Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS renders a Corrupt Decision Today.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends, and Brave Readers,
    I guess that many of you fine people will think that I am crazy or smoking the 'wrong pipe,'  but I assure you that I am not.   In fact,  I have finally climbed a tall tree to see where all this 'News' is taking us... pertaining to the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage.   I am HAPPY to see this thing happen [in a way] because it means that we are really steaming toward the Rapture with the Lord coming back to earth soon to take WE CHRISTIANS away from this den of iniquity,  this cesspool of pure Sodom ! ! !  For good folks who have already studied the KJV Bible and understand the total absurdity of the goofy, Satanic, court corruption,  we have--- the human race--- finally sunk so low, to move up into the 12th hour!    Yes!  All it takes is a few bad 'business decisions' to bankrupt a company, or corrupt a whole Gov't --- that throw God out of the Court system, the schools, the broken homes/ families, and then topples a Nation shortly after some two hundred years!   If any of us ever had any hopes and prayers for America returning to the Lord, and getting our national house in order,  they are gone now...  sorry.  
        Not to sound like a 'know it all,' or some smart braggart,  but all it took for me was a good working knowledge of the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit to help me glean that knowledge, as I've always said.   We have passed that point of no return, and the end is in sight.   Once the moral fiber is eaten away, anything goes now.   And I don't care when people say that the decision was a "Close One."   I used to run the Half Mile Track race in high school, and once a runner gets to a certain point, there is no way anyone can catch him, and he / she has won the race !  

As I have often said:   Titus 1:2,  "God cannot lie."  If Jesus Christ said 1900 years ago that the 'End Times' would be like that of Sodom and Gomorrah,  then we can expect to see and hear of a corrupt SCOTUS --- and when Obama was elected [by hook or crook] we should have known that he would replace the dying Supremes with his own ultra Liberals trash "Judges."   And I suspect that things in the USA will snowball down hill after this horrible fiasco.   Just look at the Pope and his decisions too the other day, that gun owners and manufacturers could not be calling themselves true Christians now !   How many people will HE send to hell?    When misled Catholics pray the Lord's Prayer at Matthew  6:9 [and few even know where to find it in the Bible...  sorry],  they are praying for their own destruction !   I too, was raised [born into] that Faith, studied Latin and went to a Catholic graded school in Milwaukee and was also misled, until I starting reading  and learning the Bible after I got back from the War in Vietnam, so I had to make some big changes too,  getting my own house in order, quit smoking, etc. 
      Indeed,  there are tons of GOOD people, many of them Catholics, who are better people than I am ---  but they are headed for hell right now, unless they repent, give their minds and hearts to Jesus, and follow Him, according to the bible !   I know it's a 'play on words', the term,  "Good" doesn't automatically mean,  "Saved."   You need to be Saved to get to heaven, and then after you get there, you will be counted as 'good,' -- in the eyes of God.  

And that's the way it is, on June 26th,  2015.  Not to worry,  more bad news to come,  but you can still be happy.

Warm Regards,