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Gun Control in England.

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Caution, extremely violent and graphic truth: http://www.barnhardt.biz/2015/...

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     Of course... you will NEVER hear or see this kind of truthful NEWS on TV or Radio now days,  because the so-called:  "News Media" is largely controlled by the Liberal leaning LEFTY LOOSERS, and the Gov't.   I'm not bitching nor complaining, folks,  just telling the truth.   Even when I was in the Army,  enlisted on 21 August 67,  I learned to use my mind and compare notes to figure out the truth.   So much was 'controlled along with much propaganda...'  --- but what country doesn't do that too.   Just keep the general population happy, dumb, fat and clueless .... LOL., and who can say that OUR COUNTRY, the USA, isn't drugged up all the time by the doctors ? ?   When you see these so-called,  "Zombies" shoes on TV,  it just might be what the future holds as varies countries try to calm down the hungry people with DRUGS, to sedate them !    Hitler gave certain drugs to make "Supermen" of his Soldiers that were pushed to the limit, not sleeping for days...  so it's nothing new.  

I think that you all will find some of these events amusing,  but truthful.


The neighbor's house really needed a paint job......  but here is my old, faithful dog,  my buddy and guardian.   I love well trained DOGS !   Some folks claim that having a good dog in the house is better than having a .38 Special revolver near you !!   But... why not have BOTH ?


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  1. Armed Invader Shot In Face With His Own Weapon - 2015-09-17 11:30:12-04
    One suspect was shot in the head and the face during a struggle over his weapon. It all happened at a home on 127 Woodland Heights in Raeford. The two masked intruders entered the home early while Michael Bryant and his 13 year old were asleep. The two invaders woke Michael up, held a shotgun Continue reading here...
  2. Maine: The Second Amendment Is The Right To Carry Concealed - 2015-09-17 18:34:15-04
    The State House and Senate of Maine has passed LD 652 which abolishes the requirement to get a concealed carry permit before you carry concealed and it will take effect in two weeks (October). While signed and passed in June, it will become effective October of this year. This effectively ends the prerequisite need to Continue reading here...
  3. 2nd Amendment In Trump’s View - 2015-09-21 11:02:43-04
    While any presidential candidate’s view does not change the second amendment, it will garner support or denial from us pro-2nd Amendment citizens. We will select a few exerts from the website from Donald Trump to show his support for the second amendment. You can read the full statement here: The Second Amendment to our Constitution Continue reading here...
  4. Elderly Man Shoots Intruder To Defend Wife Held At Gunpoint - 2015-09-22 23:42:26-04
    One armed thief was critically wounded after being shot in the head. The thief that had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest was shot my an elderly husband after the thug tried to rob his aging bride. Police responded to a call after 4:30 p.m. yesterday where they found a 27 year old thief with Continue reading here...
  5. ATF Declares Soda Cannon A “Shotgun”, Many Owners Could Become Felons - 2015-09-24 00:47:58-04
    In a recent article, the website truth about guns revealed a startling fact that has many enthusiasts concerned as they ATF has made the above weapon a classified AOW (Any Other Weapon) which is highly regulated. Here is an exert from the initial article: X Products came out with a nifty little device a while Continue reading here...
  6. Gun Control In England: 2 Unarmed Female Officers Gunned Down In Ambush - 2015-09-25 10:16:17-04
    Another prime example of gun control at its finest is the story of these two unarmed officers being gunned down by… a thug with a gun. Wait, didn’t gun control stop it? Of course not, and here is the story submitted by a reader. These two officers responded to a robbery in progress when they Continue reading here...
  7. Last Gun Shop In San Francisco Closes Via Over Regulation - 2015-09-26 11:25:18-04
    In a symbol of the over regulation and trampling of our rights, the last gun shop closed its doors in San Francisco. With more regulations coming to the only open gun shop in the liberal city the small business decided it was too much and not worth staying open. The new regulation that came out Continue reading here...
  8. 74 Year Old Man Sends 3 Thieves Running For Their Lives - 2015-09-28 18:34:30-04
    The headlines could have been somewhat different had this elderly Georgia man’s weapon not had a misfire after trying to shoot the thief in his face. The 74 year old’s name is not being released at this time. Jodi, 46; Mary, 41; and Vantella, 37 have all been charged with second degree robbery. According to Continue reading here...
  9. Obama And Oregon: Gun Control’s Tragedy - 2015-10-02 19:53:51-04
    Another tragedy, another push for gun control. We as Americans are being held responsible by Obama after the mass shooting in Oregon. The details have been released by mass media and many aspects of the event have been shared. However, Obama refuses to leave gun control alone in the midst of a horrible day of Continue reading here...
  10. UCC Victim’s Mom Says To Arm More Americans - 2015-10-06 11:14:22-04
    Most people heard how the father of the deceased Oregon shooter was a strong advocate for gun control, blaming the gun for turning his innocent son into a mindless killer. The mother of one of the victim’s in the Oregon massacre has a completely opposite view. Cheyenne Fitzgerald’s mother, Bonnie Schaan appeared on NBC nightly Continue reading here...
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