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Gun Laws in MI.


Main article: Gun laws in Michigan
Subject/LawLong GunsHandgunsRelevant StatutesNotes
Permit to purchase required?NoYesMCL 28.422*Permit required for purchase from an individual if purchaser does not have a CPL or the transaction is not processed through an FFL dealer.
Firearm registration?NoYesMCL 28.422]Handguns must be registered with the city chief of police or county sheriff.
Owner license required?NoNo
Carry permits issued?NoYesMCL 28.452bMichigan is a "shall issue" state for concealed carry.
Open carry permitted?YesYesOpen carry is generally permitted.[27] Open carry in a vehicle is permitted only with a concealed carry license.
State preemption of local restrictions?YesYesMCL 123.1102City or Charter Township may restrict the discharge of firearms (See, MCL 123.1104).
Assault weapon law?NoNo
Magazine Capacity Restriction?NoNo
NFA weapons restricted?

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This fine post was sent to me by my buddy,  Greg, who lives in Chicago, IL.
Thanks, Greg !   Smile.

When I read some of this history of places that I was in RVN,  it certainly changes my mood to somber, and reflective.   Sometimes I feel myself grow depressed at seeing so much hurt and pain/ misery.   

I suppose I shouldn't even repeat this.....  BUT,  someone was over by my house the other day,  after church.... while I also  had a lady [close friend of the family]  --come over to get more dog food --- when my wife was far away, helping to remodel her son's first house in Timbuktu [Marshfield, WI ].   The 'gentleman' who never served in any Armed Forces started yelling at me,  '[that it's been 47 years since I came home from that war in Vietnam,  [30 March 70], and that I 'should just GET OVER IT, forget about it and move on !!'   I Tried  to educate him on the effects of Combat  PTSD, depression, VA, and Gov't Statistics, from many authoritative books and first hand information thru the past 40 some years....   etc., but he continued his red faced bombardment of all my 'personality flaws' and that my mentioning the fact that I was a "Disabled Vietnam Veteran,"  was alienating  and pushing away other folks in the 'group' I am with.'   I told him that he ought to share his 'wisdom'  and super understanding/ knowledge  of COMBAT PTSD, and make a fortune  $$$$$, and then buy his own island and retire rich !  !    I don't think he liked that advice, as he stuttered and stammered.... and then I kindly and politely asked him to leave the house.   I guess for some people,  I am just the lowest scum bucket on the planet and the sole reason of every woe and misery on Earth !  Hmmmmm...   I just can win for losing !   Not...  Most Combat Veterans I know would NEVER say those kind of words to a fellow Veteran, no matter what I did.  And I don't have any felonies or DUI's in my back ground, have a good work and Military record, now retired with a stable income, PTL.   Sorry,  I just don't have words to define such people who scream in my face, over some BS, baloney, silliness.   So I try to avoid them, and just try to stay out of their way.   Remember:  "Stupid is Forever  --- but Ignorance can be fixed."   And,  "Never argue with a fool;  People may not know the difference."   And the Proverbs are full of all kinds of Wisdom and cool sayings !   I just love the KJV Bible !   Smile.
      Here's the thing, folks:  We can compare PTSD--- [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] to some female/ woman or girl  who got raped and beat up/ brutalized.   If she survived,  she still has to live with the fact that the crime happened to her, and might worry if it ever will happen again.   It is something that you ALWAYS carry with you, and live with, that very well might affect your future marriage and relationships.    Like cancer and diabetes,  you may not yet cure it, but you can learn to LIVE WITH IT, and treat it.   I guess people who are full blown alcoholics and drug abusers also live with that fear that they might be tempted to start sinning again, and some people wonder if it's smart to hire and trust someone like that.   I just happen to know of a special program that some Baptist churches have, that helps addicts in a big way, with a 97% success rate --- called RU.  