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Self-Reliance Central.... Beware new BAD gun laws.

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y is up to "WE THE PEOPLE" to stop it! Contact your politicians and DEMAND they take action NOW to prevent this! Or get ready for action!

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           Its coming to Canada soon.  and it will come to the US soon. make no mistake about it. Somehow we have to stand up for our                own people! 
Everyone should watch this, absorb it and pass it on to as
many people as you can...
 as you will probably never see this on our TV News
Channels at home.


   Most of my finger tips are cracked open and hurt...  dry  air and weather of Winter time.    For one reason or another,  when we are young,  we don't know or understand the whole story of how Governments LIE to their people for nefarious reasons,  usually greed, selfishness and power, IMHO.    It's a pity,  but it's the truth, and that is one reason I am a History Buff, etc.   History is ALWAYS repeated, and the people forget too easily, and even Christians too !   So the bible says that we need repetition and constant reading and study.   It WILL NOT HURT YOUR CHILDREN to learn and memorize the Scriptures  ---  but it will HELP them in later life, for sure !   If I would have been raised to love and study the KJV Bible in my own childhood,  I would most likely have traveled a different path,  with less broken bones, etc.   I prob would have done better in school and got along better with my fellow man.   So,  instead,  I had to learn the same things,  but later in life, and the HARD WAY.    Ouch !   

Learn from other peoples' mistakes and all the examples in the Bible.   Call me what ever you like,   but I feel in my bones that something BIG is going to happen in the next 6 months that might just shake the entire world.   And when it does --- it will prob be too late to gather everything you need to be safe, secure, and sufficient.  
     I went to the store again today,  and bought everything that I needed, except batteries.   And,  the new shoe inserts that the VA gave me are actually starting to make my back ache, and the teeth/ dental appliance that the VA gave me still hurt my gums on the right side --- even after the 5th time that I came back to get them fixed !    Other than that --- everything in my world is just FINE !   Smile.


On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 8:54 PM, Self-Reliance Central <news@news-selfreliancecentral.com> wrote:

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Dear Self-Reliant Thinker,

Right now, there's a nasty bill making its way through Congress called the Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act.

It's the latest way for the feds to infringe upon your personal freedom to own a firearm, and with Barack Obama in the White House, it stands a good chance of being passed.

It's basically a bribe to the states. If they implement draconian licensing and registration regulations, they will receive federal grants. And the Administration isn;t messing around here.

1) It would make it a criminal act to own a handgun or semiautomatic without registering with the government.

2) It would outlaw sales of these guns except through a government-approved firearms dealer.

3) It would require gun owners to be fingerprinted, present psychiatric records, have their photograph put on record, and apply through a law enforcement agency.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is pushing for an international gun control regime that can disarm the world. While she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton called for global laws to "reduce international crime" and fight terrorism -- and now John Kerry has taken up the cry.

Make no mistake, the gun grabbers are coming. You know it and I know it.

When he worked at the University of Chicago, then-lecturer Barack Obama told another professor that he didn't think anyone should be allowed to own guns.

All it will take is one excuse in the form of a crisis for the feds to throw the Second Amendment out the window entirely.

To put it bluntly, if you don't already, you need to start bearing arms now.

Anti-gun legislation is coming down the pike, because there aren't enough Second Amendment supporters controlling Washington.

The threat of terrorist attacks, rising crime and diminished law enforcement resources renders self-defense capabilities an absolute necessity.

At the very least, firearms products stand to gain value in dollar terms as inflation reasserts itself and purchasing becomes more difficult. Aside from the positive protection they offer you and your family, firearms and ammunition should be a component of your larger hard assets/barter goods accumulation program.

Exercise your right to bear arms while you can.

Start stocking up on firearms and ammunition. Many other Americans are already doing the same thing. Since Barack Obama was elected, there's been a national ammunition shortage. Gun sales surged 42%. With gun control and an economic collapse both coming, firearms will become both a valuable commodity and a key to survival.

Keep abreast of anti-gun laws and stock up on firearms as they're banned. Some savvy gun merchants made a fortune off of weaponry like the AR-15, which was banned along with other assault weapons in 2004. Check out the National Gun Rights blog, available at for timely updates on pending gun legislation.

Learn to shoot. The last thing you want to do is pick up a gun during an emergency and have no idea how to use it. Familiarize yourself with your gun. Head to the local shooting range and become a good shot. Accurate marksmanship could also be a necessary, and valuable, skill during an economic meltdown.

Get a concealed carry permit. You don't want to have your gun taken before the crackdown even begins. Buy a handgun, but make sure you obtain a concealed carry permit first. For the necessary forms, contact your local police department.

The gun grabbers certainly aren't delaying, so make sure you don't either. Get a gun while you can, before that essential freedom is taken away.

If you're a first time buyer, check out our guide.
Click here to learn more
Always Prepared,
Kelly McCarthy
Founder, Self-Reliance Central
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