Friday, April 10, 2015

Be Advised.

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Hi Friends,
I guess that this is a sort of "Brag Letter" today, in a way, as I just traded in my old, beat up Dodge Ram truck for a new 2015 Ram truck, with much the same features except up dated, and the color Dark Cherry Red, and quite pretty.... my wife, Terri likes the color a lot, so she said.  But she and a few others were surprised to hear me call it a 'big hunk of metal.'  That relationships mean a lot more to me.    Sure it's a fine ride, nice and "tight" with no strange noises, creaks, rattles, and groans, with very sensitive brakes,  but I worked in an Auto Plant for over 30.5 years and built, welded, put together those machines, and I know what they truly are.  
         I am thinking about moving around in HEAVEN ---and by that, I mean that my thoughts now days are about the future of us who call ourselves "Christians" --- that real happiness is NOT about a shinny new fast, well built truck with a great radio system...   lol  ! !   Sorry if I am 'moving around' today with 'intrusive thoughts,  but that is how many combat Veterans are, after the ravages of Agent Orange, and PTSD, etc.   The news of a close Veteran friend of mine who was just told of his growing tumor in his brain has shaken me up, and I cannot even ponder the loss of so-great a real hero this older gentleman!   I remember that he was awarded at least TWO SILVER STARS IN COMBAT, over in Vietnam,  but prob many more citations, etc.    God brought  him, Robby B., into my life over 3 decades ago, to help bring me to the Lord, and also teach me many other good things....  so I figure that I owe him a lot.    Please make time to pray for this old soldier, my good friend, Robb Bohnen, who now has to carry another heavy load,  but is NOT afraid of death, because he too knows that he is going to meet the Lord 9iin heaven some day, and perhaps soon.     ALL REAL, KJV BIBLE FLUENT CHRISTIAN KNOW FOR SURE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HEAVEN ! ! !   The Bible tells us so, as I have posted so many times on this humble Blog.    It is high time that we learn to share the Word, the Gospel.     It is NOT a request from Jesus -- but a command ~!  We are all accountable, and whom of us wants to face our Judge and Father in heaven with empty hands and heart ?
          Maybe if I were younger, and less heavy set, less fat and fit, I might think differently,  yet I know a few skinny people who also have too many aches, pains and infirmities.   I know that it's hard to type this post with split open finger tips, and Terri suffers from that too.  Ouch!   Well, now I have payments again, but not too heavy and burdensome.... PTL.  
      I also admitted to the pastor Kevin Sullivan, that God was with me yesterday when my power steering suddenly went out on a detour 30 some miles out of my way on the way home from Milwaukee, and I cruised a mile or so right to a Auto Repair shop on that highway who repaired the problem for me !    PTL=  Praise the Lord !   And yes, it's more than a coincidence that it all happened that way, friends.   I could have been killed that day,  but God still has some use or mission for me here on earth for a while.  You guys will never know how much I want the Rapture to happen.   But just like today at the Dodge/ Chrysler dealership in the far North U.P., I gave out 3 more Bible Tracts, Inc., and asked them all, "pretty please" to read them in their spare time....  so like Steve Brulport, my good buddy said:  "We know that all those people had the chance to accept the Lord Jesus, and get Saved !"   I did MY job, and it wasn't hard at all....  Thank You, Lord.     I am at that junction/ cross roads in my life where I know how to speak and act, and use the "gifts" from the H.S. [Holy Spirit] to do some good !   The Spirit helps me to read, understand, remember, and speak the Truth of the Gospel,  and He does the same to millions of other real Christians.  All who read this simple, humble Blog, can certainly do the same, and I would really love to hear from all of you, please.   You all know my email address.  Smile.
       I just told the Sales People at the Truck Sales:  Riverside Auto/ Chrysler, and Mary Branam, Professional Sales Rep. and a few others helped me out all the way and took care of me well, IMHO.   They are just North of Iron Mountain, MI  49801.  email:   
        Sean McAdam, helped me too, by picking out a similar truck to replace my older model, which only had about 63K  miles on it, and I changed the oil every 2 thousand miles, faithfully.     But I figured that I needed a new vehicle before the SHTF in the USA, and the world, as little things start to go wrong and needed repair, just like an old, beat up combat Vet.  
       So,  now I don't have to worry about going on a long road trip to visit my old Mom, Brother Albert, and close friends in the Kenosha, Racine, WI area, etc.  To tell the truth as a past auto worker and welder,  new, well cared for vehicles don't wear out and crash until they get to be 7 years or older, IMHO.  At least that's been my experience, so you don't need an extended warranty if you keep the vehicle in good working order and repair.     I trust what I used to make for so long on the old assembly line in Kenosha, WI.,  AMC/ Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc.   And now it's time already to move on to other important things....  like going on a "diet that I can live with" and getting into my old regimen of pumping iron and working out at the Gym.   
    And last night it snowed again and heavy!  But the sun came out today and melted most of it.   Winter-- Be Gone !  Poof !  
     Well, I don't know about other people but I feel so dragged out, tired, and achy, suffering from 'jet lag' after that long trip home thru super dense FOG and pouring rain for 4 long hours, and had to stay especially alert all the way, or crash and die.   I think I've be driving slower and safer for a long time, and avoid any and all accidents, I pray.    I also need to double check to see that my new truck loan has a built in life insurance policy, to take care of my wife.   I had so much junk in my old truck to transfer over to my new vehicle, but Mary helped me with that too.