Ask me about that:       When I got back after two long years in Vietnam,  I had all the triggers, symptoms,  problems of combat PTSD,  but mostly just tried to 'tough it out, and suck it up' on my own power,  and so I stumbled and fell down many times in my life.   But right now,  I believe that I am in much better control of my actions, thoughts, control, dealing with PTSD, and I try to help others.   Please forward this post to ANY combat/ service people you know, and let me talk to them ! ! !   I love to help my "brothers and sisters" who still have the same battles that I had, and still sometimes have.   I found out that the Holy Spirit can help you with most anything, so that if you are not completely 'cured',  at least you can function and deal with the fact/ predicament.   Drawing close to our  Savior, Jesus Christ is KEY to getting better/ healthy and positive, dear fellow Veterans !   Knowing, learning and understanding the "Why's and reasons how PTSD works, plus what our Lord has in mind for us who strongly BELIEVE in Him, and His promises, and try to do  His Will.   Our Two main reasons for living on earth right now is:  To worship and praise God the Father [and learning the KJV Bible.   And 2:  Share some of that knowledge of true Salvation and the Gospel with others.....  before the Rapture comes !    PTL, means:  "Praise the Lord !"   There are still SOME good, Bible teaching churches out there, although it is my opinion that many  Governments in the world are persecuting  Bible loving Christians, including the U.S.A. !    Obama is a Muslim !   He is destroying our once great country in many ways, and the American dollar will soon collapse, IMHO, our Military has been cut to ribbons with many General officers being forced to resign, and too many illegal aliens are crossing our Southern border, carrying horrible contagious diseases into the  U.S.A., like antibiotic resistant TB, etc., 
     But in spite of all this bad news,  we can still be happy and joyful,  because Jesus promised that He will come back to earth to pick up and Save His true followers...  soon.   Many of us may never even taste DEATH !   But if we die, we know for sure where we are going...  to heaven !   That is God's promise to every Saved Believer in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior !   And that is the REAL meaning of "Easter", on April 5th,  2015 !!  HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!   --- is more accurate, IMHO.   If those who call themselves 'Christians' would only read the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, and the book of Romans,  they would KNOW what the Gospel really is !  But even with THIS post, encouragement, few will actually do that deed.   It's their complete loss.   And the devil is so busy and brutal.  The jaws of Hell are gaping open with plenty of room for billions of humans, and the devil !   Those who will be Saved and Raptured might only be in the millions...  not billions.   Many who go to / attend some 'church' regularly might find themselves, "Left Behind," and facing the Great Tribulation !
        So, although we must take care of our property and dwelling to make it safe, clean and presentable...   I place more concern on the future home that we all long for... Heaven is my home.   Earth is but  a temporary 'crash pad' to pass out after getting tired all day long... lol.
And, please let me say/ clarify,  that speaking the plain Truth might 'sound negative...', sometimes,   but it's still the truth.   Do you think that the TRUTH is always rosy and positive ?   I am very grateful for the Holy Spirit and Father God, allowing me to have a few gifts:  Understanding, knowledge that really STICKS in my brain after I read and study, and I just love to speak and talk about Salvation, the Gospel, the "DEFIINED KING JAMES BIBLE."   See:    -- for a style of bible that helps you understand all the "OLD ENGLISH" terms that were written in 1610- 1611.    I may go on a 'road trip' soon and take a few of those bibles with me to give as presents.  PTL.  

And for the record,  WE Soldiers, Marines and Navy, etc., did NOT lose the Vietnam War !!  The liberal, Left wing, Socialists  back home pulled the carpet out from under us, when we were winning in the battle field !   The so-called 'News Media' especially hurt us, along with the Hippie movement...  like SDS, and the Weathermen, etc.  And now those kind of people are Obama's good buddies, and put in high ranking positions !   Seems like we are living in some kind of "Planet of the Apes !"  

