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DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis.

Tom's Journal.

Friends, and Readers,
     Just remember,  IF, if, the Obama Gov't is somehow 'caught' and has to respond 'why' -- they will simply be "Teflon coated" and site some vague United Nations 'law or rule' and snake out of all kinds of illegal behavior, and the SCOTUS has already been bought off or duly threatened with some sort of exposure of past wrong doing.   And the anti-Christ is already 'waiting in the wings' to move right on in. 
     Good Grief, Charlie Brown !   It would be so cool if the real men in this nation at least tried to save the ship, instead of just running up the 'White Flag of surrender...'   Do ya think so ?   Do ya'll still think it's a good idea to roll over and give up your firearms so the Fascists/ Socialists can roll on in without any major challenges ?   How much do you want to bet that THIS SUMMER will see a lot of bloody shoot-ups in Malls and other soft targets in the good old USA ?
      America,  time to sharpen your swords, etc. --- and get right with God Almighty, who wrote the Bible.

Tommy Schuckman

DHS buses carry immigrants from the border to detention centers where they are processed, given a court date and released.
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DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican Border

WND, by Leo Hohmann, May 13, 2015:
The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland.
They are coming from Somalia and other African nations, according to a Homeland Security official who was caught recently transporting a busload of Africans to a detention center near Victorville, California.
Somalia is the home base of al-Shabab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that slaughtered 147 Christians at a university in Kenya just last month. It executed another 67 at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, and has put out warnings that it will target malls in Canada and the U.S. Dozens of Somali refugees in the U.S. have been arrested, charged and convicted of providing support to overseas terrorist organizations over the past few years.
Libya is also awash in Islamist terror following the death of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach in February.
So when Anita Fuentes of posted a video of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security bus pulling into a Shell station in Victorville, on the night of May 7, admitting he had a busload of Somalis and other Africans who had crossed the southern border, it raised more than a few eyebrows among those concerned with illegal immigration and national security.
A man who appeared to be a Customs and Border Patrol agent was filmed at the gas station at 10:30 p.m. When questioned by Fuentes, he informed her that his large touring bus was full of Somalis and other Africans being transported to a nearby detention center.
The tour bus had the U.S. Homeland Security logo, and the agent appeared calm and professional.
The windows to the bus were covered. When asked if he was transporting illegal immigrants, the driver said, “No, we ended up taking some people to a detention facility. Somalis and all the Africans.”


Published on May 7, 2015
BREAKING NEWS! ***** Make Viral! Evangelist Anita and family runs into the following: - Illegal immigrants being transported late at night by DHS to "Detention Centers" in Victorville, CA on the corner of Route 395 and Bear Valley Rd, (161 miles away from Mexico Border!!!) - includes 'Somalis' and 'Africans' ... PROOF! LISTEN TO ENTIRE FOOTAGE DETENTION CENTERS IS MENTIONED! Pastor Ignacio and Evangelist Anita Fuentes asks questions, get's answers... wow!
Victorville is 161 miles away from Mexico Border! They are taking them to the high desert, thumb printing them and letting them go all over! My friends, many Somalians are Muslim and many African's especially in the northern region of Africa are radical Islam terrorist... Lord have mercy! The Blood of Jesus Christ is with us and on us and protects us in Jesus name, Amen!

These are the "innocent, peace-loving asylum seekers" from Al-Qaeda
that ObaMarxist is busing into America.

