Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Rapture is a "Number Specific Event."

Tom's Journal.

Some folks have told me that any 'Bold Print'  hurts their eyes,  so I try to use the lesser, more normal print when I can.   If my text is too small, or what ever, please contact me so I can better serve you, dear readers.
      Well, here it is Saturday, and the temp. is 37 degrees above zero, and getting warmer, although many older folks die in the Springtime, IMHO, because more germs are floating in the air, getting revived after the cold Winter, me thinks.   Tomorrow U.P. here,  Daylight Saving time begins again...  so "Spring Forward" your clocks and also check your smoke alarm batteries.   At least some of the snow is melting, and my wife slipped on some ice and fell down last night, but she is OK.   She also got a nice, short haircut.   Yes,  she is pretty on the 'out side' ---  but more 'pretty' on the INSIDE, although we ALL bring some "baggage" into every relationship and pray hard to leave the bad stuff behind, and now "repaired" -- with the divine help of the Holy Spirit.   But now, here is a special, valuable, KEY bible verse that will guard us all against a ton of heart aches and grief...   2nd Corinthians 6: 14,   "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:  for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteous?   and what communion hath light with darkness?"     Without getting vulgar...  too many of us men think with the WRONG organ on our body, instead of the BRAIN/ Mind !!  And we pay for that the rest of our lives !!  Hey,  I would know.   And if we KNOW/ or knew better, shame on us, and we just have to sleep in a bed full of stress and problems....  having married outside of the boundaries that God has set for us Believers !!   Please let me share this important scripture:   "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that every one may receive the things done in his body,  according to that he hath done,  whether it be good or bad."   ~2nd Corinthians 5: 10.   If it were not for God's pure mercy and supreme LOVE, my goose would be cooked !  That is why I love Jesus so much, friends, and try to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with whom ever I meet.... and always carry a few bible tracts in my wallet.    I am goo at those things I do,  BECAUSE I TRAIN, STUDY, READ AND PRACTICE ! ! !  Smile.