OK,  enough of that...   and we don't need to spend too much time on war, but just to set the matter straight and lay down the truth of the matter, folks.
      The matter at hand right now is:  How we can use our 'Last Days' time, wisely and concentrate of  Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   I don't like to start arguments [contrary to what my wife says...  lol ],  but I do ask 'thought provoking questions'  that really make people THINK.    When they say:  "Happy
Easter,"  I ask them if they truly celebrate EASTER, which is a different translation of "Ishtar", the Babylonian goddess  of fertility, Spring, etc., and only found in the KJV Bible once.  The RCC allowed the people to continue celebrating their old Pagan holidays that were set about the same time that Christ was murdered on the cross.   What do rabbits and eggs have to do with Christ being impaled on a cross ??   Just Goggle the term and find out how pagan the holiday has progressed.   And, yes, I know that in this case, the truth hurts !   
        I also suffered and felt bad after I learned about the RCC lying about a few things too, and also explored the JW-cult and found out their lies !   God hates the lies, and so do I.   Sometimes in the past I have posted what 'I thought' to be the TRUTH,  but had to eat crow after I found out the truth and had to print an apology / and retraction -- and clean up my act.   But I did not knowingly LIE !   
    Too many churches teach lies also, so it's up to all of us to study the Bible that CANNOT LIE, ever!  The Truth has a particular "RING" to it, as your ears are 'conditioned' to listen attentively so as to reject all lies when you hear them.     Not all preachers, and pastors have he same abilities, but if they speak the truth of the KJV Bibles,  they are safe and beneficial.   We just happen to have a great pastor/ teacher at Family Baptist church, in Kingsford, MI., in the U.P., named:  Kevin Sullivan, who has a knack for teaching the pure KJV Truth in a way that everyone can understand, use, and share with others.  God bless that hard working man, who also has a trade of brick laying in his spare time...  but he is always busy.   I consider him my good friend, and buddy.
     When I first studied, Print Reading for Welders, in college, 'it was all Greek to me', but I forced myself to learn and pass that class!   I hated Math too,  but I still passed that Federal Exam of Securities --  Stocks, Bonds and Investments, in order to give the clients full service and advice in solid investments of quality Mutual Funds.  Now, in April of 2015,  it's a whole new world, and my advice will be much different, as our American economy is going down the tube....  sorry to break the news, dear friends.  Seek out solid PM's now -- AND ASK ME WHICH COMPANY DOES THE BEST JOB ! 

HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY !   I am so thankful that our Lord died to set us all free, and make Heaven a reality for all  Believers and Followers of Christ Jesus ! !

Warm Regards,

My dear oldest daughter, Barbie, [on the Right] will have her birthday on April 8th, and I plan to take her out for a special lunch then --- South of Milwaukee !   Both of my daughters are very good looking, and I love them both very much !   Pray for their Salvation, please.  Barb is on the Right, above.  Sarah is on the Left.

There are some articles here  about Viet Nam that you may be interested in!

