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The Left Partied while Saigon Fell -- 40 Years ago.

Tom's Journal.

What I, Tom Schuckman, remember, was the sick feeling I got when seeing the last helicopters leave Saigon for the huge Aircraft Carriers, and realizing the coming "Blood Bath" that would surely happen when the Communists pigs rolled into great, big, stinky, city of humanity only a few hours later.... and what a supreme SHAME, loss of life, torture, huge treasures of money and brave Soldiers on the Wall in D.C. ! !   I FELT THAT THEY ALL DIED, AND WERE BETRAYED BY OUR SHAMELESS GOV'T and "Media" back home.... a bunch of cowards and liars !   And for the most part, we combat Veterans had NO WHERE to talk about our battles, adventures, nightmares, PTSD, wounds...  both hidden and visible.     More troubled, depressed combat Veterans took their own lives -- than were lost of the "Field of Honor, on the Battle field !   I saw that as one supreme LOSS of good, well trained, crapped-on, disenfranchised true Americans who were failed by their own country and the CORRUPT VA System, leaving only the slimy cowards back home who were not qualified to serve their country.  
       The Churches were also starting to go down hill, and the way of the coward, too, at the same time, when they should have been helping and supporting the Veterans.   My own  goofy family even turned on me, so that I just had to tough it out alone.   Until I found other Veterans and sanctuaries like the Vet Centers, and other small groups, plus the Holy Spirit, the KJV Bible, and Jesus Christ.   And now I finally have a lot more Peace of Mind, after finding the Lord.   And this is the original reason I started writing this humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, for personal therapy and to reach out and help other combat Veterans, by guiding them to the Lord Jesus Christ, and true Salvation--  the Gospel.
      If you think that this Blog merits your consideration, please share this News and Info with other folks, and pray.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Forty Years Ago: The Left Partied While Saigon Fell

Written on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 by
Fall of Saigon
So much media attention has been devoted this month to the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the ensuing assassination of President Lincoln that it’s easy to forget the final days of another war, one that didn’t end with the stars and stripes flying high. I’m speaking of course, about the Vietnam War, which ended quite ignominiously forty years ago this April 30th.
The image was heartbreaking—soldiers and Marines crowding together atop the final American outpost in a country that wouldn’t exist the moment they lifted off. Historian Dominic Sandbrook summed up the mood: “For the Americans who fled Saigon in those desperate hours, there were no words to describe the grief and shame they felt that morning. In two weeks, they had supervised the evacuation of six thousand Americans and more than more than fifty thousand Vietnamese: a heroic effort under any circumstances but one that fell short of an honorable exit. ‘The rest of our lives, we will be haunted by how we betrayed those people,’ one diplomat said on the USS Okinawa. ‘It made me cry when I got here. There were lots of people who were crying when they got here.’”
One of those final few to leave was US Army Captain Stuart Herrington, a patriot and career military officer who would go on to be a brilliant spy catcher in the 1980s. He had been tasked with organizing an evacuation of Vietnamese civilians and had even arranged for Vietnamese firemen to be on hand in case the helicopter crashed. Those firemen were almost certainly slaughtered. “They listened to us, and believed us,” he said. “They waited confidently in those rows, believing their friends would not let them down.”
But we did let them down and perhaps it had to be that way. By the early 1970s, nearly everyone had soured on the war. They weren’t all communist sympathizers. Most were just regular people who didn’t want to see the boy next door get drafted and killed. The war almost seemed unwinnable. Almost.
Just two years prior, Henry Kissinger had negotiated the Paris Peace Accords which essentially solidified everything that the United States had been fighting for. North Vietnam agreed to accept South Vietnam’s existence while the United States promised to return if Hanoi did not honor the deal. It was an agreement both sides were destined to break.
While brave military men cried and those loyal to the Republic of Vietnam were killed or deported to “reeducation camps,” the mood here at home was starkly different. Among certain segments of the population it could only be described as elation.
On May 11th fifty thousand jubilant revelers staged a celebration in New York’s Central Park. One reporter described it as a “joyous all-day carnival of songs and speeches in the perfect sunshine.” One person in attendance told a reporter: “There’s a lot of lumps in a lot of throats. It’s unbelievable. Today is the first day I finally realize the war is over.”
“Over” was such a strange word. For Americans, the war had already been over for two years, when the last combat troops left Vietnam. But that was not enough for the most strident activists who would not rest until the country we had bled so much to protect was washed away like a sand castle on the beach. Not surprisingly, Congresswoman Bella Abzug, who belonged to at least one communist front group, delivered a rousing speech that day. She had been instrumental in cutting off aid to our flailing ally and opposing any effort to enforce the terms of the treaty. It would not be an overstatement to call her Hanoi’s best friend.
But for the South Vietnamese the war wasn’t really over even on April 30th. Their war had just begun, as they were murdered, tortured, and sent to the regime’s 150 “reeducation camps” to be indoctrinated in the virtues of Marxism-Leninism. Some people didn’t emerge from those camps for seventeen years, and 165,000 never left at all. But even then it wasn’t over. In present day Vietnam, those who resisted communist rule are segregated into ghettoes and officially discriminated against, as are their descendants, for the “crime” of having been puppets of the “imperialist” Americans. As if the victors had been anything other than puppets of China and the Soviet Union.
A reasonable person would be able to forgive the revelers if they had been merely marking the end of an acrimonious war that had inflicted so much pain on their generation. They were probably ignorant of the bloodbath on the other side of the world and, in their defense, the American press didn’t spill much ink reporting it. But the imaginary end of hostilities is not what made that day so sweet for them. America had been humbled, even humiliated, and they threw a party.
They perceived their country as a bully on the world stage and no one frets when a bully gets his nose bloodied because it teaches him a lesson. For a while it seemed that we had really learned that lesson, as “Vietnam Syndrome,” a phrase coined shortly after the war, caused us to shy away from conflict. No longer would we oppose the expansion of communism anywhere it reared its ugly head, as President Truman had outlined in the doctrine that bears his name.
The much maligned “Domino Theory” was at least partially vindicated when neighboring Cambodia and Laos fell to communism. In Cambodia, the victorious Khmer Rouge murdered about a quarter of the population. Noam Chomsky, the world’s most (in)famous intellectual and idol of the Far Left, denied the existence of any such massacre before denying that he’d denied it.
Even today those who opposed the war snicker at the Domino Theory because only two other countries toppled. Yes, “only” two. A few more dominoes could be found if we looked a little farther afield. During and immediately after the Vietnam War eight additional countries fell to communism: South Yemen, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Grenada, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan. The free world was thrown back on its heels and the Soviets seized the momentum.
None of which seemed to bother the Left. Nor were they bothered that our military limped out of Vietnam rife with indiscipline, drug abuse, and racial conflict, problems which persisted into the 1980s. While Americans had once considered soldiering to be a noble profession, in the aftermath of Vietnam many people saw servicemen and veterans as pitiful creatures, and those were the generous ones. Others considered them lowlifes and deranged would-be killers waiting to snap.
Didn’t any of this nag at their consciences? Not a bit. A “Mission Accomplished” banner might as well have hung in Central Park that day. A weaker America coupled with a global red wave was what they had always wanted.
And they got it.



