Thursday, December 17, 2015

Congressional Budget--- More funds for the unjust.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
     Sometimes I wonder if I should re-label my humble blog....  "Tom's Daily Therapy  Session."   Indeed, about 20 years ago a kind doctor at the Milwaukee VA told me that I had the 'gift for writing and communications !'  At that time I was already into writing and trying to write and publish my own book,  sort of a honest appraisal of the Vietnam War and how it affected me and my life, so far.    But at that same time,  in May of 1995,  I got called back to work at Chrysler Corporation in Kenosha, WI.,  and that is like hitting the Lottery !  That is a 'Game Changer' -- that will jolt a man from the Philosopher/ Theorist [unemployed welder]  man ---  to a full 'action figure' with lots of good friends and a higher income level !     The pay is great and health benefits outstanding,  but Chrysler then owns your butt completely and wants super, hard, reliable performance EVERY DAY AT WORK ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE, etc.    Sadly,  in this world,  the man without money is too many times considered a "Bum."   But the man with income and money is looked up to and valued [and too many times a 'target' for women in search of an easier life style].   
      But, while on the outside [of losing a great job/  laid off for a while,  6 long terrible years, abandoned by MANY so-called "friends"],  I had the chance to explore a few enterprises and visit things with great possibilities that I could only dream of before I was laid off from my good paying job, along with over 6000 people, in ONE DAY !!   That cost about 50% of us Chrysler workers not only our main jobs of support,  but our marriages, investments, hobbies, life styles and really tested our metal !   It was horrible for many folks who were caught in that 'older' mid-50's age bracket who found it hard to get another job just because of their age, and inability to retrain,  re-school,  readjust, and assimilate.    So many relationships went right out the door!    Many turned to drugs, alcohol,  immorality, loss of friends, got divorced and were abandoned, or just 'fell threw the system.'    My own wife of 22 years left me because I elected to sell our house and try to live cheaper during my re-training, education and lower income level.   Isn't that cute ?    I became bitter, not trusting anyone, and jumped from one failed relationship to another,  but finally found God in my quest ---  so that what ever happened to me in the future,  I knew for sure that God loved me and I was "Saved" for all time, and going to heaven,  NOT FROM MY OWN FEEBLE WORKS as a human,  but only from the merit of Jesus' supreme one time sacrifice on the cross some 2000 years ago in a far away land!   So....  what ever happens to me in the future,  bad, good, or otherwise,  I and millions of other Believers have that same hope for all time, and that I should be comforted to a large degree.   Now,  we would all do well to  remember that when things go a rye in our daily lives amid this whirl wind satanic mess with economies, cultures and nations being turned upside down, with Socialism knocking at the door and loss of Freedoms !  

And today when we again see more head lines and special news briefs like the one down below that shows there really is NO HOPE with human beings who keep erring, no matter with political party they belong to.   Actually, dear friends,  it's just another 'smoke screen' of the devil and his earthly followers to mislead us and waste this important time we have left in the "Last Days" we are in right now,  THAT SHOULD BE USED TO FURTHER THE  GOSPEL  INTERESTS of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ !   I am doing just that right now as I am sharing this timely message with my friends, readers and everyone else who will make time in their busy schedules.   Yet,  I am 'frail and wanting too' --- complaining that I don't get enough attention in our modern 'part time marriages' these days that squeeze out normal essential communications --- replaced by other mundane interruptions from peripheral chatter and encroaching 'lady friends' and baloney contending for my needs and wants in the marriage arraignment.  But I was blessed today and last night by a nice, kind, lady from church who made some venison spaghetti  and brought it over to our house, HOT, yesterday afternoon,  named, Sandy !  How tasty and nutritious !!  Thank You, so much, dear sister in Christ !   You saved me [US] from another day of stomach pain and irritability by 'buffering'  my stomach from the harsh VA medicines and other herbal remedies and daily intake !   I guess I am too emotional for a man,  but I just LOVE the taste of wild meat/ venison,  and you happen to be a very fine cook !   I just ate the left overs for lunch, and it put me in a great, warm mood! 

Anyway,  for me,  The Daily Jot, keeps me balanced and up to date almost every day in a world of illusion, lies, half truths and just plain baloney,  when we just don't know WHO TO BELIEVE !   I wish I could say that deep study in the KJV Bible "WILL" take care of every facet in our daily lives,  but at least if offers the reasons why the world is on the 'highway to hell,'  what the remedy is [Jesus Christ], and how to get and stay in good standing with our Lord and Savior.   I hope and pray that should suffice for now/ today.

Next,  I want to talk about:  Commitments, Contracts, Agreements and Covenants.    "Let your Yes -- mean, Yes."

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman
----Retired Chrysler worker/ Welder, and Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Congressional budget--more funds for the unjust

In the election a year ago in November, the American public sent a message to Congress: We do not want the tax and spend status quo. Apparently, the Congress didn't listen. Even as House Speaker John Boehner resigned and Paul Ryan was elected, his first House omnibus appropriations bill continues to redistribute wealth by taking your hard earned money and giving it to others. The political gamesmanship with our money is beyond the pale of good taste. The government is growing bigger and more powerful, while the citizenry becomes further at risk--both physically because the government fails to see the domestic threat of Islam, and financially because the government is taking your money for bad use.

As the reports come in on the new government budget, we are seeing that the "president" got exactly what he wanted from establishment House Republicans. Funding for Planned Parenthood--after all that has been documented about this evil entity--remained. Apparently, the Democrats said they wouldn't support the budget bill unless the abortion mill got its full fare, and the Republicans (who hold the majority) caved in. The Republicans in the House made it more difficult to repeal socialist healthcare; they funded the Administration's hobby project on climate change through another fund, after all the Republican promises that they would dismantle socialist healthcare and not fund global warming. 

But wait, there's more. This backroom budget deal is just getting started. The Washington Times reports, "the 233-page document moves away from deficit-cutting and embraces dozens of special tax breaks that presidential candidates in both parties had said they wanted to eliminate...Tax breaks on everything from racehorses and film productions to NASCAR racetracks to college tuitions and teachers' out-of-pocket classroom expenses are covered in the massive deal." Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Al), one of the few conservatives fighting the good fight, said, the people didn't elect Congress "to line the pockets of special interests and big business. That's not what we are here for." But it's what happened in the House.

Now where do the American people turn? The "president" and his party no longer hide their socialism and openly attack those who don't agree with them. The Republican "opposition" hides behind Christianese and faux conservative rhetoric, but supports the Democratic socialism with impunity. Isaiah 59:9 says, "Therefore justice is far from us, neither does righteousness overtake us: we wait for light, but behold darkness; for brightness, but we walk in gloom." But there is a place to turn for honest, hard working, common sense people. His name is Jesus Christ. For we know that he has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Let us pray and act. As a nation, we need to repent. As a people, we need to pray and act that we not perish in the hands of these evil doers.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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