Wednesday, April 22, 2015

When the Ammo runs Out.

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Do you all believe me NOW ???

It’s Now Illegal to Use Cash to Buy Used Goods in This State

yard sale
Holding a garage sale? Well, that’s a problem if you live in this 1 state. Because they just passed a bill BANNING the use of cash in 2nd-hand sales.
If you’re scratching your head like we are, then you’re a normal person. How in the world does a state ban cash?
But forget common sense… we’re talking about politicians here! Specifically, politicians in the state of Louisiana. From
With the passage of House Bill 195 into law, the State of Louisiana has banned the use of cash in all transactions involving secondhand goods. State representative Ricky Hardy, a co-author of the bill, claims that the bill targets criminals who traffic in stolen goods. According to Hardy, “It’s a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead.” The bill prohibits cash transactions by “secondhand dealers,” defined to include garage sales, flea markets, resellers of specialty items, and even non-profit resellers like Goodwill. Curiously, it specifically exempts pawnbrokers from the ban. But of course, pawn shops–and not rented stalls at local church flea markets–are notorious as places that criminals frequent to convert stolen goods into quick cash. So what gives? Are the authors of the bill and those who voted for it ignoramuses–or are they deliberately obscuring the real purpose of the bill?
The answer is clear once we examine the other provisions of the bill. In fact, the bill goes far beyond banning cash transactions. As lawyer Thad Ackel notes, the bill requires:
. . . secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business’ proprietary client information. For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports. If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.
So the aim of the bill is not to aid law enforcement in apprehending criminals, none of whom would be ever stupid enough to turn over such information. The real intent is to feed government’s insatiable hunger for tax revenues by completely stripping law-abiding citizens of financial privacy in secondhand transactions, every detail of which is fed directly into police files.
This troubling development in Louisiana parallels the intensification of the war on cash by the Federal government. Last month it was reported that the U.S. Justice Department ordered bank employees to snitch to the cops on customers who withdrew $5,000 or more. In a speech, assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell exhorted banks to “alert law enforcement authorities about the problem” so that police can “seize the funds” or at least “initiate an investigation”.
The government is hungry for your money. They want your tax dollars even when you pay $0.50 for a used paperback book at a garage sale.
Ridiculous? Absolutely.
But nobody ever accused a politician of being rational or logical or content with the current level of taxation. They always want more money, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get another nickel out of your pocket.
What do you think of this new law? Leave a comment below.

When I was a teenager on Mom and Dad's small beef and grain farm in Racine County, Wisconsin,  I found some magazines and books about War and Battle [as my Dad was a WW-2 Navy Veteran, and I looked up to him as my hero, although he was very strict with me, the 'first born' of my other siblings...].   I read about how the Red Chinese poured over the North Korean border en masse and overwhelmed out American and U.N. forces, pushing them back to the edge of that country, in a see/ saw war, back in the early 1950's.   And envisioned the same thing happening to me when in Vietnam: 68-70.   What happens, when/ if you  run out of Ammo ??  Kind of scary, wouldn't you think ?
     So,  I kind of always wanted to be prepared for most any disaster or problem, to be well rounded, educated, trained and informed.  I am into "Low Tech" weapons besides have a few old shotguns, etc.   I TEACH nice people how to accurately throw the tomahawk and knife, for free and for fun, and how to fight with a knife.   What I liked about the Army is that they teach you how to fight with almost anything and everything, to save your life and those of your fellow brothers in arms.   Even an 'Entrenching tool' -- digging spade can be lethal, and I have one of those too, which are very handy for many things !  
       I just happen to have a great, close friend, and pastor who constantly tries to 'readjust' my mindset -- to concentrate more on God's Kingdom, and service to our Lord, Jesus, rather than plan for war and battle, and the crash of our currency, etc.   I am trying hard to be more balanced, and share the Gospel of Salvation through only Jesus Christ....  and I know that he is right.   We may surely be in heaven already after the Rapture, rather than worrying about what might come to scare us here on earth after the Great Tribulation starts, and we all could use more FAITH and TRUST in the Lord, IMHO.   Pray for me and other Christians to be balanced, but also prepared, dear Friends.   thank you.

But now,  instead of going out to buy the most expensive firearm systems $$$$$$ --- and I certainly believe in buying a good quality rifle, shotgun and pistol that is super dependable....  let's explore the smart, logical scenario of the distinct possibility of some crazed Islamic hoodlum rushing us with a knife, please.  Just be more vigilante, aware, on  guard, and watchful,  guys and gals !!  Learn those life saving tricks and practice them by yourself or with your loved one in private, PLEASE.    That's why have a few combat Veteran friends is so nice, so that some of that knowledge and wisdom 'rubs off' on us, as we are enjoying a good steak on the back yard grill this Summer.   Lord, please protect and keep/ bless your Christian warriors.  In Jesus name,  Amen.

Tommy Schuckman

4 Weapons for When the Ammo Runs Out

These days, there are several entertaining shows on TV where people have to survive a zombie apocalypse or a blackout or some other crazy situation that causes a total collapse of society.
In the beginning of these shows, the characters typically use guns to defend themselves, but they eventually run out of bullets and have to find alternate weapons.
And while I personally have a significant amount of ammunition stored, and I pray that I never see the day where I need to use it all for self-defense purposes, it’s always a good idea to play the “what if” game.
So, what if you and I ran out of ammo and still had to protect our families during a crisis situation? What other weapons could we turn to?
1. Kukri- The Kukri is a large knife that comes from Nepal. It’s used as both a weapon and for utility purposes such as cutting down small trees and brush. I own one of these (The Ka-Bar Kukri) and have used it when camping for preparing kindling. If I’m out of ammo in an end of the world scenario, I certainly wouldn’t mind defending myself with one of these.
The Ka-Bar Kukri
The Ka-Bar Kukri
2. Tomahawk- I think the tomahawk gets a bad rap and too many folks think you have to be able to throw it or be a ninja to use it as a self-defense weapon. But the fact is, like the Kukri, it can be used for both self-defense and other survival tasks such as chopping up wood, cutting through walls, breaking a lock, etc.
This is one of the reasons so many Special Forces troops and other government operatives now carry a tomahawk overseas. The two tomahawks that I like are the American LaGana Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk, which is a larger tomahawk, and the Browning Black Label Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk, which is a smaller tomahawk.
Browning Black Label Shock N' Awe Tomahawk
Browning Black Label Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk
3. Fixed Blade Knife- While it’s fun to have the more exotic weapons, a person armed with a knife and that is properly trained in knife defense will be a force to be reckoned with. This is why I recommend a solid fixed blade knife and the training to go along with it. The Gerber LMFII is a good choice of knife and TOPS also makes quality fixed blade knives.
Gerber LMFII
Gerber LMFII
4. Crowbar- I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t want to take a crowbar to the head. So, like all of the other items above, this can be used as a weapon but also for prying open doors or smashing through windows. I keep a crowbar in the back of my vehicle and you can buy them inexpensively at Wal-mart or Home Depot or you can get the TEKTON Wrecking Bar on Amazon.
TEKTON Wrecking Bar
TEKTON Wrecking Bar
Of course, there are numerous other weapons like cross bows, swords, spears, etc., but the most important thing to remember is to be trained not only with your gun but with all the weapons you own and may have to use one day.