Friday, May 22, 2015

'End Time Clock' moves another tick.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends:
     The main reason that I am showing you this web site again... THE DAILY JOT,  is because it too rattles off the string of nations mentioned in the KJV BIBLE that will come against Israel in the future war...  but again,  America is missing  from this picture ! !   Also,  there have been a good number of powerful nations in the world- history who have almost conquered and enslaved the entire world.    But only those mentioned had something special going on with the "Apple of God's Eye -- Israel."   In order, they are:   Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome,  and one more that we are living in right now.   There have been many books written on Revelation,  but you need to watch out for certain 'quasi-religions' and organizations who really want to feather their own nests and misled the masses.   Some, like the JW-cult, church of the poisoned mind, are utterly ridiculous--  especially the older books that that Society tries to hide and take off the shelves.     There are some good Christian videos that explain just how goofy those books and ideas are....  See:  Jeremiah Films, for one example, that helped me understand how they trick people.   The JW's believe that Jesus is the 'Arch Angel Michael,' -- not God the Son !!   Just think of all the many people they have lied to and helped send to hell !!   That's really the meaning of, "BLOOD GUILT !"    They are correct about SOME things -- but WRONG on the most important things,  sorry.    I know that group of folks would love to see me, "Planted,"  deep into the ground....  LOL.     Yes,  there are some un-Believers, not-Christians who will even try to hurt you if  you ever try to leave their cult, or tell the truth about them.    But I believe that people need to know.    Beware.   
       It's just like the subject of Life Insurance... a very dry, boring subject.  But if you don't understand how it works and that some kinds will only burn  you and take your money,  you will get skinned.   I used to be licensed in that stuff, and Securities/ Investments, also, so I know what I am talking about.   Now,  I AM a believer  in good, sound investments,  [like PM's....  shhhh!]   but also believe that the NYSE will collapse and ruin many lives in the near future.   I will not speak too much about that stuff here and now,  but if you really want my personal opinion about good investments, please email me:     BTW,  I am not totally prepared for these dire calamities that will definitely come, and soon,   but one of the best kinds of insurance is our deep love and surrender to Jesus Christ, our Savior.   I also believe in a store of canned goods, and pure drinking water, etc, etc.   
        One more thing:   We may dream, go figure, speculate, how, where, why, what time, everything will go down....  but we'd probably be wrong, and God wants it this way.   If we did know the exact place, time, etc.,  there is a chance that we would 'party hardy' and then repent and "be good" right before the Lord comes back.   He wants us to be good, and do His work ALL THE TIME !!    We are here on earth for 2 reasons:   To glorify and praise/ worship  God the Father, and to share the Gospel [the story of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who did have a pre-human existence up in heaven with His Father for millions of years].    Hey!  We even call ourselves, "Christians" --- which means:   "a follower or imitator of Christ."     So then,  would it not make sense to at least learn about Jesus by reading the most authoritative Book written by God, in the world ??    And as I walk or ride thru the world all the time, I casually ask people if they have ever even read the bible, and most of them say,  "NO."   So then I hand them a small bible tract, easy to read and very accurate/ interesting.   Now, you see,  all those people can never say that they didn't have a chance, and will wonder why they were "Left Behind."   I don't wish that on anyone -- yet I know that it will happen to the MAJORITY of humans on earth !  Sorry, again, but the bible tells me so.
      I still can hardly believe how and why God smiled upon,  and blessed me with the truth of the bible, and protected me from death so many times!   Even my 2 long years in Vietnam as an American Soldier-- lowly helicopter door gunner, etc.  And now I am disabled and have some trouble just walking with a cane.....   but I can still type on my PC and share the Good News, etc.     Well,  I always wanted to learn the truth about things and asked a lot of questions when I was young and even now.   The simple TRUTH is not for sale, and God's Grace of FREE !!  We just have to be humble enough to accept it when it comes our way and DO SOMETHING with it, like take immediate action !   Those who just cast it aside or procrastinate will be the big losers.    Only God can read/ look into our heart, and He knows whether we are sincere or not.   We can never be perfect while on this earth,  but we can start living for the Lord right now, and learn to do His Will.   Just read the BOOK !

I am sure that many folks will be celebrating and traveling this week end, and many will also die on the highways, unfortunately...   If, if, if, [God forbid] that something would happen to your life this week end, Memorial Day,  do you know for sure where you would go ??   All, real, bible loving Christian SHOULD already know that answer, and it SHOULD BE:   HEAVEN !!   Yes!  The Bible promises all of Jesus' followers, who actively, positively confess that "Jesus is their dear Lord and Savior" WILL GO TO HEAVEN, because all their sins ---  past, present and future, have already been forgiven, and so the Father accepts them into heaven---because Jesus already paid the price of our redemption  !   But it's also a growing process.   And in a way, it is sort of an Insurance policy, that WE BIBLE LOVING CHRISTIANS have signed onto, just like a 'contract.'   It's a type of "Term Insurance"  [the very best kind!]  and already paid up forever !   I strongly recommend that you all get this policy, dear friends and readers.  
   Please share this before Memorial Day.   Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Soldier of Christ.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
End time clock moves another tick

Thanks to the meddling of the current US "president" in deploying unauthorized military and air support, Libya was handed over to the Administration's foreign policy partner, the Muslim Brotherhood and its military wing, al Qaeda. This all resulted in the barbaric death of an American Ambassador and three others, something in which current candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, played an enormous role. Now Libya is becoming the African foothold for the new Islamic Caliphate, the Islamic State. Libya is one of the nations mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel as coming against Israel in a colossal end time battle. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that US military sources are perplexed on how to stop the IS juggernaut.

WSJ reports: "Islamic State leaders in Syria have sent money, trainers and fighters to Libya in increasing numbers, raising new concerns for the US that the militant group is gaining traction in its attempts to broaden its reach and expand its influence. In recent months, US military officials said, Islamic State has solidified its foothold in Libya as it searches for ways to capitalize on rising popularity among extremist groups around the world...US military officials see few good options for halting Islamic State's growth in Libya." WSJ quoted a US military official saying, "How do we stop it?"It's a huge concern." The concern is that IS will use Libya as a base to expand operations globally.

Meanwhile, another region that would be involved in the Ezekiel-prophesied battle is that of the former Assyrian Empire in what today stands in parts of Turkey and Iraq. The IS has taken the Iraqi city of Ramadi, a heavily contested trade crossroads that leads to Jordan and on to the Mediterranean Sea. While this conquest is not mentioned in Ezekiel, it is indicative of the strength of the IS and its military organization. The IS is following the Muslim Brotherhood plan of connecting all the weaker Islamic jihadi forces into one powerful Caliphate. It appears to be building toward that end time coalition of nations mentioned in Ezekiel, even Turkey is supporting IS with logistics and infrastructure, while condemning it publicly.

In Ezekiel 38:3-8, the Lord says, "Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: and I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army...Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them...against the mountains of Israel..." These areas mentioned in the verses of Ezekiel 38 coincide with modern Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and parts of Iraq, even Saudi Arabia. The US "president's" foreign policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab Spring and beyond has accelerated the advance of the Islamic State and has allowed it to solidify as a major force pointing the world to the prophetic end times. Pray. Watch. Discern. 

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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