Friday, May 1, 2015

Not All 'Doom and Gloom.'

Tom's Journal.

Hello Dear Friends,
    Today is Payday, and my money/ income goes very quickly, as I just handed my wallet to my wife, and asked her how much she needed to do her shopping, gasoline, etc., and she took a large wad out of my handy dandy wallet....   but that is what money is for !  Money in the KJV BIBLE, is referred to as:  "filthy lucre." [First Timothy 3: 8]  But after studying Finance, is should be looked at and used as a "Slave" or servant of yours, and not the master.   After all, the Apostle Paul admonished us that the Love of money was the source of  all injurious things..... Not money, itself.   Our local Congregations of true Believers need some money to function, right ?   In the Old Testament the Israelites were commanded to give 1/ 10 th of their substance, money and material goods, so that the tribe of Levi [who never was allotted any land for itself like the other tribes] could live and function.   But now we are no longer under that Old Mosaic Law -- but under Christian Law, or Grace, so there is no limit as to what we can give !!   But the "OLD LAW COVENANT" is important to know, because it gives us the basic principles of how Jehovah God has dealt with His Covenant People, the Jews, who are still His special People.   Remember, Genesis 12:9, and the blessings and curse upon all human beings and nations as to how they treat Israel, for your own good.
       Also our sponsored Missionaries who are all over the world serving God and sharing the Gospel live on little substance.  We just had a husband and wife visit our church U.P. here who are serving in Bolivia, and learned how those folks live down there, and so our congregation took a 2nd collection to help those 2 fine Soldiers of Christ,  gas and food money, etc. $$$   I was more than happy to give.   But Terri and I don't smoke or gamble, and try to be moderate in habits, don't ever get drunk, and the Lord has blessed us......   BUT NOT THE IRS !!   Ha!  I will bet my last dollar that IRS will not be in heaven...  lol.   I believe that they are very corrupt and political, and hurt the hard working middle class, BIG TIME !  BTW,  can you believe those rioters in Baltimore burning down their own town ???   What kind of businesses and stores will ever want to rebuild in that ghetto...  duh ?   But this is nothing new under the sun, and the  Bible confirms it.    Just read Timothy.... and Mathew 24.

Friends:   The "Formula" is written in the last part-- the bottom of this page by the learned author, Hal Lindsey,   who always makes good biblical sense, on  "HOW TO GET SAVED."   Yes!  Every real Christian KNOWS FOR A FACT that he/ she is Saved, and after that we are "Locked and Sealed" in that number who will surely be Raptured up to heaven when the Lord comes back and calls us.... and also those Believers who sleep in death during the "Church Age."
       I met a nice lady, also a Veteran, at the local Iron Mountain VAMC this morning, who helped me, named:  Mary Beth, on the 5th floor, in that nice facility.    Thank you, Mary Beth, for your kindness today, and help.    And for the most part, that hospital [the Oscar G Johnson VAMC] has helped many Veterans, including me, and I would give them a B+ grade, so far.    I know that some "Y-ppers" are sort of 'laid back'  but that is OK, I guess.   The Milwaukee VA has hurt too many Veterans and also abused them !!   Give them a D - minus !   Give St. Mary's hospital in Green Bay, WI., and Doctor Rolf Lulloff, and A ! !   That great Orthopedic surgeon that healed me [and put 10 screws and a long steel shank in my left ankle...after I fractured it last year in 4 places],  also runs in the Boston Marathon, at age 74 !  He was also a fine Medical Officer in the Army!   I like him a lot and have a mountain of respect for him.   God bless him !
      Please read and share the short article below.   It will make your day !  Smile.

Tom Schuckman

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' When the Lord called me to the prophetic ministry many decades ago, I knew that while the "big news" was the Good News, it would be carried in on ever-increasing waves of bad news.

The "big news" is that Jesus Christ is coming back and He's coming back soon. I believe that the Bible indicates that many of those of the generation that saw Israel become a nation in 1948 will still be alive at the coming of the Lord. That's the Good News.

But I've reached the conclusion that we're in the final days of the Church Age by watching the onrush of the "signs of the times" as detailed by Jesus Himself -- all of which are "bad news" events. Of course, these include things like earthquakes, famines, plagues, global weather pattern changes, ethnic strife, hot wars, cold wars, and the global rejection of Biblical truth.

But unfolding Bible prophecy is not all "doom and gloom." It's a little like having major surgery. You know it's necessary and when it's over you'll be much better off, but, still, you know it's going to hurt. We know that what awaits the child of God on the other side of this life will be worth all of the sacrifice and discomfort that is hurtling toward us.

Because time is short and there is so much to lose, God called "watchmen" to sit on the wall, as it were, watch for approaching danger, and, when they spot it, sound the alarm to warn the oblivious townsmen, the blissfully ignorant.

There is a special crown -- or reward -- promised to those who answer the calling and faithfully warn those around them that, according to the "signs of the times," Jesus Christ's return is fast approaching.

I know that many of you are called of God to be "watchmen" in these last days. Don't make light of that burden you carry. It's important that the blissfully ignorant hear and are stirred from their apathy. It may not be pleasant to sometimes be considered the bearer of bad tidings. It may be frustrating, even frightening, but God knew you could handle it. That's why He called you.

