Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tom's Road Trip down "South."

Tom's Journal.


Hi Friends,
I am back home from my road trip, and so glad to be home !!   It turned out to be a 'soul searching/ learning experience' that taught me some very important objects in Life,  where many did not work out like I planned,  but I took many vital lessons home with me, and it straightened out my head and heart.    I am sure that many of you fine people who read my humble, lonely blog could relate to it.   'Lessons in Life.'
     I had planned to see my oldest daughter who was named aptly,  "Barbara,"  which means 'Stranger' in Persian.   And so she decided NOT to join me, her mom and a few other close friends at a favorite, well known place where we all went-- famous for their Bratwurst, way back in the 1960's in S.E. Wisconsin, near my fav. Hotel.   Some misunderstanding between her, me,  and her Mom, I guess.   I never even got to speak with her,  but at least I drove the four hour drive and put forth the effort.  I bought some other good friends lunch on Wednesday instead, and we had a great time.
     I also found out the hard way how much my dear wife, Terri, means to me, and all the tons of hard work that she does for me all the time !   I owe her so much, and mean to start proving it RIGHT NOW !  Thank You, Terri ! !  For one thing, when I got home, I paid her $100 to carry in all my traveling luggage, even thought I TRIED to pack light.   The was a long, time consuming detour on the way to Milwaukee [the 'bridge was out..'.], and on the way back the important "Belt" that turns all the wheels on the engine tore off and disintegrated, and also took out the power steering.... and blessed by God that I didn't have an accident, with all the hard rain and dense fog!   Yes, the Lord was looking out for me, but a great Auto Repair shop was right where it needed to be when I broke down and drove right into their parking lot.   Wagner Auto Repair,  on State Highway 180, in Marinette, WI.  54143.  I think that Bruce Wager, the owner and his men did a good job reinstalling my ripped up belt, and did not gouge me either !   email:   wagnerrepair@hot 

But now, there is a strange grinding sound from the right front side of the Truck that bothers me, and might be the tires, brakes, something rubbing when I veer to the right, maybe the ball joints on my 2007 Ram, 4 by 4.   I am seriously thinking about trading it in for a new Dodge Ram, although my wife [of course] is all against it ... $$$,  but I NEED something dependable for when I visit my folks, sibling, close friends far South in WI, and it also carries my power scooter, my only means of freedom and transportation.  Being so disabled, I would really be up the creek without a paddle, if my old truck broke down far from home,  and I just replaced two flat tires and a 4 WD transfer case recently too !  It's starting to nickel and dime me to death.   Actually, my truck is about the only real thing I own and I need it for transportation U.P. here.    I don't expect others to understand how much real FREEDOM means to a DISABLED combat Veteran.....  duh.   It means EVERYTHING !   I was once homeless in the cold, violent city of Milwaukee in 1994- 05, and the same thing happened when I took the WRONG advice from some goof ball who told me to 'cut one of the belts' in my small Junker car and froze the engine back then.   Sorry, some things you just have to safe guard with your life, or else you many LOSE your life.     That is why horse stealing was a hanging offense back in the old West....  because a man's horse means his LIFE !   My Dad also taught me to never do business with a man who cheats or lies to you.     "Once burned -- twice shy."  
     And then, the Best Western Inn, on I-94 and Highway 50, in Kenosha, County, female there refused to honor my AAA card discount after giving me some BS about "the Gov't giving me a better deal,"  but she would not expand on that point, so I will report her ASAP, too.   She could see that I was struggling to just walk with my cane, as a disabled Vet., but had no respect or compassion.  Her name was Rhonda B.  

After looking in the full length mirror while watching TV in my Hotel room,  I made up my mind that I will join the local health club U.P. here in Iron Mtn., MI.,  tomorrow and also see/ visit with my VA Dietician,  ASAP !   I am so tired of COPD, trouble breathing, being FAT, and struggling with basic life in general, and will lose the pounds --- hoping to cut off at least 60 pounds by the end of Spring -- so help me God !
    So much to do,  so much to learn, read, study, lay in the sun.   I am looking into drinking more pure water, and maybe get a water filter too.   I will also look up that car lady sale person soon to see about a new ride.  My wife already told me that she doesn't care for the colors:  White or Black !   Ha!   Get this:  she is against me buying a new vehicle, even with a Chrysler discount from working my buns off for 30.5 years,  but she doesn't want certain colors.     But...  and I going to treat her nice, anyway,  because I want to work on being a nicer person.   I got a new pair of Red Wing boots in Kenosha, WI too, and was so worried about another break down on my truck that I bought some car repair tools at Sears, for a nice LOW price.   American made tools. 

And now to share some bad, sad news about an old dear friend and fellow Christian, who actually helped to bring me to the Lord, many years ago.  Robby B., also a Captain in S.F. [Green Beret] who did 3 years in Vietnam, just found out that he has a tumor in his brain that is growing bigger, as I talked to him on the phone a few days ago.  We also worked together on the assembly line at AMC/ Chrysler through the years, off and on.     He is about 74 years old, and talks to me as if we were long lost brothers.  I am very worried about his welfare and health, so please pray for him.   I talked to a number of people while down there, and I miss all those people big time.   You seethat is another reason for needing a better, reliable vehicle that I can trust with my life....  I need to visit my friends more often, and help them if I can.  
     Well, that is all I care to say right now,  before I say something that might come around and BITE ME IN THE GLUTIOUS MAXIMUS.    Smile.
   After a good hot shower and new clothes,  I will sleep like a baby tonight and get things accomplished in the morning.     Tomorrow has it's own worries, according to our Lord, Jesus. 

Warm Regards,