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Note from the Editor
With this March issue of Dispatches we have added more articles and two book reviews to accommodate the many member-written books we have been sent. One article details the Battle of Iwo Jima and the iconic flag raising; three more on Vietnam including a veteran's trip back; a poignant poem about Navy Corpsmen; and the history of the iconic SR-71 "Blackbird".
Please send any comments, bulletin board postings or member-written articles to my attention at or
LtCol Mike Christy, US Army (Ret)
The Heroic Battle of Iwo Jima
Japan's ambition as a world power began in the late 1800s but lacking in raw materials (oil, iron and rubber) necessary to make it a reality, it seized material-rich colonies and islands. Insuring they kept what they seized, Japan established naval and army bases throughout the Pacific. Following long-standing complaints from the United States about their laying claims on territories that did not belong to them, Japan's military leaders unwisely decided to attack America, beginning with the infamous surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the naval officer tasked with planning and carrying out the attack, said "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." His insightful prophecy became a horrible reality for Japan.
As the Americans prepared to take the offensive in 1942, military planners realized it would be impossible to recapture every Japanese-held island in the Pacific so a strategy of "island hopping" was created. This allowed Allied forces to bypass heavily fortified, sizable Japanese garrisons and instead concentrate its limited resources on strategically important islands that were not well defended but capable of supporting the drive to the main island of Japan.
By early 1945, American forces had re-taken a sweeping number of islands held by the Japanese. For all its gains, however, two small Japanese homeland islands - Iwo Jima and Okinawa - remained critical to a successful invasion of Japan. Capturing these two heavily defended islands would give American forces vital staging areas and airfields within bombing range of Japan.
Iwo Jima was attacked first. After 10 weeks of relentless bombing from carrier-based planes and medium bombers - the heaviest up to that point in the war - it was thought the island defenses would be in ruins. That was not to be. The island commander, Lt. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, prepared his defenses it depth, having constructed a vast array of interlocking fortified positions connected by a large network of underground tunnel and caves providing cover from naval fire and aerial bombs. ...
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Turning Point in Vietnam War
Most military historians and analysts agree the 1968 Tet Offensive was the turning point in the war in Vietnam. They reason that many American, seeing the bitter fighting raging up and down South Vietnam on the evening news, fostered a psychological impact that further generated an increased anti-war sentiment.
Although the Tet Offensive began on Jan. 31, 1968 when the North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces launched massive, well-coordinate surprise attacks on major cities, towns and military bases throughout South Vietnam, it's planning began in early 1967. The plan's architect was General Vo Nguyen Giap, North Vietnam's most brilliant military mind. He also engineered the Viet Minh's decisive victory over French forces at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.
His overall plan for the Tet Offensive was somewhat similar: to ignite a general uprising among the South Vietnamese people; shatter the South Vietnamese military forces; and topple the Saigon regime. At the same time he wanted to increase the level of pain for the Americans by inflicting more casualties on U.S. Forces. At the very least, he and the decision-makers in Hanoi hoped to position themselves more favorably in any peace negotiations they hoped would take place in the wake of the offensive. Much in the same way the April 1954 Geneva Agreements forced France to abandon its colonies on the Indochinese peninsula.
The first step in Giap's plan was to draw U.S. and Allied attention away from the population centers, which would be their ultimate objectives for the 1968 Tet Offensive. This phase began in the summer months of 1967when NVA forces engaged the Marines in a series of sharp battles in the hills surrounding Khe Sanh, a base in western Thua Thien Province, south of the DMZ near the Laotian border. Further to the east, additional NVA forces besieged the Marine base at Con Thien just south of the Demilitarized Zone. Further south, Communist forces attacked Loc Ninh and Song Be, both in III Corps Tactical Zone, and in November they struck U.S. forces at Dak To in the Central Highlands. ...
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Did the United States win or lose the Vietnam War?
By Bruce Herschensohn, Prager University
We are taught that it was a resounding loss for America, one that proves that intervening in the affairs of other nations is usually misguided. The truth is that our military won the war, but our politicians lost it. The Communists in North Vietnam actually signed a peace treaty, effectively surrendering. But the U.S. Congress didn't hold up its end of the bargain.
