Saturday, July 25, 2015

Second Chance After the Rapture?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
   When I post something like the subject of the Rapture, which is one of the most important things in my life,  I have to use pure logic along with Holy Scriptures to find the right conclusion of the matter.   You may think....  'Well, I know all about that subject well enough so I will just skip this stuff today.'   But in MY mind,  I have to know something so well that I can easily teach it to others.   Just like my mind set of current 'Preparation' of PM's [Precious Metals, and stocking some food and pure drinking water...  just in case of a disaster, which we ought to KNOW FOR SURE IT'S COMING, AND SOON.    And if I am wrong, well then,  maybe I will just use that stuff to pay off all my debts and throw a huge PARTY for all my friends, U.P. here ! !    To read and understand History,  it is always the few who have the wisdom to store up some goodies to Prep against hard times and disasters.   And I don't think I am going over board.   but I also have a few friends that I can trust with my life who hold and store some of my 'Stuff.'   And we have various understanding of 'helping each other in case of some emergency, etc.  I call them:  My "B-Team."   Or, My "Neighborhood Watch-- on Steroids."    It's a cool, exclusive 'Club.' 
  Right now I am stocking up on Corned Beef Hash,  but then my wife is eating all of it up with her eggs every day !!   I can't win....   duh.   I read that one Green Beret collected a bunch of Corned Beef Hash for his B.O.B. [Bug out bag],  along with Compass, pistol, ammo, and fire starter gear, etc.,   in case he has to 'Boogie' when the SHTF [when the stink hits the fan].   It will put something hot in your belly if you must leave the comforts of your home, temporarily.   Hey!  I know that many may think I am crazy,  but maybe I like to play goofy games in my old age...  lol.   And you know what ?   The price of food in the stores is getting really expensive.   I like to stock up on toilet paper too.  

But the promise of the Rapture, TRUMPS everything else.   I just can't see/ understand why anyone would want to be 'Left Behind' and suffer so much !   This inspires all of US real,  KJV BIBLE loving  Christians to share the Gospel to all we encounter and meet, daily !   So,  do we want to mess up the sharing of the Gospel, stammer and stutter, and look clumsy?   Or do we want to learn it the right way, well enough to be smooth and polished ?   Supporting the local Christian church is important too.   So, go figure:   Are all these things I mentioned that important, or should we spend our time and money of constant remodeling our homes, lawns, gardens, and hang out with our lady friends and relatives 98% of the time, just visiting, WITHOUT EVER MENTIONING THE RAPTURE, HEAVEN, SALVATION --THRU JESUS' BLOOD SACRIFICE, AND GOD'S PROMISES AND COMMANDS ? ? ?     Better to have our loved ones upset and angry with us because we try peacefully and tactfully, with love and kindness, about super important things like the RAPTURE !   Remember, friends:   "Don't go to heaven alone --- take someone with you !"  
And don't be so foolish and nonchalant to say that you might just slip under the wire at the very last minute....  duh.    You should NEVER 'test' the Lord, your God, or joke about these things.... shame.

I will tell one guarded secret and hope it does not offend most of you, please....  give me some combat Veterans any day, and lead them to Christ and Salvation [with the help of the H.S.], and most likely they will remain Loyal Soldiers of Christ, to the death !   Civilians, usually never had to do anything hard in their life, except if they got into a team effort Sports in school, IMHO.   You have to work together and cooperate in games like Football!   Grrrrrrr, how I miss those school days, and wish I could go back, with the brains and knowledge I have right now !     But smart pastors have told me that God loves us and allows us to experience real life, accidents, mistakes and failings.....   so that when the "Heavenly Class Saints" finally get to heaven, they will serve with Christ,  as Kings and Priests, See: Book of Revelation, ---  and they will have true Wisdom from life's experiences, etc. !   And we know what it's like to be tempted by the devil, Satan and his agents.  
      For me, it's like those old cartoons on TV, where a guy is tempted, on one shoulder a devil,  but on the other shoulder an 'angel.'   But in reality, it's the H.S. [Holy Spirit] that convicts us when we are wandering or straying away from our Bible teachings and study.     And we ALL need extra human encouragement, and the devil knows all these things, so he is putting so much pressure on the Christian marriage.  As we OUGHT to be there to support our husbands and wives in this cesspool of a fallen, failed world !   But if the spouse is NEVER, EVER home,  but hanging out with her girl friends, and "helping others all the time" of doesn't even sleep in the same bed as her spouse,  she is indeed "doing the bidding of her master, STD [Satan the devil !].   Yes, she, or he is carrying water for that dark, evil mater of disaster !!  Wake up !   What percentage of TIME do we spend or just be with our own close, legally married spouses these days ?   Ha!   I know some CINO's that are afraid to even tough the bible, as if it might burn their fingers !

Well,  if I let the dog inside at night [only in the Summer], he is bound to put his cold nose on my naked arm while I am asleep about Midnight or early morning --- as he needs to go "outside" to 'do his duty.'   And I also suffer from 'Sleep Apnea', so I need my sleep at night.  I lock all the doors and also have the proper 'hardware' to hold and defend the Fort.   Once a Soldier -- Always a Soldier.   That is what kept us alive in the jungles of S.E. Asia, and it just so happens that once you deviate from the main order/ directive,  THAT IS WHEN THE BOOGIE MAN COMES !   But then the powerful dog male would prob get the Perp. before I got roused.... and just think,  we will have dog and cat food for a whole 2 months !!   ...  Just kidding, folks.  Smile.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Second Chance After The Rapture?

Q. Will people who are left behind after the rapture have another chance to accept Jesus as their Savior?
A. That depends on whether they will have rejected the Gospel before the rapture or not.  2 Thes. 2:9-11 says those who have refused to love the truth and be saved will perish but it doesn’t specifically include those who had not made a decision either way.
And Rev 7:9-17 describes a large multitude of people from every nation, tribe, people, and language arriving in Heaven.  I believe these are post rapture believers from all over the world who will have been martyred for their faith during the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week and aren’t part of the Church.
We know this because the Church will be raptured before the 70th Week begins, and the destiny of these martyrs is to serve God in His temple but they’re never called kings or priests. Therefore they can’t be the Church who are both kings and priests.
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