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The Arming of Benghazi: Clinton.

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You will have to use your "directional arrows" to move the script to the proper reading area...  sorry, folks.
     But the real question is:  Does our Congress have the 'stones' to get up on their hind feet and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BENGHAZI slaughter/ super scandal ??   They didn't do anything about the "SCOTUS" rendering  the Gay marriage thing, nor the 'obamacare' sneak deal  either.   But like I have said a few times,  God is not blind, sleeping or on vacation...  He surely sees all these terrible things, and WILL ACT UPON THEM SOON !  

Just how did Father God handle things in the past when dealing with His stiff-necked people, the Jews ?   He used a mix of natural disasters, but usually God allowed other pagan, heathen nations to invade and conquer His own people and run them thru the wringer, big time.   The book of Lamentations is devoted to just that cause, plus other books like Judges.    Israel would mess up and go astray---  follow pagan gods, and then God "allowed" the heathen armies/  nations to invade Israel and walk all over Israel, dealing harshly with the Jews, until they came to their senses again and again, until God took pity on them and raised up another Judge [individual... like Samson, etc.], but God's own Nation, Israel had a long history of failures and bad kings who brought shame and punishment on their people.    Unfortunately,  I THINK the same judgment will be visited upon America, or worse.   Remember, that the bible never once mentions America, the USA, in any way,  because in the End Times, we won't really exist as a "Super Power,"  except in some lowly service-connected,   related way to serve our new masters...  and we will prob end up a 3rd world country, or get divided or carved up into smaller pieces ....   sorry. 
       I, personally, do NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, dear friends !!   So many of our people will suffer and die needlessly!   I will suffer too, until I either die, get killed, or get Raptured up when the Lord comes.   Hey!  I am planning on all these possibilities and it's hard on an old man, disabled, to go thru all of these horrible things,  but that is what I, personally feel will happen.   I will not be relying on my own resources to save me,  but the Lord's mercy and commitment/ promises ONLY.  
     My wife's kid's laugh at me when I try to explain these things,  but that's part of the territory, as I expect it.   My wife is a little 'sheepish' about the preaching/ sharing work, even though I tried to teach her how to use the wonderful bible tracts that I use all the time, and the bible,  sorry, it's not my funeral at stake.   She, like so many others fears that she will alienate her children -- the biggest, most IMPORTANT thing in her Life, so she holds back her bible sharing skills....   Where as I would rather be hated NOW by my kids --  but have them all become Believers, going to heaven in the long run, and be happy for all eternity.   That is the big difference between us, in my humble opinion.   I meant no disrespect or harm to anyone.   The sharing work of  making the Gospel well known is my bread and my meat, folks, as I have used the Holy Spirit to fine tune  my 'program'  to where I feel that I am most effective, and at the same time continue to work on my many imperfections, faults and personality flaws.     I don't count my victories by filing notches in my belt or my six shooter gun, LOL,    but it does make me feel good inside my heart that I have helped so many people find Salvation in the Lord,  with the help of the Spirit,  something that literally CHANGES them over night and makes them HAPPY!!   I know that I am but a slave for Christ, my Lord and Master, and the biggest reason that He has kept me alive so far.... after all my deadly accidents, injuries, and mishaps....  Thank You, Lord !   It is good that I write and post these words as they even build me up, so that I don't feel sorry for myself,  but get back on the job, as it were, to preach and share more so.   It's much harder U.P. here in the 'Frozen Tundra' during the Winter time, even though I have a new 4WD vehicle.    I guess I finally figured it out that I am not to be happy in this earthly life, no matter what I do.   It's seems like it's almost impossible to find a godly marriage mate who 'wants to read or follow the Bible.'   And so, those who go chasing after "Happiness" in this system of things will never find it, because:   "Happiness is a bi-product of serving God Almighty !"   And Satan the devil is mighty busy right now knowing his time is just about up misleading most of the world, just as the bible says.   Do you want proof?

Friends,  please don't adopt the wrong attitude as many have,  thinking that you have to achieve some high and lofty standard with a diploma  in order to share the Gospel,  but just START READING YOUR COPY OF THE BIBLE !   I even have a copy of the Audio Bible, where you can sit down in comfort and listen to the entire 66 books and learn how to properly say/ pronounce  all those different names of places, things and people, correctly.   Many so-called 'Christian' churches don't even teach much of the true bible anymore, so don't worry too much if you cannot find a real, Bible-loving, teaching church in your area...  just read it for yourselves and learn it that way.  
     I, personally, chose the Baptist church, up in WI., and Michigan, because they seem to love and preach the KJV Bible, in a serious manner to TEACH others how to do the same thing.   But not ALL Baptist churches are on the level, and many have forsook their proper place, but have gone the Liberal way, and 'watered down the Gospel.'   Flee from any church that does not either   have   bibles in the seats, church, or the people/ members there do not bring in their own copy of the bible !   That should tell you something right away.  And beware many churches now days who constantly put so much emphasis on donations $$$ or demands of more money all the time, or a strict dress code or suits and ties all the time, even when it's super hot inside.   I, personally, think that we should dress up a little, and with clean clothes and wash our bodies and hands,  but we must be balanced, and not turn people away when they thirst for the Truth of the KJV Bible !    I dress up a bit, even wearing a tie, sometimes, but I figure... why wear a suit coat on a super HOT day??  Whom am I trying to impress ?       

The stench of our sins in America has risen so far up into the heavens, with all 3  branches of our Gov't completely corrupted, in a huge offence against God Almighty,  all guilty and full of lies and major sins,   and the 'cleaning work' ought to begin shortly, IMHO.   The book of Ezekiel mirrors a similar time when the leaders in ancient Israel did much wrong in the face of the Lord, so that Ezekiel was commissioned by God to go forth and tell the leaders of their bad sins, to their faces,   in the 5th day of the 4th month, in the reign of king Jehoiachin....   In fact the book of Ezekiel is one of the books that is key to unlocking the book of Revelation, and perhaps we shall talk more about this latter at some time.
     The bottom line here is that God ALWAYS give amble warning BEFORE He disciplines His people or destroys other nations.

Warm Regards,


Fox News' Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne have a bombshell report on the actions by Hillary Clinton to arm Islamic rebels in Libya - before any such authorization was given - with those arms ending up in the hands of the terrorists who attacked our State Department facility in Benghazi, Libya and also in the hands of al-Qaida fighters in Syria.

You must read the excerpts from this shocking report below:


This is yet one more element to the Benghazi scandal that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration do not want the American people to know about.

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