Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The "Chip" implanted in the Skin.

Tom's Journal.

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We KNEW it was coming,  but it seems that NOW it is here!   Wow!  I am now playing "catch-up" at F/B after a year Sabbatical...self imposed, as I thought it was the best thing to do for a while, goofy me.  And I just stumbled upon this article/ image....  well it is good to find out these things are happening and all so soon.  
     From what I understand, the Rapture has to come FIRST before the 666 Mark of the Beast thing, so I feel some relief in knowing that, but still, what a kick in the gut.   I also heard that the Pope is about to release info about ET's zooming around us, and that news should finish nailing his coffin shut or his being devoid of spiritual, biblical truth and knowledge,  where most Christian children already know that those so-called ET's are really demons !   Sorry, folks,  I am NOT running down anyone's religion and was also born into that Faith, myself,  but studying the KJV Bible has set me free, along with the H.S. --Holy Spirit.   I am not here to oppress, insult, or harass anyone's beliefs,  but please just read it for yourselves in the bible, dear friends and readers.   An excellent bible that I use is called the DEFINED KJV Bible,  []  and can be had for a good price.   I have bought and given away many of them in the spirit of sharing the truth with those I care for.   But then,  even our Lord Jesus Christ could not change the hard hearts of idiots and unbelievers while He was on earth.   The devil has a straggle hold on many people in the world, in fact the MAJORITY of earth's people !  
       I would hate to get to heaven and stand before the Lord with an empty sack..... having never shared the Gospel with anyone on earth !   I was never a natural born preacher,  but since I love the Lord, sinner that I am, and have the Holy Spirit in me,  I try my best to share the Gospel with any and every person I can while I draw breath on earth.  

I got some more sun today in the back yard and got all sweaty, then took a fine shower, and I've got to say,  this is as close to paradise on earth as I will ever come.   I figure I've paid my 'dues'  ten times over, working hard and falling down too many times, many times my stupid mistakes.   And I just know that 'Prepping' and storing up stuff here and now will not prevent me from more suffering and hard ship down the road as things MUST GET WORSE, according to the Book.   I will certainly not be spared, but being a Disabled Veteran and a Christian make me  a 'Prime Target' for the Gov't with Satan whispering in their ears all along.   What we see now is just the very beginning, dear friends.   And that is why we all need the Spirit and the Lord.   Some of my closest, most dear friends and loved ones STILL don't get it....  duh.   They just want to use my substance to decorate the house and yard, and keep up with the Jones, so it seems, IMHO.   Some folks will run their butts into the ground doing so many favors for their kids and friends --- but never stop to thank or help that hand that feeds them... sorry.   And it does get lonely U.P. here mostly all alone, most of the time....  but that is the cross I must carry, and makes things work.   But I'll just bet that there are MANY in my shoes, and I cannot let depression get me down.   Hey!  At least we are not freezing in -20 below zero, right now... lol.   I so love the Summertime U.P. here, just like a real paradise, IMHO.  

I just bought some raw organic honey, and it doesn't taste like the crap we buy at the store.   Probably because all stores only have a shadow of the real stuff and tainted with a majority of corn syrup added to make us sick.   Real raw honey has many healing properties in it.

Warm Regards,

Trendies Ready for Ultimate Wearable: “Chip Implanted in Their Skin Used for Payments”

Trendies Ready for Ultimate Wearable: “Chip Implanted in Their Skin Used for Payments”The Mark of the Beast is more almost here than ever before. As SHTF has previously noted, the likelihood of a forced RFID implant under the guise of a martial law pandemic emergency might be a little too obvious, as far as future tyranny goes. Before it comes to that, it seems plenty of people will be voluntarily subjecting themselves to cattle-like status, by jumping at the chance to ditch the inconvenience of a wallet and get a “smarter” payment system that can b