Saturday, October 10, 2015

What will Happen after the Collapse of the Dollar?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
   When you go somewhere and are forced to wait for a while and want to strike up a conversation just to be friendly, but also to pass the time more quickly.... you might throw this 0ut there,  "Have you ever heard about the Rapture ?"  And then the other person is confused and says, 'NO.'   You have got to wonder where these people have been hiding and where they come from !   I am not talking about "One-Upmanship," or looking more intelligent than the next human being...  but this is certainly a serious topic and so important right now ! !   Think about it, friends !  Once the Rapture happens --- THAT'S IT !   Things will go down hill in a serious way from that moment in time,  forever, and you really don't want to be 'Left Behind !'    I heard one old buddy say,  'Tom,  if I get Left Behind, I am going in the garage to build an 'ass-kicking machine' and use it every day !'

Most combat Veterans that I know --- understand how to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome most hardships, to sacrifice, in order to acquire the most important things needed to survive, hunker down, and perhaps save a precious few others.    But being "Saved" means that you MUST already have Humility, and Love for Jesus Christ, and the Bible !   This IS the time to get ready, friends.

Tom Schuckman

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