Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SCOTUS Decision, and Our Silence.

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Hi Friends !
    I am dealing with a terrible 'crook in my back and neck' --- a "subluxation" where the vertebrates are out of alignment causing much pain and discomfort.   I am hoping that it will somehow just straighten itself out,  but when my wife hugged me a while ago, it almost passed me out !   The Herb:  Skullcap, can be used as a muscle relaxer,  but I am out of them too.  
     Aside from a few grumblings about SCOTUS decision  to legalize same sex marriage, everything is just flowing along like an old lazy river in this corrupted 239 year old country/ experiment.   Just read the facts about that below.    No riots in the streets, No objections from the Congress,  what the heck.    Russia is quite a bit different from what I saw on TV and the printed page.   But I would rather live here in the USA where we have more freedoms than any other country in the world!  
     That doesn't mean that God is sleeping or too busy to see what is happening on earth.   Many real, KJV BIBLE- loving Christians are appalled at what they see and hear now days, but the WH even parades their "colors" in front of the whole nation, just goading the rest of us.    Yes,  they want to push un into some sort of super, big protest, and then call in 'Martial Law' with their tanks and helicopters, IMHO.   So the sheepish people, citizens just crawl back under their rocks and stay numb with their whiskey and street drugs.  

I don't know how much you fine people know or care,  but the prices of PM's [precious metals], gold and silver, have dropped so LOW in the past few days !!   And it never fails.... that when PM's are nice and low,  that's the time I am BROKE !   DANG!   Folks just wonder:  How low can they go, before they shoot UP to the sky ??   I remember one time how the price of silver was down to $12/ troy ounce, and then the PM places just closed their stores that day... shame on them.    That is not what I call:  Fair Play.   I believe that the Obama Gov't is already giving our American Real Estate away to China,  because we owe them so much in debt/ interest,  but most of it has been hidden,  swept under the rug, as usual.   That is all I will say on the subject...  lest I come up "missing or dead."     But I want to say one more thing:  It wouldn't take much for Father God to use something simple to show His divine ANGER and hot displeasure toward the good old USA, for testing God's patience concerning all the intense, in your face,  gross immorality, that is plainly rejected in the Bible!   It is not enough to just THINK or WISH that the new dirty standard of morality be not even mentioned among us.   Even our own enemies are now thumbing their noses at US.  

I ask that all my dear friends pray for the healing of my aching back and neck today, please.   It's hard for me to carry on my simple life with such constant pain....  sorry to wimp out, today.

Christian Love, and Army Hugs,

Supreme Court Decision And Our Silence

Q. Not even the Church is making much much protest, it seems that we, as a nation are just accepting it, why? Rhetorical question I know, but I would like your thoughts on it. Are we, I, the Laodicean church? It scares me to my core and all I know to do is keep praying, listening, hoping. I think that court decision may have been the tipping point for America and things will go down hill rapidly. I am comforted by the Lords message to the church of Philadelphia, I have considered myself to be of that church for a long time. I am almost 80 years old and love my Lord Jesus with all my heart and am grateful to Him beyond words.
A. There’s an interesting contradiction here.  According to recent polls, the majority of Americans identify themselves as Christian and the majority of Americans also favor same sex marriage.   So even in the Church it appears that opposition to same sex marriage is in the minority.
Rev. 3:8 says the church of Philadelphia will have little strength but will remain faithful, while the Church of Laodicea will consider itself to be rich and in need of nothing even though the Lord sees it to be wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked  (Rev. 3:17).
These two verses show the division between the true church and the apostate church at the end of the age and explain why the church is not  a powerful voice in our day.