Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Our Gov't Dumps in our Atmosphere.

Tom's Journal.

Wow--This article will curl your toenails.  This will be in Dave Hodges newsletter tomorrow.  Get a sneak peak tonight.

If this is true [and I personally trust our Gov't as far as I can spit...],  there are many reasons why our Lord God needs to "take His servants off the earth" IN TIME so we don't suffer the poisons and curses that those 'Left Behind' will experience.    BTW,  I am a Christian FIRST, and an American second.    It is also said that there are more REAL Christians in China than in Europe and America TOGETHER !     Now,  that's a big, bold statement,  folks.   One more thing... if all this is true,  than all presidents, all political parties are both guilty and complicit.  

Tom Schuckman


Heli gunner Tom said...


Might I suggest a DVD that will actually give facts rather than conjecture regarding Russia and what their plans are. The DVD I am referring to is World War III; History's greatest Lynchpin Event by David Bay. You can order it through That is Southwest Radio Church out of Oklahoma. David Bay is a strong Bible scholar and Gog, or Russia is currently moving into the Golan Heights, which according to the Bible is the mountains of Israel.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. But, the Bible, God's Holy Word has the facts and answers. If the facts don't come out of the Word, then I ignore the findings of the person who is using scare tactics to get their point across. When the Rapture happens, people won't have time to open their survival foods or spend their hoarded silver and gold. In the twinkling of an eye the Lord will appear in the clouds and we will be taken up after those who have died in Christ. There won't be time to run and hide in the underground hiding places or mountain hideaways.

Please order the DVD and follow the Scripture through the end times and World War III.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Yeah, I think it probably is dangerous info. I don't know if you're aware of Dave Hodges' history. His father was involved with Operation Paperclip among other things. When Dave was a child his house was often filled with German scientists and once or twice a year some government goons would give him--and every member of his family--polygraph tests. "Do you know what kind of work your daddy does? etc." When his father knew he was dying, he filled Dave in on everything he knew. Dave was also able to make contact with the sons and daughters of others who worked with his father so they could all compare notes. Dave couldn't say anything until after his mother died because she would have been denied her husband's pensions and would probably have been in danger.

Dave comes under all sorts of attacks because of his radio show. I don't know when, but John McCain tried to steal Dave's property along with that of his neighbors without any compensation whatsoever. His website comes under all sorts of electronic attacks. He knows he's treading on dangerous ground but feels the Lord has called him to do what he's doing. As such, he'll be protected until such time as God decides that he's done the job he's been called to do.

As for the Rapture? Tomorrow would be good. :-) All in God's timing...