Friday, March 20, 2015

Witnessing the gears of Prophecy turn.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
     I think in my own case, that I need something special to 'pick me up' and keep me going, so as not to 'let the fire go out' in my life of service to the Lord.   Scripture says,  'that we are not to forsake the frequent gathering of ourselves' -- that means attend the scheduled meetings at a Bible teaching church regularly, if at all possible !   I know that I have complained too much, too often about my own physical pains, fractures and struggles....   sorry.    But whatever the case, we all need to make sure that we go to the RIGHT church [Congregation] that uses the KJV Bible, and teaches the Truth about it.  Pick up folks that need a ride, and try to look after them too.  

I just need to say that "Prepping" for emergencies and societal break downs that MUST come to the world, and the USA, is ONLY a "Stop-gap" between NOW, MARCH 20TH, 2015 --- to the Rapture.   Period.  Trusting in God and bible prophecy is what / where our real hope and trust lies.   In fact, to a degree,  those who put their trust in the sons of mortal men will be very disappointed and lost !   I keep pounding my drum:   Bad times MUST happen in the near future in order that Prophecy will be fulfilled.   Things will happen on their own,  but when things slow down or turn the "wrong way" our God gives things a 'nudge.'  
       So,  when people place an undue pressure or energy, a primary surge of power toward 'Saving the USA' or the world,  we just MIGHT be working against God's divine purpose for the world !!  Think about it, friends.  Only the Son of God, Jesus,  can and will Save us -- in the Rapture, and those Left Behind, that were somehow not given the chance to hear about the Gospel...  called the 'Tribulation Saints.'   And to qualify for Paradise, most of them will have to literally 'lose their heads.'   But the "Church [Congregation] of Saints" who live now, have the hope of the Rapture, and that could come at any time.

An EMP device could  bring us back to the horse and buggy days without any electricity, power, water pumping ability, and perhaps modern day Health care/ Hospital services,  and that would kill most of us living here in America! !    And here lies the reason for that kind of thinking:   The U.S.A. -- America, is never mentioned in the Bible -- so go figure!   But places like Russia, Egypt, and Turkey ARE mentioned, along with the "Center of the World,  Israel !    I am just saying that it COULD happen, and because of the U.S. messing up according to Genesis 12: 3, hurting Israel, dissing and threatening her,   we would deserve it too.   So, it is possible that to Save most of the Christians on earth, the Lord might then Rapture us at that time....  it's just possible.
     What the heck are we praying for at Matthew 6: 9 ??   "Let your Kingdom come;  Let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,  etc"   God's Will is that the heavens shall be cleaned, and also the earth down below, with Satan and his demons, to be thrown down into a bottomless pit for 1000 years, then let loose over the earth for one last time, a short time, after 1000 years of dark captivity,   and then pitched into the 'Lake of fire' -- forever !  As 'free moral agents' [not robots] humankind has a choice.   There is no middle ground, and according to Revelation 21: 8,  'Cowards' are the first on the list to be condemned to hell.  [But the fearful, and unbelieving, and ]---Rev.  If you don't commit to making up your mind, God will automatically put you with the 'bad guys.'   Better to take and make an ACTIVE STAND, NOW !   Pretend that you are back in the Army or Marines,  you MUST follow orders.   If you heart is not where it should be,  ASK GOD TO GIVE YOU A NEW HEART !!   I have done that a few times, and it worked.   I still have much to work on,  but I know that I am on the right path.
   Join me.  Also email.
      BTW, that new book I've been reading/ studying that I got from Terry Harrison, is honestly helping my own marriage!  "THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES." --- by Chapman.   It also has scripture in it, and I believe that the author is Christian too.   Remember:   You cannot change anybody on earth...  except yourself.    But when you take positive steps to improve and change yourself for the better -- it seems to rub off on your spouse and other people around you.   Unless   your spouse is just totally damaged, and so destructive, negative, greedy and selfish.   I urge you all to buy a copy and READ IT !   It can't hurt, and on-line, the cost is about $8.,  USD.     The wound on my ankle is FINALLY started to heal and make good progress, as I check in at the Iron Mtn., VAMC "Wound Specialist,"  Steve Gartland, a good man who cares for his patients/ Veterans!   Thank You, Steve, for all your service and kindness !

Warm Regards,

Bill Wilson
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Friday, March 20, 2015

 Witnessing the gears of prophecy turn

As we look back on the events leading up to this week and what occurred in Israel with the elections, I hesitate to invoke an oft too used Christian cliche', but it seems appropriate--God is in control. He really is. It doesn't minimize that we have free will to make our decisions--both good and bad--suffer the consequences--both good and bad--but there is perspective. And God is in control. He has a prophetic plan for the return of Christ, and that plan is playing out before our very eyes. When evil attempts to storm in outside of that plan, the Lord steps in and puts his plan to work that we all might see that He is the LORD God. That we might be reminded of Galatians 6:7 to not be deceived, God is not mocked.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the cards stacked against him. The "president" of the United States was doing all in his power to make sure Netanyahu did not get reelected. While there was the obvious media reports of the "president's" open feud over Netanyahu's stirring speech before the US joint session of Congress, there was much more at play. There are unconfirmed reports that the "president's" henchmen were in Israel helping organize the opposition. A congressional investigation has been launched into some $350,000 sent by the State Department to a pro-Palestinian non profit when Netanyahu declared his candidacy. Knowing politics, there was much more chicanery that wasn't reported.

It would have been easy for Netanyahu to give up. It is difficult to imagine just how much pressure was applied to convince him that it was a bad idea to address Congress when the "president" was so publicly against it. He had it coming from all directions--from the Democratic Party here in America to the Arabs, the Iranians, the Caliphate builders, the liberals in Israel, and the terrorists throughout the Middle East, including the so-called Palestinians. But he didn't budge. One man stood up to all this pressure. Now I have been told that Netanyahu isn't perfect, but I can say from observing his actions, he showed the world what it means to stand in the gap--having done all, to stand. And God honored that stand.

The Beast; the time of Jacob's Trouble (what many refer to as the tribulation); The return of Jesus Christ; the end time battle against the enemies of Israel and of God; the Millennial reign; the new heaven and new earth are coming. They are not here yet. These events will occur on God's time as Jesus said in Acts 1:7, "It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father has put in his own power." But be sure of this--we are to be ready and to stand, overcoming evil with good. We are to make disciples. As Christ said in Matthew 24:14, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Meantime, we have watched the gears of prophecy turn this week and we have seen an example of how to stand, and how God honors such action.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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