Be like Moses, whom God said chose to "endure ill-treatment" because he considered the "reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt; for he was looking to the reward." (Hebrews 11:24-26)

And what is it that the Church -- or all true believers -- is watching and preparing for? The "Blessed Hope" that the Apostle Paul describes in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Someday soon, Jesus Christ is going to leave heaven and call for those who are watching for His return to leave this earth and meet Him in the air. This even includes those who have died during this Church Age.

According to Paul, when Christ calls us, those believers who have died will be resurrected and those of us still alive will be instantly transformed from mortal to immortal. We'll all join Him in the air between heaven and earth and be swept into heaven with our Savior.

Those who are left behind will be the ones who experience the "Day of the Lord," which begins with the great Tribulation. You don't want anyone you know or love to be in that number. And God doesn't, either. That's why He needs you to sound the alarm as a "watchman."

And how do you make certain you're ready to experience the "Blessed Hope" and miss the "Day of the Lord?" Simple.

Recognize that you're a sinner who has fallen short of the standard that God has set. (Every human being has!) Confess your sinfulness and ask God to forgive you. Accept the free gift of pardon that Jesus Christ purchased for you with His atoning death on the Cross. Believe God's promise ("...whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life." - John 3:16) and receive His pardon in your heart. Then ask God to make of you what He wants you to be. Thank Him for giving you eternal life with Him.

You are now a part of God's forever family and have just changed your eternal destiny. Now, you are one of those watching for the "Blessed Hope."

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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America burns, 'president' lectures, and leaders hide.

Tom's Journal.

     The man, writer said:  'And leadership is certainly NOT coming from the churches either !'   It is my humble opinion, and others' that perhaps half or more of the churches are not doing their jobs or teaching the truth of the Gospel, nor ever mention hell.   When the Rapture comes I just wonder how many folks sitting in some "Christian" church will be 'Left Behind ?'  If that happened to ME it would be the worst possible thing in my entire life, and I would truly feel DAMNED!!   What a supreme, horrible nightmare.  
     I confess that I love the Lord, Father God, and His only begotten Son, Jesus, and I know that He loves me too, for many reasons that miraculous things happened in my life that are otherwise unexplainable....  so many times.   I should have been killed and dead dozens of times, and have the aches and pains, disabilities to prove it.    The H.S. [Holy Spirit] has moved me to help bring many others to the Salvation of Jesus, and gave me the 'gift of speaking and writing' the truth of the KJV Bible.   Thank You, Lord !  PTL.  Most of the time, the Grace and Spirit are the only things that brighten up my days on earth.     It's a holy fire that consumes me and drives me to reach out and tough people with the Good News of the Kingdom.   
      Yet I need help and encouragement too, as I search for new friends to keep me company, etc.
      Personally,  I think that we could see Martial Law at any time now, for a multitude of reasons that I frequently mention on this humble blog.

Have a great, sunny day!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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Friday, May 1, 2015

 America burns, president lectures, leaders hide

There is a tremendous void of leadership in this country. The bulk of the people in charge are not statesmen, neither are they leaders, nor are they virtuous people with honor and integrity to lead. America elected a man of color, hoping upon hope that he would do as he promised--bring Americans together, bridge the racial divide. That hasn't happened. Tensions between Blacks and Whites has increased during this presidency and is, quite frankly, at a tipping point. What does the "president" do? He lectures Americans about solving the problem by paying attention to it everyday, not just when a CVS drugstore is burnt to the ground. That helps a lot, Captain Obvious. We don't need lectures, we need leaders.

The White House posted some of the "president's" remarks as if they were news. In reality, they are empty words that inflame rather than unite, demonstrating that he has no desire to influence the situation for the benefit of all Americans. His White House post said, "We don't just pay attention to these communities when a CVS burns, and we don't just pay attention when a young man gets shot or has his spine snapped. We should be paying attention all the time because we consider those kids our kids, and we think they're important and that they shouldn't be living in poverty and violence." No dialogue. No solutions. No leadership. His remarks seem to encourage more destruction across the country.

Case in point: The "president" says the destruction is good news because it has brought awareness. He said, "This is not new, and we shouldn't pretend that it's new. The good news is that perhaps there's some newfound awareness, because of social media and video cameras and so forth, that there are problems and challenges when it comes to how policing and our laws are applied in certain communities and we have to pay attention to it." This coming from a man who picks and chooses which laws he wants to apply--can anyone say: offshore drilling, defense of marriage, border security, health care, electioneering? This is the type of twisted logic that causes civil unrest and disenfranchisement. 

Most Presidents would bring people together, have dialogue and work toward a solution. This "president" says riots are a good thing because they bring awareness and that police shouldn't enforce the laws in "certain communities." And it's not just the "president," although he is in a good position to do something constructive. Leadership in the Black community isn't coming from the churches, its coming from insurgent Islamist groups like the New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and other radical elements. There is no leadership from the White community, none from Congress, nor from governors, and especially not from the church. Jesus said in Matthew 12:25, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." We are a nation divided with a vacuum of leadership.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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