From:    This Muslim infiltration of our nation is beyond
 belief, and we go stupidly along with it all, until it TOTALLY EATS US ALIVE.............
 will make you stop and think ...then get very
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Friday, May 8, 2015
FBI Director confirms Islamic threat in US

ABC News reports that FBI Director James Comey told ABC and a small group of reporters that there may be thousands of Islamic State recruits in the United States being radicalized through social media. He also said that finding them was like searching for a needle in a haystack and "increasingly the needles are invisible to us." Comey says that IS is using social media and other "radical poisonous propaganda" to encourage joining and traveling to the "caliphate to fight," but also saying "if you can't travel, kill where you are." Comey said, "It's almost as if there is a devil sitting on the shoulder saying, 'Kill, kill, kill, kill' all day long." There is. They call him allah.

This is a pretty stark observation for a government that has continuously painted Islam as a religion of peace. Furthermore, Comey should be asking of his boss, the "president," why the border remains open, and why the Justice Department refuses to enforce immigration laws. It seems that the government has assisted in creating the problem of Islamic infiltration and colonization in this country, and now, is pointing out the obvious without admitting it's complicity. One of the terrorists in Sunday's attack in Garland, Texas had been investigated by the FBI, indicted, and convicted on terrorism charges, but never went to prison. Instead, because of legal technicalities, he was sentenced to probation.

It seems a strange game that the government is playing. They allow the terrorists into the US. They even promote Islam as a peaceful religion. They keep an eye on and track terrorist wannabes and when they catch them, the would be terrorists end up in community service programs rather than in jail or being executed. All the while, the government is saying there is a terrorist threat within the country. That an attack could happen any minute. Keeping people on edge, getting them to report one another, and tightening down on civil rights and freedoms. Too much evidence points to a government that is allowing a deadly threat so it can apply stronger control to the law abiding.

The government uses each threat to tighten its grip on society. It lets terrorists in and then tells us there is a terrorist threat. When a terrorist strikes, it takes away more privacy and increases surveillance on all citizens using the excuse of finding needles in a haystack. Now that terrorism is becoming "mainstreamed" through social media and recruitment of domestics, it becomes inevitable that there will be more attacks. This is very real. Islam is trying to take down America. That means you and me. Christ said in John 10:10, "The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." You see the difference? Speak and live Christ; make disciples through your words and example; change the nation.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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