I think that WE are kind of spoiled, but also blessed, in that we can pay all of our bills on time and have enough gas for our vehicles, etc.   We have a king sized, comfortable, cozy bed, and a faithful, extremely loyal, guard dog that protects my wife against everything, so it seems.   I was just thinking [as I do so often, exploring the possibilities], that we would suffer a bit if the SHTF, or the power grid went out for some goofy reason, either a solar surge, or an EMP,   or the American Dollar  $$$$  currency dissolved,  and was near worthless......  that we are spoiled and prob.  want something special and new to eat that day --- that we would usually just hop in the car and go shopping. or dress up a bit and go out for a fine dinner U.P. here.  Hey,  we already have plenty of food in the house, but we are spoiled Americans, and want something special  that we crave.   "When the going gets tough -- the tough get going."   And many would also say that,  'once a soldier, always a soldier,'  so we will:  "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome"  what ever happens !   And that is true to a certain extent,  however,  when a man or lady gets older, along with many past injuries, surgeries, arthritis and pains,  we DO GET SPOILED and too comfortable in our own skin and routine.   Best to stay a little bit hungry and HUMBLE.   Even Christians start to wander, slip slide away, get complacent, and SPOILED, if they stray away from the Lord Jesus and stop reading the pure KJV Bible.  
      As much as I complain about my lot in life, all the evils and injustice of the Gov't and VA system, poor treatment of combat Veterans and Soldiers in the field,  we still have it good in America.   But someone in the WH wants to change all that, IMHO  [IN MY HUMBLE OPINION].   I have been around the world when I was young, before age 20,  so I can and do compare things.  For one thing, places like Germany  and Northern Europe [if they didn't let all the Muslims in]  have a nice, high standard of living...  because they are hard working, smart, sensible people !!  Great inventors, great cooks, with a hard work ethic,  that carried over to America where those kind of people also worked hard to get ahead to have a life of education, and dignity, and a few small treasures and some silver.   And I will bet that very few of those immigrants from Central, Western,  and Northern Europe are ever on Welfare !!     But let's face it,  it's all about how we were raised.   Was it that we were raised with bitterness ---that someone  else has more than us, or that we were cheated ,  abused, somehow?   Or were we taught to take advantage of free education, study hard, and hard work to learn a trade or profession, so we would not have to work in some 'sweat shop' until our legs, knees and backs go out -- -- or as a tenant farmer, barely making it?   I feel so blessed to have had even some college, to learn a good trade and it gave me some "self worth" right about the time when people in my shoes were suffering from an "identity crises" after getting laid off indefinitely from a good paying job, to who knows what !   And, honestly, folks,  who is to say that something just as bad or catastrophic might come down the road in a year or two ??   That is why I PRAY, INVEST, SAVE, and PREPARE!  Never think or act too proud of your accomplishments.... and BTW, I just happen to be a serious student of history, and how countries rise and fall, crumble, to become sudden 3rd world places, bankrupt, with a worthless currency,   with abject poverty where some fathers are even 'selling'  their daughters to survive !  I have seen these things with my own eyes in South East Asia!    And, again,  from what the KJV  Bible and History and Financial Studies tell me:  those horrible times and things will be coming right here to the good old USA sooner than later !   Yet, most of the people continue to 'party hardy' and stay totally ignorant of the real world picture, that it is collapsing and dying, just as the book of Revelation predicted 1900 years ago !  And the WH and the 'Left Wing Media' would have us believe that "we are prospering"...  duh.  They want to strip us of all our firearms so they can just walk on in and move us into FEMA camps without any resistance.   And when all the banks 'close for an extended week end' pretty much ending the Dollar, with so many people losing their 401K, IRA's, life investments and savings,  and the Welfare Queens lose their benefits too ---  trust me, we will see major rioting in most cities...   sorry, folks.  It won't be pretty, friends, but we must trust in the Lord.    He has promised to Save all His Believers/ Followers.   Islam will be no more, IMHO.  Israel, that small, tiny country will have bloodied their nose so that they will not ever be a threat again.....  but that is only the beginning.  Read:  Ezekiel Chapter 38, etc. 
      I WILL NOT BE TRUSTING IN MY OWN ABILITIES and the 'science of war' when those days come ---  but in my Lord and Savior, to come and Rapture us BEFORE things get really ugly and horrible, dear friends.   But now...  do you think that  God is looking for the kind of people that quickly jump into His apple cart just when the 'stink hits the fan',  or does He want people to love, honor, trust and follow His Son, all along ?   Remember: Satan is misleading the entire inhabited  earth.... and there are already many "False Christs."    Hey,  that's just like the neighbor who owns a nice pick up truck, and he is sooooooo  popular for that one reason;  That he has something other want to borrow and use.   I don not consider myself a Saint or a Holy Man,  yet I pray to Father God ALL THE TIME, MANY TIMES A DAY, just to get me through without sinning, or arguing, etc.   I have stress in my life too!  
      Scripture says:  "Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers." ----  [2nd Cor. 6:14....   again, as quoted before ] If a Christian man or woman goes after and marries an  UNBELIEVER, they are going outside the protection of the Lord, and are really asking for a life of strife!  Sure SOME spouses have been won over to Christ,  that they are NOT the Norm,  they are the EXCEPTION!  As for myself,  I really didn't "Know the Lord" completely until 1995,  and made a whole slew of major mistakes in my youth...  but my first marriage lasted 22 years, and we tried to raise our 3 children the right way -- we thought, being in a 'false religious cult-- the JW-folks.'   When I finally got the real truth of the KJV Bible, I tried hard to un-do some of the damage that we did while in that unworthy, church of the poison mind... the WatchTower people in Brooklyn, NY.   God forgive me,  I was misled and abused too,  from that cult.   
       But the truth of the matter is:  'We are to marry only in the Lord.'  That means marry a person who loves, honors and follows Jesus Christ, and His Word, the KJV Bible.  Now....  that doesn't cement and make the marriage 'fireproof' or indestructible,  but it sure enough give you a fighting chance !!   All of my relationships were with unbelievers, and none of them really knew the bible well, or at all.   I take blame for that sorry fact, and I should have known better,  forgive me Lord.  I did bring some of those ladies  [and many others---PTL, all praise goes to the Lord] --to the Lord [but only God can Save and Accept a person], including the past lady/ wife named Sharon,  who died and broke my heart,  and the lady I am with/ married to  right now, dear Terri.  But hey,  Satan the devil [STD] is the 'god of this world [2nd Cor. 4:4]' and he is working so hard to bust up every Christian marriage !!   I pray often that my own marriage will sustain everything, and never dissolve...  until Rapture and heaven.
      If the Rapture came RIGHT NOW, 3-7-15, @ 1:20 in the afternoon,  it would be just fine with me ! ! !   But,  it will happen as soon as the  Church receives it full number [Romans  11: 25].  That is one reason that ALL Christians are commanded to not only worship God,  but also share the Gospel to everyone we seriously can.   Just reading the Gospel accounts:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,  and then continue reading the books of Roman, Acts and the rest of the New Testament, etc.,  will give you all  you need to preach, teach, and SHARE THE GOSPEL, if you have the H.S.  Holy Spirit.   When you finally go before the Judgment Throne of Jehovah God the Father,  what excuse will YOU give for not helping out in the Gospel work?  Hey!  I am a retired welder, auto worker, writer, wood carver, Soldier, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and never been to some Bible college,  and I can tell you that I can keep up with most pastors I meet with Bible knowledge and  the preaching, teaching, sharing  work !   
     Remember,  Spring begins on March 20, but we will still see cold, windy, snowy weather, so bundle up, or contact me.  

Warm Regards,

The Rapture And The 2nd Coming

Q. In the last year I have been studying the “Hebrew roots” of my Christianity and am now in AWE more profoundly than ever – of God’s patterns I’m discovering. Partly in thanks to your website I understand in a more straightforward way, the prophetic significance of the Spring Holy Days (Passover/Unleavened Bread/First Fruits) and the first coming of our Jesus the Christ. That – and also the likelihood of Jesus’ birth being sometime during Sukkot and his conception being sometime during Hanukkah! Simply Amazing!
My question is – given how God’s ordained Holy Days are directly related Jesus,  and how it is likely that the Autumn Holy Days also relate to His second-coming,  wouldn’t the Rapture likely occur during one of these God-ordained Holy Festivals in autumn? That still wouldn’t be pin-pointing a day or an hour if it occurred “some time” within, say, an 8 day festival – right?
A. I think it’s reasonable to assume that since the spring feasts were fulfilled in the Messiah’s first coming, then the Fall feasts will be fulfilled in the 2nd coming. But keep in mind that these feasts are Jewish and concern Israel.  The Lord’s fulfillment of these feasts relates more to His relationship with Israel than to anything else.
The Rapture, involving only the Church, is a separate event and doesn’t belong to Israel. (Galatians 3:26-28) Besides, the Rapture is a number specific event, not a date specific one, and will happen as soon as the Church receives its full number (Romans 11:25). That’s why no one can know the time of its occurrence in advance.

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