Saturday, December 5, 2015

Statin- Drugs.... No Way !!

Tom's Journal.

Ha!   I guess that I am not so insane and goofy after all  !!   I stopped taking that poison many years ago, and the VA never asked why.


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Dear Reader,

Prepare to be outraged. Never before, in the history of medicine, have Big Pharma’s lies been so big…. And so dangerous.

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, the No.1, best-selling drugs of all time, are actually raising your risk of cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and HEART DISEASE itself!

Not only do I have proof, but mainstream medicine has known the truth for years. And no one’s done anything about it…until now.

This is Dr. Micozzi’s most astonishing, eye-opening report--tearing the lid off the statin drug scam. If you, or someone you love, are still taking these dangerous drugs, you need to watch this jaw-dropping, eye-opening presentation right now.

Because, as you’re about to learn, quitting your statin drugs is only step one, and it’s not enough.

You need a comprehensive plan to force these toxic chemicals out of your body. And to halt, reverse and repair that damage caused by statin toxicity.

Learn how to claim your copy of this life-saving report now--get the whole truth about statins, learn the safe, unbelievably simple steps you MUST take to reverse their damaging effects and how you can take control of your heart health safely and naturally.


Katherine Wheeler
Insider's Cures

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