Decades back, in late 1972, South Vietnam and the United States were winning the Vietnam War decisively by every conceivable measure. That's not just my view. That was the view of our enemy, the North Vietnamese government officials. Victory was apparent when President Nixon ordered the U.S. Air Force to bomb industrial and military targets in Hanoi, North Viet Nam's capital city, and in Haiphong, its major port city, and we would stop the bombing if the North Vietnamese would attend the Paris Peace Talks that they had left earlier. The North Vietnamese did go back to the Paris Peace talks, and we did stop the bombing as promised.
On January the 23rd, 1973, President Nixon gave a speech to the nation on primetime television announcing that the Paris Peace Accords had been initialed by the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and the Accords would be signed on the 27th. What the United States and South Vietnam received in those accords was victory. At the White House, it was called "VV Day," "Victory in Vietnam Day."
The U.S. backed up that victory with a simple pledge within the Paris Peace Accords saying: should the South require any military hardware to defend itself against any North Vietnam aggression we would provide replacement aid to the South on a piece-by-piece, one-to-one replacement, meaning a bullet for a bullet; a helicopter for a helicopter, for all things lost -- replacement. The advance of communist tyranny had been halted by those accords.
Then it all came apart. ...
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Vietnam Story: A Journey Back
By Steve Leighton
Background: I thought about going back to Vietnam but it wasn't until August 2007 when I determined to make it a reality. A friend of ours, Tami (her husband Jay is a Vietnam veteran) encouraged me to visit some websites dealing with veterans returning to Vietnam. On one site, I found a story on Don of Chicago, a former Advisor in the Mekong Delta who had gone back to Vietnam on his 40th anniversary. He listed his email address on the story, so I decided to email him with a few questions. Within minutes of sending the email, my phone rang and it was Don. It was his encouragement and contact information that convinced me it was time to return to Vietnam.
I was so touched by Don's story and my need to do return to Vietnam, I decided to send the idea to WCCO TV (local CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, MN). I felt this story would be of particular interest to other Vietnam Vets and perhaps encourage them to get some closure on that part of our lives. Within days, I received a call from Bill Hudson, a news Anchor for WCCO. He agreed this was a story he wanted to tell.
Setting up the Trip
I set up our flights and then contacted a local vet to set up an itinerary for our in-country travel to Bac Lieu, deep in the Mekong Delta and to arrange for a car, driver and interpreter for me and my wife Donna. Bac Lieu, where I spent my combat tour, was the headquarters of the ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) 21st Infantry Division and the US Army five-man Advisory Team 51 of which I was the Radio Telephone Operator (RTO). We worked with the 42nd Vietnamese Ranger Battalion, which was part of the 21st Infantry Division. The battalion of approximately 400 men was the smallest group that was authorized a five-man American Advisory Team.
Ho Chi Minh City
We arrived in HCMC late at night on October 18, 2007. While I had spent several days in Saigon 40 years earlier, not much looked the same. We were now staying in a five-star hotel and eating in fine restaurants. One of our first stops was the War Museum. It had several US planes and tanks on display and many pictures of the war. Needless to say, it was from their point of view and highlighted what they considered to be American war atrocities. Not surprisingly, Senator Kerry was pictured with some of his comments about the war. Enough said! ...
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The Navy Corpsman
By Robert Cowan
What is a Navy Corpsman, many people ask?
Well, I've decided to enlighten you; I've taken on the task
A Corpsman is a strange fellow; I'll tell you what I mean
He joined the U.S. Navy but he's more like a Marine
When Marines are asked to go to war to fight and maybe die
They have their "Doctor" with them; he's their "go to" guy
A special breed of sailors that Marines do call their own
His job is taking care of them so they can go back home
When the shooting starts and bullets fly and men all hit the dirt
The corpsman looks around to see if anyone's been hurt
He hears a feeble voice cry. "Doc, I'm over here".
The corpsman rushes forward, his mission crystal clear
He finds a wounded comrade, a Marine that has been shot
The corpsman working swiftly, giving all he's got
The young Marine whispers weakly, "Doc, will I die today?"
"Not a chance", the corpsman replies, "if I have my way".
The young Marine did survive to fight another day
On a miserable far off battlefield, a sailor saved his life
He'd soon be going home again to his children and his wife
So, if you ever meet a Corpsman say a silent prayer
For there are many Marines alive today who are glad that he was there
There's no way of telling just how much he's done and seen
As I said, he's in the Navy but he's more like a Marine.
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Military Fact and Legends: Rise and Fall of the SR-71 Blackbird
During the last few years of World War II, the United States and Soviet Union - both long weary of the other - became unlikely allies against Adolf Hitler's takeover of Eastern Europe. Following the defeat of German in 1945, however, the wartime allies became mortal enemies, locked in a global struggle to prevail militarily, ideologically and politically in a new "Cold War." To learn of the other side's military and technical capabilities, their actions and intentions, both sides used spies to gather information and intelligence about their enemy.
