear evidence that that the assassination of Parker and Ward was racially motivated--the shooter admitted such. The other cases were not or have not been proven to be clearly racially motivated, but people perceived them as such. The "president," Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and those with ties to the Communist Party USA have all condemned the Martin, Brown and Gray cases as race-related. As of the writing of this Daily Jot, neither the "president," nor Jackson, nor Sharpton, have uttered one public word about Flanagan and his racially motivated executions--None of the usual talk of banning guns; no expression of sympathy to the families.

The racially motivated shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were condemned by a huge community of blacks and whites. There was no doubt that Caucasians stood together with their Black brethren in mourning this deplorable act. Today, silence from those who normally speak out when racism is perceived. Does this expose their true hearts? People, in God's eyes we are all part of the human race. Galatians 3:29 says, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus." The condemnation of hatred cannot be one sided otherwise there is no ground for coming together to solve the problem. There is no trust. The "president" said he would bring people together, yet look at what we have. Let us do our part as disciples of Christ.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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