Saturday, October 31, 2015

'Prophetic, or Political Christian ?'

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
     I waited for a while before deciding to post this article today after I first read it.   I don't know if I would call it 'a grey area' topic,  or maybe it is a 'conscience matter'  for Christians.   How far do we get involved ? ?   I struggle with the possibilities of being herded into FEMA camps, controlled, starved and 're-educated' by a Satanic inspired ONE WORLD GOV'T mentality.   One the other hand,  I am a old, crippled, disabled, retired man, who is not too afraid of death ---  because real, true Christians ought to know for sure with bible study, that DEATH is nothing more than a 'door leading to everlasting life in one of two places !'   If we, as Christians are truly Saved,  then we can know for sure that Jesus has already reserved a place in heaven for each and every one of us who confesses Him !    But how should we fight against a satanic, self destructive Gov't that is purposely allowing illegal aliens to flood across the borders and suck on our resources,  when true military Veterans are still waiting for their contracted medical, and VA benefits, plus another theft of their COLA [cost of living allowances, etc.], and SS COLA's too ??   Yep!  The older folks and the Veterans usually get the 'dirty end of the stick' here in the USA !   But who really does or accomplishes anything ?   Both political parties are deceptive and corrupt !  Shame !    America MIGHT cease to exist,  or will have gone completely bankrupt BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION.  
 Ten nations have already refused to deal in American Dollars, in the world !     That is why smart folks recommend that we all get into some other 'safety nets' or barter systems....  ways to survive...  AFTER the Dollar $$$ !    If you want great references, just email me: 
It's important to read and also memorize those quoted verses in the book of Romans mentioned below....  but why not just read the entire book of Romans, which ensures a wealth of knowledge about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   After all,  if we say that we are ready to die for our Savior,  we ought to at least know all about His Gospel. teachings, and life.     At least I would want to know what and whom I am fighting and dying for.   And to think that just owning a bible in many heathen, Islamic lands/ countries is a crime punishable by death !  
       I once was so proud of my Germanic heritage and  admired them for their hard work ethic and intelligence,  but today/ now find out that they, for the most part,  have back slid to their ancient paganism, also worship of "Gelt,"   [the German word for money], and materialism.     Money should be our 'slave' --- not our Master !   In fact, our country church where we attend has sponsored missionaries to serve in Germany,  so they come back and report to us exactly what is going on over there, periodically.     To think that Germany was once a great, ambiti0us, powerful, industrious, Christian  nation that helped others, invented the printing press and published many bibles and other items.....  not floating in a sea of materialism, lust and pleasure.   I was there in early 1968,  right before the Army sent me to Vietnam, and I loved the country, people, customs and language.    
      And their cousins to the frozen North -- Sweden, the modern Rape Capital of the World ...  by invading  young Moslem men who seek to plunder and not work.    What a shame.    At least the Austrians are now starting to "Gun-Up" to protect themselves against the Islamic Rapists, finally.  
      Like I said in past posts, here,   my people from Northern Europe most likely owned and were proficient with the sword, axe, bow,  and spear, for self defense.     Or else I would never be walking on Earth...

Whom ever painted a picture of true Christians being ultra meek, mild, dainty,  and never violent, failed to understand that sometimes you've got to fight to be a Man !   I am NOT trying to project a Macho Persona,   but our God of the KJV Bible does not like Cowards  [Revelation 21: 8, etc ].    
     I have a friend,  South of Chicago, also a good, Navy man, and Polish, who gets very involved with writing his State Reps, and Senators on a regular basis, championing  our sacred Freedoms and Rights according to the U.S. Constitution, and his name is,  Greg.   We share and pool our collective Survival knowledge, and 'low tech,' weapons, strategies, and getting to be highly Mobile in case the SHTF, etc.     I like to seek other  friends like him for certain advice and info, and then share it with my other circle of email pals and friends.     We both believe that our Gov't is already broke and bankrupt,  but most citizens don't yet know it..... duh.     It sure doesn't hurt to have some silver, cans of beans and toilet paper,  stocked up, etc.     Ha!   I still live on baloney and hot peppers !     Some folks say that our 'West'  will be totally out of drinking water sometime NEXT YEAR !!   And that is why the Gov't is putting more troops out West for when that stink hits the fan.   Yes,  there is a reason why so many WalMart stores out West are being Militarized and changed into other kinds of "facilities."  

I hope that this blog post doesn't get me hung....
      Please pray for my dear wife, Terri,  who might be having knee surgery in a few weeks.   We need LOTS of prayers !   Thank You, All.

Warm Regards,

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Friday, October 30, 2015
Are you a prophetic or political Christian?

For probably more obvious reasons that I would like to count, the Lord has had me focused recently on the condition of this nation. My heart tells me to write about the Middle East and Israel, my spirit is saying there is unfinished business with  the United States. The sense that I am getting in my prayer time and study is that there is great confusion among Christian Americans about their loyalties and how they should be working out their salvation here on earth, and in particular as citizens of both God's kingdom and of the United States. There are those who say that America is not worth the trouble, that we should be focused on the Kingdom of God. I do not see these two issues as mutually exclusive.

My ancestors came to this land because of religious persecution. They entered into covenant with God--not the other way around. They dedicated this land to God. As it grew into a nation, the struggle ensued as to how this nation would be formed and who was going to do it. Yes, there were bad men, men who were not Christians, men who were of secret societies, deists, whatever. But there were also strong Christians who shaped and molded this nation and its form of government. They wanted a nation where each man is recognized as equal in the sight of God and under the laws. They wanted laws that protected the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as granted by God. 

In this atmosphere of freedom of speech, religion and economics, Christians thrived. They not only became the most blessed, wealthiest, freest nation on earth, they also were part and parcel to evangelizing the rest of the world with the gospel of Christ. But over the years, humanists have sought to take away the benefits of a Constitutional Republic and replace it with a socialist democracy where the rule of law is subject to the ever changing desires of the people. Humanism is of satan and it is not only an enemy of the republic, but also of God. In short, this country is what we make it. For this time in history it has fallen into the hands of darkness. The only thing that overcomes darkness is light. That's where we come in.

You can be a great citizen of the kingdom of God as well as a great citizen of the United States--a prophetic Christian. For me, I am first and foremost a citizen of the kingdom of God. As a citizen of this kingdom, I am also by grace and by birth a citizen of the United States--still a prophetic Christian. I take both citizenships very seriously, but one is an extension of the other. Philippians 2:12 instructs us to "work out our faith with fear and trembling." And so we must. Romans 12:21 tells us to "overcome evil with good." Christ told us to be salt and light. You see, in reality, it is not about nationalism. It is about our prophetic civic duty to the kingdom of God. If we are doing what the Lord commanded us to do, our nation would not be on the precipice of evil and darkness. 
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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