Alarmed over rapid developments in military technology by his Communist rivals, President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved a plan to gather information about Soviet capabilities and intentions using reconnaissance aircraft. Thus became the birth of the U-2 spy planes.Beginning in 1956, U-2 spy planes were making reconnaissance flights over the Soviet Union giving the U.S. its first detailed look at Soviet military facilities. Managed first by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and later the U.S. Air Force, the U-2 provided day and night, very high-altitude (70,000), all-weather intelligence gathering. It was relatively slow, however.
The aircrafts vulnerability and the need for a faster reconnaissance aircraft was underscored following the downing of two U-2s. The first in 1960 when Francis Gary Powers's U-2 was shot down over the Soviet Union and the 1962 fatal downing of Air Force Major Rudolf Anderson's U-2 after being hit with a Soviet missile while flying over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crises. ...
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Agent Orange
If you served in or close to RVN be sure to get checked for Agent Orange support. If your local VA will not help contact your state Veterans agency, between them and the VFW they will get you support. I had the greatest support from the VFW where I am now a life member. There are many presumed conditions.
Dick Brighthaupt
816-308-6868 Cell
Enewetak Clean Up Vets
Seeking fellow veterans who served on Enewetak Atoll during the atomic waste clean up project from Jan 1977 to Dec 1980.
They can join our facebook group at:
Gary Pulis
Services Offered
Prostate Cancer Mentor
I am a Prostate Cancer Mentor to men and their caregivers having provided this free service for the past over 18 years as well as a survivor, activist, and continuing patient since 1992, and would like my military compatriots to be aware that should they become diagnosed with this insidious and too often deadly men's disease or have other prostate concerns, I would be pleased to help them understand prostate cancer, its treatment options, and treatment for the side effects that can accompany such treatment to aid in the long-time survival I have experienced. To learn more about my background in this regard, please visit my website, below, or email me.
Charles (Chuck) Maack
CTOCM, USN (Retired) (1949-1976)
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Recent Letters to the Editor - Mike Christy
Re: Parallel Lives, Shared History
Your February 2015 issue was superb overall. The article about the white bomber pilot and the black fighter pilot was especially good. Some of our national level race baiters would be well advised to read that item and think deeply about the lesson to be learned by the relationship between those two great men.
Chuck Miller
MSgt USAF (Ret)
You wrote a great story about the fighter pilot and the bomber pilot! However, I would like to inform you about both General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. (USAF Retired and Tuskegee Airman) and his father, Brigadier Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. (US Army Retired). Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., retired as a Lieutenant General, on 1 Feb 1970. On 9 Dec 1998, He was advanced to General. President Clinton pinned on his four-star insignia. Please click on the following links to read his Air Force Biography as well as his father Brigadier Benjamin O. Davis, Sr:
Thanks again, for writing a great story about two great pilots!
Doctor Alvin Lucenia Osborne, Ph.D.
Senior Master Sergeant (USAF Retired)
Excellent edition. Really enjoyed the story of Herb Heilbrun and John Lahr. Posted one of the videos on FB.
Richard Thornhill
U.S. Marine Corps 1961-1965
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Book Review: Hidden Army
Edited By Lawrence Rock
According to Pentagon records, nearly four million personnel served in and around Vietnam; most in Vietnam, others on flight bases in Thailand and on ships in adjacent South China Sea water. Of those 3,917,400 million men and women ordered to the Southeast Asia Theater, ninety percent were not sent there to fight. They were there to support the ten percent who were.
Support troops included pilots, sailors, medics, nurses, cooks, clerks, drivers, engineers, communications people, military police and many more.
With no front lines or secure roads, many of these support troops found themselves in combat situations. In fact, a Veteran's Administration study found that over seventy percent of support troops were directly or indirectly shot at during their tours and over half saw someone killed or wounded. This was particularly true during the 1968 Tet Offensive.
Hidden Army is the second of two books containing the oral history of support troops the author interviewed. In both he brought together and edited the information he skillfully pulled out of the interviewees. His first effort, The Tooth and the Tail, was released in 2012. To compile as much input as possible for this first book, he interviewed 150 men and women veterans of the war but ended up using only 62 who served in South East Asia from 1958 to 1975. That left many stories untold. ...
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There are some articles here  about Viet Nam that you may be interested in!
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