Transcript from video.
“A detention center over here?” Fuentes asks.
“Yeah,” he said.
Victorville is about 161 miles from the Mexican border.
“Is that because they’re crossing the border?” Fuentes asked.
“Well they’re coming in asking for asylum,” he said.
“That’s what it is, that special key word huh? That’s a password now?” Fuentes said.
“That’s what the password is now,” he responds.
The flow of information stopped when Fuentes asked about the presence of ISIS near the border, a story which the watchdog agency Judicial Watch reported last month.
“ISIS being at the border?” she asks.
“I’m not going to talk to you when you’re recording me, ma’am,” the agent says. “Any information you want ma’am, go ahead and look it up online.”
A small part of a larger story
More than 100,000 Somalis have been brought to the United States legally since 1991 through the U.N. refugee resettlement program. Close to half of them have been resettled in Minnesota, with the rest dispersed throughout Ohio, Maine, California, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia and several other states.
The Somali community in Minnesota has had well-documented problems assimilating, running up a troubling record of crime and radicalization. Scores of Somalis have been arrested and charged with providing material support to overseas terrorist organizations such as al-Shabab, al-Qaida and ISIS.
Others have left the country to fight for al-Shabab and ISIS, including six from Minnesota last month who were arrested after making repeated attempts to leave the country to join ISIS. That prompted the U.S. attorney for Minnesota, Andrew Luger, to admit in a April 4 press conference that “we have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.”
At least two Somalis in Columbus, Ohio, have also been arrested on terrorism charges.
While most of the Somalis have been brought into the U.S. by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with the United Nations, exactly how many Somalis may be entering the country illegally and applying for asylum is difficult to ascertain.
According to official DHS data, 688 Somalis entered the U.S. as asylum seekers between 2004 and 2013.
Asylum seekers from other African countries with radical Muslim populations are also showing up at the border. According to DHS data, 139 Libyans crossed into the U.S. between 2011 and 2013, while only 20 had made the risky trek between 2004 and 2010 when dictator Moammar Gadhafi was in power.
The number of Eritreans and Ethiopians showing up at the U.S. border and seeking asylum is also growing: 1,495 came from Eritrea between 2004 and 2013, and 5,863 came from Ethiopia.
The Washington Times, among other publications, has published stories about the harrowing journeys some Somalis have been will to endure to get to the U.S. They make their way across the Horn of Africa, cross the Atlantic by stowing away in a cargo ship before landing at a port in Brazil or Argentina. From there they travel by land through Central America and Mexico to arrive at the U.S. border. Until last year, at least some of them were deported. Now, word is spreading that U.S. border policy has changed so more are showing up with the one word they know of English – “asylum.”

Numbers likely higher
A Customs and Border Patrol agent, who asked not to be identified, told WND that many more Africans and Middle Easterners are likely crossing over the Mexican border than what DHS is willing to admit.
“You’re not going to get an honest number, because they all want to look good and get promotions from the people in D.C.,” the border agent told WND. “I’m absolutely confident that is happening.”
That’s why the video is raising eyebrows, because the agent appears unfazed, as though transferring busloads of Somalis and Africans to detention facilities is a routine task.

Once at the detention facility, asylum seekers are often asked to fill out legal documents, given a court date and set free.
“There’s an ICE facility up that way, so that’s where that bus was likely heading,” the Border Patrol agent said. “That doesn’t surprise me. My guess is those are probably coming through Arizona because Arizona is still the biggest pure hole in the southern border we have. The Casa Grande area of Arizona is just the wild West. It’s on an Indian reservation, and they’ve been battling the Border Patrol forever. There are no barriers, not even a barbed-wire fence. But this administration’s done everything they can do to shut down ICE from doing its job.”
Asylum seekers are required to show they belong to a group of individuals who are suffering from a “pattern and practice” of persecution, either from their native country’s government or from non-government entities that the government is unable or unwilling to control.
The Obama administration has decided to spend $$2 million to hire attorneys for alien minors seeking asylum in the U.S. this year, Judicial Watch reported.
After filming the busload of African asylum seekers in Victorville, Fuentes posted on her YouTube account that they were being taken to a detention center in the high desert, thumb printed, and let go.
“My friends, many Somalians are Muslim and many Africans especially in the northern region of Africa are radical Islam terrorists. Lord have mercy,” wrote Fuentes, whose husband, Ignacio, is a pastor.
But they only seek "asylum and peace"...right...

