Monday, June 8, 2015

Unequally Yoked.

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Hello Good People!
Another rainy day, but we'll take it, of course, because "This is the Day that the Lord has made."   I am 'home alone' again,  but have a positive mood. just me and the dog here.   I am glad that we have a good, strong, well trained dog and Rottweiler's are my fav. and only breed of dog.    They are like affectionate children IF you raise and train them up right.  You must be firm yet gentle and loving.   They are independent by nature, and MUST be trained to OBEY, not have their own way.   A lazy, cowardly, untrained dog, IMHO, is worthless and a waste of money  --- but I know that some will disagree with me, and we wonder just who is the "dog" and who is the master...  duh?  
     Yes, Sir!  Today will be a good day, and I will go to the store for some lunch meat, and then I will clean and dust the house if I have enough  energy.   I also need to find my check book and pay some bills....  but right now, I am ahead of the game, and lovin' it to death.   I just feel kind of tired and slow, today, and need to kick my self in the butt to get started.   I don't drink coffee or tea, or milk, so I have to generate my own energy somehow.   Once I get going, I'm OK.  

The question of an UNBLEIEVEING MATE OR SPOUSE, is the subject of today's article, and the Theme:  'What you see --- is what you get.'   Never, but never, expect to 'change someone after you marry them ! !'  Most of the time it just will not happen, and you ought to know it.   There are so many times that a prospective mate will lie and say anything join a person in some relationship, and personally,  [I am a sinner too, but...], I have had too many experiences with ladies who claimed they were 'Christian' but never ever cracked open the bible nor read/ studied it !   And then later you find out that they are far apart from your own bible based beliefs.   Two times I have won them over to the Lord, with the help of the Holy Spirit, but it's not common for most of the time !   I think my present relationship is finally working out,  but after so much WORK, patience and gentle handling, Lord help me.   Hey!  We ALL come into relationship with excess 'baggage' and hidden,  secret things that we want to hide and just forget.   But, like I always say,  "Where ever you go --- There you are."   The solution:   tear off the "Old Man" and put on the new man --- come to know and follow Christ."   And still, we will never be perfect,  but we can make some real progress and get along with our wives and husbands.    That's the way I see it, friends.   My last trip to S.E. WISCONSIN, drove that fact home to my head and heart, and now I have a better, more positive mind set.   But the minute we try to take all the credit and glory,  God will 'spank us' again to make us humble, and it's only right.   We are His children and he loves us.  We also love our pets and children and teach them to not run out into the streets to get killed by a speeding car.    
    I recently bought a high quality Coleman lantern that uses two kinds of liquid fuel and shines bright at WalMart via on-line sales.   Just in case the lights go out for some reason.    I hope I never need that investment, but I like to have my anatomy covered all the time, and for emergencies.   It came with a hard case so the fragile grass won't get broken on a trip.  
     And now, today, I will read and study my Ram truck owners' manual.

Good Day,


Unequally Yoked

Q. I am wondering about the unequally yoked issue. I don’t understand the principle of an unrighteous person being made righteous because they happen to be married to a believer when they themselves are not a believer.  Does the unrighteous one being made righteous mean that the believer may somehow “cover” their non believing spouse? What if there are children involved and what is the right thing according to God when the unbelieving spouse begins to teach their views against God to the children?

A. Paul’s comments on being unequally yoked appear in 2 Cor. 6:14-18  where he explained that the world view of a believer and the world view of an unbeliever are so different that they can’t be mixed. They’re like oil and water, and will eventually become a source of contention in a relationship.  His admonition applies to all close relationships, of which marriage is only one.
The issue of mixed marriages comes up in 1 Cor. 7:14-16 where Paul told mixed couples to stay together as long as the unbeliever was willing, but if not let him or her go. The idea of the believer sanctifying the non believer  applies only as far as the children below the age of reason are concerned.  The faith of the believing spouse provides a protective “covering” for the children of the marriage.
Once the children reach the age of accountability they are responsible for their own salvation, and this is where one of the most serious problems of being unequally yoked comes in.   Who will decide what the children will be taught concerning the most important question of their life.  And that is, where they will spend eternity?
Paul’s statement in verse 16 confirms that the belief of one spouse cannot accrue to the other one for the purpose of salvation.  “How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or, how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife?”  We should never marry someone hoping to change him/her later. It rarely works.
If one party became a believer after the marriage it’s one thing, but if a believer knowingly marries an unbeliever, it’s something else altogether. That’s why Paul preached against it.

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