As for the piece on 'Hillary Clinton', below,  let's face it....  she stinks if you  happen to be a real Christian or conservative, Patriotic American.   She would be worse than Obama was and is !   But isn't it just crazy how those top 'leaders' can do so much damage and manage to just slip away, as if they were Teflon !!!   Sure, we all sin and make many mistakes every day that we breathe,  but that female has so much blood on her hands from a long time ago, up until now !   We might expect that from some 3rd world dictatorship country,  but not here in the 'so-called Land of the Free -- Home of the Brave.'    Please don't think me paranoid when I know that I could disappear and be locked up some where and tortured to death in the USA !   That sure does happen in places like China, South America, and the Middle East.  But why did all our young guys and gals fight all those wars in foreign countries ??  It will all be sorted out someday, and no body can out run or hide from the Justice of our Heavenly Father, and His Son!   Those are two super beings that I do fear to displease.     Humans can only kill me once.... and we all ought to know that death is nothing more than a gateway or door leading to everlasting life, in one of two places.  Remember that Jesus, Himself, talked more about hell than He did about heaven!
       Alright,  I told me wife yesterday and today, that we don't need to buy anything else, for a long time !   Terri made some great Spaghetti for supper today!  Wow!  What a fine, experienced, careful great cook !   And like I said the other day after I got home from my 'long road trip'...  I never realized how much Terri does for me in helping me with all the creature comforts and chores!     I better behave and be nicer to her....  or the Lord will take me to the wood shed again.
      I got a feeling that I will sleep long and hard tonight to regain some of my lost strength and physical pain.  
   Thank all of you people who prayed for my close friend, and fellow combat Vet, S.F. buddy and spiritual brother,  Robb Bohnen, who lives in Kenosha, WI.    I intend to call him again tomorrow after he is more rested.  And pray that we all view material things as just what they are, human creations that eventually break down, get rusty and die.  I am no better than my fellow man or woman.  I have a lot of knowledge and understanding from years of hard study and experience,  but I am still a goofy old sinner man, who would only be 'dust in the wind' without the Grace and help of the Spirit in the sky, the H.S. and my Lord.   God bless all Believers, and Grace to them, my true brothers and sisters in the Lord.
      Coming soon to YOUR area:  Tornadoes !  Welcome to Spring !

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' As we reach the midpoint of this decade, my thoughts turn to another period that is inexorably drawing to a close. This time is variously known as the Age of Grace, the "time of the gentiles," or the Church Age. If you're a regular viewer of this program, you know that all of the essential prophecies foretold to precede the return of Jesus Christ for His Church have been fulfilled. He could call for us at any moment. Yet while we remain, we have front row seats to the playing out of the "end-times" prophetic scenario. Every day, we are witnessing the coming together of conditions that must be in place for the arrival of the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

This week, I'll begin a two-part series called "Global Government Rising." You've heard me say before that there are four final conditions that had to be in place to set the stage for the coming of "the lawless one." These are: the uniting of the European countries that are from the people and culture of the fallen Roman Empire; the decline and fall of the United States as an independent, sovereign world power; the uniting of the world's economies under a central control; and movement toward a one-world government with authority over all peoples and nations. In Part One, I'll examine in depth how the last three of these required conditions are rapidly taking shape.

I'll discuss some of the historical events and developments that have led America to this critical moment in her history, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Warburg family, and the birth of the Federal Reserve. Each has played a pivotal role in setting the stage for a new global order.

I'll also examine the economic philosophies known as Socialism and Fascism. Like me, you'll be amazed at how many characteristics of these two systems are manifesting themselves in our nation today.

Finally, I'll share with you my thoughts about how this accelerating march toward a one-world government directly challenges the world order that God instituted in Genesis 11 and prepares the way for the unveiling of the Antichrist.

Every day brings news of another crisis, another affront to our individual rights, another threat to our nation's heritage, freedoms, and liberties. Jesus commanded us to recognize the signs of the season so that we'll know when the time of redemption is drawing near. That's why it's important that we study these developments with a clear eye and an open heart.

I don't want you to be afraid, I want you to be alert and prepared.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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