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The Market, Judgment, and You.

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On Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:30 PM

Al-Qaeda in Iraq was a fierce and evil force that brought terror to anyone who crossed its path. We don’t hear much about Al-Qaeda in Iraq anymore, however, and it’s not because they no longer exist. It’s because the massive coalition of terrorists no longer uses the name. Al Qaeda in Iraq is now known as the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” or ISIS for short.
How is it that at the same time Barack Hussein Obama claimed Al-Qaeda was on the run he was also having to field questions about the new threat of ISIS? How did an already deadly terrorist organization become bigger, more dangerous and more powerful in the Middle East?
The answers to these questions lead us to a terrifying realization. A realization that American taxpayers have funded a massive, destructive range of foreign policies that helped give birth to what is now considered the world’s greatest terror network. All of this at the direction of Barack Obama.
What you’re about to read explains the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, the ties between Libya, Iraq and Syria, as well as the birth of ISIS and the hands of Obama’s foreign policy. It also explains how everything happening is paving the way for Iran’s war against Israel.
ISIS is a large scale army of ruthless criminals who embrace a fanatical flavor of radical Islam. Their mission is and has always been to establish a Caliphate where Shari’ah law is the supreme law of the land. Under the agenda of ISIS anyone who disagrees, no matter what nationality or religion they claim, is instantly considered an enemy.  ISIS deals with enemies through public beheadings, mass executions and often times even brutal crucifixions.
Why on earth would any free American EVER choose to partner with these beasts? In what world is it logical to team up with a brutal serial killer, give him freedom, money, weapons and influence, all with the idea that he may be able to kill another brutal serial killer? Sure, you might get rid of one killer, but in the process you’ve created a killer that is much more dangerous than the previous two combined.
This is exactly what Obama and his ilk in Washington did. But in order to gain a full understanding of how ISIS came to be, we have to back up to the early years of Obama’s administration and dissect the truth of what happened.
When thinking of Libya today, images of a war torn, collapsed nation in turmoil come to mind. But before Obama came into play Libya was a bright spot in a dark part of the world. In fact, according to the United Nations Development index of 2010, Libya had the highest standard of living of any country in Africa. It wouldn’t be fair to try and make a comparison to cities in the U.S., but when it comes to Africa Libya was the ideal place to live.
Tripoli Business Center Pre-2010
Then Libyan Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi ruled the nation with an iron fist. There is no question Gaddafi was a dictator who didn’t always look out for the best interests of the people whom he was responsible for. That said, Gaddafi was at the time widely respected by neigboring governments as one of the greatest leaders in Africa.
To give you idea of how the leaders of the region viewed Gaddafi, a meeting once take place where more than 200 kings and rulers throughout Africa jointly decided to honor Gaddafi by giving him the title of “king of kings.”
Gaddafi Dubbed King of Kings
I don’t mention all of this to side with Gaddafi. As I said, he wasn’t a model leader. He certainly wasn’t someone we should prop of as an example of what the world should have in control of its assets and lives. But Gaddafi being in power in that part of the world had benefits. And truth be told, Libya was far better off under Gaddafi’s rule than it is today.
So why did Obama want Gaddafi out, dead or alive? One could easily submit, and I do, that Obama wasn’t going to tolerate Gaddafi’s attitude towards Israel. No, Gaddafi wasn’t a big supporter of Israel, but like several other leaders Obama helped remove from power in the Middle East (Egypt, for example), Gaddafi gladly gobbled up foreign aid in exchange for holding the view that Israel has a right to exist.
In a 2009 interview with Time Magazine  Gaddafi had this to say.
The position that we are in, the road that the world is going on, would lead to the destruction of the Jews. Because generally speaking, Jews as a community are limited, their number is limited, all over the world. We know that they’re not that big. Unfortunately, they were persecuted by all nations. They were persecuted by the Romans and King Edward I. And we all know the Holocaust during Hitler’s time. Once seeing the history like that we can only but sympathize with them as Jews.
How many times have you heard a leader of a nation in or near the Middle East say something like that? I’m guessing not many. And certainly not since Obama took office. There is, without question, a six year trend of U.S. involvement in toppling Middle East leaders who “tolerate” Israel’s existence with the end goal of replacing them with rulers (or rogue terror-linked entities) who share a desire to see Israel weakened, if not completely destroyed.
Which gets us back to Obama’s campaign to take Gaddafi out of the picture. The Libya affair was Obama’s very first major act of foreign policy. Obama was able claim it was successful in that it removed Gaddafi from power, and it all happened without U.S. “boots on the ground.” But what Obama doesn’t want you to know is what happened under the mainstream media radar during the operation.
You see, Obama won his Libya trophy by using the State Department and the CIA to fund, arm and help orchestrate what some call the “Libyan revolution.” Who were the individuals who served in this mysterious army to take down Gaddafi for Obama? You ready for this?
Al Qaeda linked Jihadists.
That’s right. Obama’s CIA and State Department used what is now known as ISIS to destroy Gaddafi in Libya. The rebel army, known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, was commanded by a Muslim named Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi. Mr. al-Hasidi even admitted to The Telegraph that al-Qaeda members who fought American troops in Iraq had also joined the fight against Gaddafi in Libya.
So here we have a scenario where Obama was funding and arming the same terrorists who had been fighting America troops in Iraq to do his dirty work in Libya. Once these terrorists and thugs began organizing and winning battles in Libya, Obama came in with the final death blow to Gaddafi with massive U.S. and NATO airstrikes on Gaddafi’s infrastructure. In the end, Obama and his al-Qaeda allies defeated Gaddafi and Libya was now in the hands of people who hate Israel.