William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration, or ALIPAC, said the word “asylum” has indeed become the password for foreign nationals showing up at the border. They will be taken to a detention center to be processed and given a court date along with contact information for an asylum attorney and a religious charity that will help them find housing, food and clothing.
“And they will even be given instructions on how to get their Obamaphone,” he said.
“And that video is further clear evidence that Obama and his administration is involved in a conspiracy to overthrow America’s defenses, laws, borders and republic by flooding America with as many people as possible who will be dependent on the system and the socialists who helped them,” Gheen told WND. “He’s going for broke because he knows that (Mitch) McConnell, (John) Boehner and the other sell-out Republicans won’t stop him.
“In fact, many of those Republicans are now voting for his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and trying to get him more bodies, more non-Americans, into America. The name of the game is to get as many non-Americans with alien perspectives and principles into America so that America’s condition becomes terminal.”
“We’re fighting against every avenue we can, but our fight right now is to try to slow them down and try to save every life we can and every job we can,” he continued. “Tens of thousands more lives and jobs will be lost if we lose this fight.”
The U.S. allows about 1.1 million immigrants into the country through legal channels every year, and another 250,000 to 500,000 come in illegally.
“That’s more than any other nation on earth,” Gheen said.
Image result for 300 somali terrorists in us
Yes, all they seek is "peace".

Here is What Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has to say on this:
For new readers, once an alien is granted asylum they may receive all of the social service benefits that a normal refugee gets, and they may get care from one of the federal resettlement contractors.

Asha Omar (19) granted asylum in El Paso, Texas in 2010, tells the improbable tale that she “made her way” by herself to America with a stop in Cuba before reaching the Mexican border.
This is not news to us!
We have been telling readers for years about the Somali trail from Africa to our southern border and a claim of asylum.
In 2011, we urged Congress to investigate the strange phenomenon of a supposedly impoverished young Somali traveling sometimes from Somalia to Syria to Russia to Cuba and then to Central America or Mexico and making it to the US border where a claim for asylum would be made with the help of immigration lawyers who seemed to be expecting them!
It is not just in the Mediterranean region where an invasion is occurring!
Here is the 2011 post in which I urged Congress to investigate this strange business:

Is there a conspiracy by NGO’s to bring asylum seekers to US borders?

Here is an earlier post (2009) about Africans getting to South America on their way to the US southern border:

African asylum seekers reaching South America, hope to get to the US

And, here is a more recent post on the same subject:

Six Somalis headed to US arrested in Mexico

There are more posts on the same subject here at RRW, but no time to search for them right now.
I once saw a fantastic travel map for Somalis who ‘made their way’ to Russia and then flew to Cuba from there.  Next stop was Mexico and the US border (wish I could find it to show you!).
Does no one ever ask?  Who is helping these ‘youths’ and who is paying for it all?   I’ve seen estimates that such a travel plan costs upwards of $10,000.
Coming soon to YOUR neighborhood...
MORE on Why THIS is a very BAD idea-

300 Somali Terrorists Who Crossed the Border Still At Large Inside the U.S.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer. Administrator.

What the 'president' said.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends !
    I am sorry to quote and copy the good man, Bill Wilson, so much,  but he writes some of the most timely and interesting subject matter ever !   "What the 'president' said."
      Now,  can you even believe what comes out of Obama's mouth these days ??   And if any Christian [or otherwise] said things like this against the 'Islamic Prophet' the world would see all kinds of riots and murders !!  They love to use most anything as an excuse to murder and torture Christians and Jews anyway !   Yes,  Sorry to say, the 'Christian Church' is fast asleep, or paralyzed from the neck --up, or too cowardly to stand up for the real TRUTH OF THE BIBLE !  But then, all of this was prophesized, too.   Just read the books of 1st and 2nd Timothy, and the 4 Gospels, ladies and gentlemen.  "Seek and you shall find."   And if you don't find, you will still learn a lot.  
       As I have said many times over....  God is NOT looking for numbers,  He is looking for quality people who have allowed the H.S. {Holy Spirit} to change their sinful, selfish ways and become the "New Man and Woman" --- the New Creatures of God.   We don't do this over night,  but I, myself have seen wonders and miracles, for sure, in men and women.  Old friends, and even my first wife have also seen, "a new Tom Schuckman" too, although the nice lady I have now doesn't see any progress, yet.   But I keep trying -- not to give up and yield to Satan. 

