Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rape Gone Wild in Scandinavia !

Tom's Journal.

      This 'stuff' is SICKENING,  but someone has to share it and show the spot light on it...  so please make sure that you all share this,  because American media WON'T !   Crime in Scandinavia WAS almost unknown before 20 years ago when those great Northern countries relaxed their migration laws and the dark colored Islamic hordes invaded them !   Part of me think that their way of 'too tolerant, bleeding heart mentality' has a self fulfilling prophesy.   Bring back the "RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE" -- AND TRAIN THE POLICE to do a better job in protecting the innocent Nordic people !   Just my humble opinion.  We ALL have a 'God-given Right' to defend ourselves ! ! !

  HOLY CRAP: Muslim teen punches girl in the face, then stomps her on ground over her clothing!

Tom Schuckman

NEW National Poll: Trump still dominates, Carson still strong 2nd, but 3rd place is a FIGHT!
  • The ONE girl the Pope picked out of the audience of thousands happens to be an illegal immigrant activist!
  • Chris Matthews explains how Obama helped America accept Catholicism and Jimmy Carter DIDN’T
  • Here’s the stunt the Pope wanted to pull at the border to show he supports immigrants…
  • FOX FIRES BACK at the Donald!! Calls his attacks ‘STALE and TIRESOME’!!
  • Donald Trump hammers media for not putting him in a HEADLINE
  • Obama sends former Osama bin Laden bodyguard back to Saudi Arabia
  • RACISM!! Everyone is FREAKING OUT over mishearing a foreign reporter’s question to Obama and the Pope
  • HOLY CRAP: Muslim teen punches girl in the face, then stomps her on ground over her clothing!
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