Now that we have that part of the story established, we need to pivot to ISIS and Syria. Before we do that, though, I want to explain the Benghazi murders and what was happening when it all went down. This is a critical part of the story because it fully explains not only how ISIS was initially armed in Syria, but a very possible and likely reason why Ambassador Stevens was left to die with no support from Obama’s State Department.
When Gaddafi was confirmed dead, the CIA and State Department moved in to claim control of Gaddafi’s massive arms stockpiles. Gaddafi had amassed a legendary supply of sophisticated weapons of war via his pre-Obama aid packages from the U.S. and other world powers. Before being named Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens was chosen as the operative in charge of gaining quick and total control over Gaddafi’s weapon stockpiles. He had full and intimate understanding of what weapons were there, what they were capable of and what the U.S. was going to do with them. In fact, he was probably one of only a handful of people who knew the full story surrounding the weapons. In essence, Chris Stevens was the key person that could link U.S. involvement in Libya to the supply of heavy arms to “rebels” in Syria.
Chris Stevens was eventually named Ambassador to Libya and given even more control over the State Department’s operations in the region. It was during this time that the U.S. began shipping the weapons stockpiles through Turkey and into Syria.
The  Times of London reported on this when it began happening.
A Libyan ship carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria since the uprising began has docked in Turkey and most of its cargo is making its way to rebels on the front lines, The Times has learnt.
Among more than 400 tonnes of cargo the vessel was carrying were SAM-7 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), which Syrian sources said could be a game-changer for the rebels.
“This is the largest single delivery of assistance to the rebel fighting units we have received,” said Abu Muhammed, a member of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), who helped to move the shipment from warehouses to the border. “These are things that could change the tide — if they are used correctly.”
The shipment arrived in Syria just 3 days after Chris Stevens was killed in Benghazi.  The New York Times reported on it as well.
As the United States and its Western allies move toward providing lethal aid to Syrian rebels, these secretive transfers give insight into an unregistered arms pipeline that is difficult to monitor or control. And while the system appears to succeed in moving arms across multiple borders and to select rebel groups, once inside Syria the flow branches out. Extremist fighters, some of them aligned with Al Qaeda, have the money to buy the newly arrived stock, and many rebels are willing to sell.
Obama’s work in Libya was done. Gaddafi, a dictator who tolerated the existence of Israel, was out of the picture. His weapons were shipped off to terrorists in Syria and Chris Stevens, one of the few people who knew each and every detail of how it all happened, was also removed from the equation. Of course, there are multiple reports that confirm what happened, but without a credible witness such as Chris Steven, that tie can never be made official. At least, not without Hillary Clinton. And we all know Clinton erased the data on her email server, pretty much sealing the truth in a way that it can never be retrieved.
Additionally, in the summer of 2013 Obama’s foreign policy efforts claimed another victim.  Egyptian President Mohamed M orsi found himself at the center of a bubbling coup led by the Muslim Brotherhood. This important because, as was the case with Gaddafi, Morsi also tolerated the existence of Israel. 
As negotiations began in November 2012, no one was surprised that Morsi came down on the side of the Palestinians. What was surprising, however, was that he seemed to be able to do so without alienating the Israelis. The Egyptian president pledged to adhere to the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace treaty, for example, and kept lines of communication to Israel and the United States open as tensions grew. The communication and good faith proved fruitful: Just minutes before the brokered truce went into effect, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly said that he wanted to express his “appreciation for the efforts of Egypt to obtain a cease-fire.”
Just like Gaddafi, Morsi had to go. And by force at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi was gone. Yet another nation with new leadership that won’t tolerate the existence of Israel.
Egypt Revolution
Obama’s foreign policy then turned to Syria. When it comes to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it turns out many prominent politicians and officials would prefer he be in power vs. the U.S. backed terror groups who initially made up the Free Syrian Army before it became ISIS.  Here’s what an unnamed Israel politician told alarabiya news outlet.
“I prefer to support Assad than the Syrian revolutionaries. He may be a tyrant, but things have been more stable with him around;” “Syria is all that stands between Israel and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria;” “Israel stands hand-in-hand with Assad.”
But according to Obama’s State Department, Assad must go. And who will replace him?  Those loyal to ISIS and Iran.
Pivoting back to the Syria ISIS narrative, we must understand that ISIS is al-Qaeda. It started as al-Qaeda in Iraq, then was recruited to remove Gaddafi in Libya before turning its attention, through Gaddafi’s weapons and more than $120,000,000 in U.S. tax dollars to the Free Syrian Army, towards Syria. When the Syrian civil war got hot, the Free Syrian Army married al-Qaeda in Iraq and the couple called themselves ISIS.
The entire effort is designed to create chaos and terror. It’s designed to topple leaders who tolerate Israel and replace them with people who want Israel destroyed. It’s designed to give backdoor access to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood in nations surrounding Israel. Egypt to the south and Syria to the north.
Iraq gives Iran a direct passage into Syria. Iran is now confirmed to be involved, on the ground, in Iraq. U.S. interests in Iraq are now aligned with those of Iran given that both are giving the appearance of fighting ISIS. An Israeli General recently confirmed some 10,000 Iranian backed “troops” are now amassing at the Syria/Jordan border near Israel’s border. And finally, Iran is sending funds, supplies and support to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Is the picture beginning to make a little more sense now?
-Eric Odom