Mr. Obama never gives up either, in showing his true colors, as he says improper things about Fox News, on TV, either.... imperfect as they are, because we knowledgeable people know that even Fox News is holding back all they know about the Gov't and the way things are headed, and the KJV Bible.... yet I am thankful for what they do expose, that lines up with bible prophecy.   People who do NOT study the Holy Scriptures, especially the KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE, are surely missing out on so much, easily understandable  facts, pure history, and the mind of Christ, and the Father God !  And what a pity,  because we need all hands on deck, right now !    The Truth of the bible is like a tall, full, apple tree, and so is Life.   We must exert SOME effort to reach up and pick the apples, so that we may EAT !   The results of abject laziness and poverty does cause pain, and I think that is a powerful and necessary lesson to us humans.   The bible is full of this ultra simple logic of lazy people [who CAN, are ABLE to work], but CHOSE NOT TO WORK, and then they get a stabbing pain in their bellies, from not eating, and the shame of the community ! ! !   The German-American culture that I was raised with/ taught, was very simple....  'If you don't work -- you don't eat.'   And we 5 kids worked hard on Mom and Dad's small  80 acre farm in Wisconsin !  It didn't hurt us one bit,  but produced strong, and thankful, happy, bodies.   Smile !

Jesus was correct [of course], as 'we will always have the poor,'  because some folks just will not work.   I have seen those kind of people who "pride themselves" and brag how they "don't pay any Union Dues" and don't have to conform to many social programs, as they sleep under some bridge, or in a card board box, and beg for 'loose change' at the post office, etc., and eat at the local community Soup Kitchens.   Some have no choice as they somehow fell thru the cracks and just fell into poverty, yes, even hard working people who get laid off during hard times, and that stuff just breaks a man's heart.    About a month ago, I even gave a friend [a hard worker at WalMart] a hundred dollar bill,  because he really needed it toward helping his wife get some medical help in another State, and I  was glad that I could help --- but that was all I could afford at that time !!   But now find my own self in a 'pickle', having trouble with the stinking IRS...  $$$.  

I hope you all enjoy this post.   The Air Temp. U.P. here today is:  56 degrees F. right now at 10:12 AM.    I also think that THIS YEAR, 2015:  God will be "shaking the earth in many ways" to wake people up--- because so many leaders and people are profaning His Name, and seeking to hurt His holy Nation, Israel....  see: Genesis 12: 3.    You ain't seen nothing yet !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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Thursday, May 14, 2015
"president" says Christ is cynical about poverty

Georgetown University hosted a panel discussion about poverty on May 12. The "president" was there, making his case for why government programs and taxation of corporations fulfills the mission of Christ and the Church by taking care of the poor. He used the platform for both promoting a communistic viewpoint on social economic engineering, and for lecturing Christians about conforming to his twisted and misguided viewpoint of the Holy Scriptures. The "president" went so far as to imply that Jesus Christ was cynical about the poor and that ending poverty was a defining issue "to capture the essence of who we are as Christians" rather than a "nice to have" issue like same sex marriage or abortion. 

In his opening remarks, the "president" took a swipe at Christ, saying: "And I think it's important when it comes to dealing with issues of poverty for us to guard against cynicism, and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us and there's nothing we can do -- because there's a lot we can do.  The question is do we have the political will, the communal will to do something about it." He was referring to references of Christ in Matthew 26:11, Mark 14:6 and John 12:8, saying "For you have the poor always with you; but me you have not always." The "president" is saying that we have to guard against cynicism and then refers to what Christ said about the poor. Hence, he is saying Jesus is cynical about the poor.

Communists have often used the Bible to justify collective social economics. The "president" did so at Georgetown by posing the question of whether Americans have the "communal will" to do something about poverty. He said that a job was the best solution to poverty, yet he belittled political conservatives believing the free market, not government, creates jobs. He did not mention that under his Administration there are a record number of people not in the job force because they have given up on finding a job. This underscores the problem: government cannot solve the problem of poverty. Historically, communism has caused poverty to increase. Capitalism has created more wealth and jobs than any system. 

Notwithstanding, communists the world over, although they deplore and reject all religion, are quick to hijack the heartstrings of the church to control the pursestrings of society. Government acting as the benefactor to the poor does not work because it is compulsory. People who work are forced to pay taxes to support those who do not work. In Christianity, people willingly and freely give to the poor as a matter of the heart. As Deuteronomy 15:11 says, "For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command you, saying, you shall open your hand wide unto your brother, to your poor, and to your needy, in your land." In this, there is blessing because it is acting from the abundance of the heart upon the command of God, not a government mandate with an ungodly agenda.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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