Monday, October 5, 2015

Currency Collapse.

Tom's Journal.

Caution, extremely violent and graphic truth:

Friends:    Frankly,  I am going to need GOD to get ME through all of this !   I am doing all that I humanly can,  but if this story goes down, none will be spared in the end.   Just what would WE CHRISTIANS do without GOD,  Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit ? ?   It's not a 'blind faith' but a way of living.  
      Please don't take this the wrong way,  but those Christian students in Oregon died martyrs' death and are in heaven right now with the Lord.   Still, I am sorry that this all happened.


Breitbart Special Message

Former U.S. Congressman Issues The Following Warnings:

- Currency Collapse is INEVITABLE by the Fall of 2015
- Fiscal Crisis WILL Cause Federal Gov't to target 401k's & IRA's for additional revenue
- 10 Countries have already signed a document to begin phasing out the use of the U.S. Dollar
- IMF just proposed a new world reserve currency system

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- Ron Paul urges Americans to buy Silver to prepare for economic collapse in 2015
- National Debt Hits $18 Trillion, value of IRA's $20 Trillion, accounts at risk
- U.S. Government on verge of bankruptcy, financial system reset is imminent
- China buys record amount of Gold, preparing for a Gold backed Yuan
- IRS Loophole allows you to store your IRA at Home

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