     The REAL REASON that America is having so much trouble right now is....  that BOTH political Parties are corrupt, guilty, and the fraud in the WH is plotting and active in pushing our country into the Agenda 21 position.   But that's not all.   We shall soon see [and it will cost me dearly if I am wrong/ incorrect !] that the Pope will show his true colors of Socialism,  by addressing the U.S. Congress and Senate, etc., that all Catholics ought to support the coming ONE WORLD GOV'T.   He also supports the goofy theory of 'Global Warming' [or what ever they call it now days, as they make things up as they go...].   Personally,  I think that many Catholics WILL obey and follow their Pope,  because all their lives they just say on their butts in church, without ever cracking open the Bible and doing their home work and studies ! !    Sorry,  I am NOT slamming the good Catholic people, or making fun of their Beliefs !   But it's a fact that many Catholic and Protestant people in the world have left the original fundamentals and Biblical Beliefs, long ago, and now they will pay for that crime/ sin in spades....  sorry, dear people.  
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Love, Army Hugs, Keep the Faith,

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Tuesday,  August 25, 2015
The stock market, judgment, and you

Americans have lost some $1.8 TRILLION in the stock market this year--most of it in the last few days, according to Steve Goldstein of MarketWatch.com. Goldstein reports that the Federal Reserve's financial accounts of the United States report indicated that American households and nonprofits held $24.1 trillion in stocks as of March 31. He calculated the percentage of loss suffered by the Dow Jones Total Stock Market index and found that by midmorning Monday, "that number had dropped to $22.2 trillion." He reminded readers of the third quarter of 2011, when $2.8 trillion was "wiped away" and that it took another four quarters (a full year) to gain back the money. In other words, we are in for a long haul.

Before we credit God for the misfortune that befalls us proclaiming that judgment is upon America for all of its immoral and ungodly deeds, we should take a look at ourselves as a nation and the practices we have employed. There are many economic policies that lead up to a market crash. George W Bush's quantitative easy policy was a major one. Quantitative Easing is where our government funded the Federal Reserve's purchases of financial assets from commercial banks and other financial institutions (translated Wall Street) to prop up the US economy. He raised the national debt by $5.8 trillion to $11.6 trillion. The current "president" accelerated the policy, and the national debt is now $18.3 trillion and growing.

To make matters worse, the banking industry has accumulated great wealth by this policy while taxpayers are in triple jeopardy--it is our taxes that would pay for the debt, and we are already paying for the policy. In addition, when the US Government decides to quit bailing out bankers and financial institutions, the economy will break down, placing even more burden on taxpayers. This is a grievous situation at best and disastrous at worse. Combine this with the burden of those who are allowed unfettered entry across our borders--due to the policies of the current "president"--the standard of living in America could collapse. 

One could make the case that since Biblical practices of good stewardship were not followed, the judgment of God is upon us. However, there is clear evidence that the decision-making of a disengaged society and the resulting poor leadership are causing disastrous consequences. The judgment of God, His wrath, however, comes on the Day of the Lord. Revelation 8:1 says, "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour." Verse 13 says, "Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth..." This is judgment. Ultimately, the financial ruin we are facing is the consequence of our own making. We must engage with society, raise the standard, and hold accountability to the precepts and principles of God Almighty. It starts in the house of the Lord--our body is the temple.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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