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Can We "Out Sin" God's Grace?

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Hi Guys, Gals, and Friends,
      What a intensive day, today !   I decided to fulfill my duty and go to the local VAMC, again.   I had an open- ended [ just walk in anytime soon]  appointment to have my neck X-rayed for the good lady Chiropractor,  so she can try to work on it with some back ground and degree of expertise.  Then I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor to get my breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, etc., with fresh Jalapeno peppers on the eggs.    They are reasonable in cost $$$ at the Mess Hall, and the food is usually eatable.   But the 'food' they serve to the patients is a different story, and I NEVER, ever eat that slop...  sorry.  And you just can not tell me that there is ANY nutrition in the patients' food, but I drink lots of fresh, iced water when I am there, to hydrate my kidneys and let the toxins flow OUT.   I try to be on my best behavior and only call the nurses when I really need something important done, and I try hard to show them all respect and kindness,  many times making some good friends while there, and also sharing the Gospel.   PTL.  
     But my super challenge now and today was my broke, dysfunctional Truck Jib Crane wiring, control system,  that doesn't work so well in hoisting my power scooter up and into the back of my nice, new Dodge Ram 4 by 4   [that was just checked out by the dealership and given a clean bill of health, yesterday !!  I am good to go!].  Chrysler always had a very strict 'Quality Control' program and everyone who worked with me [those 30.5 years] wanted to make the very best vehicles in the market with a great warranty.  
      Well, when I got done with my VA business, I had so much trouble with getting my power scooter [the ONLY way I can get around to do my chores and go places] back into the truck bed, with a capper on it to protect things inside.   Finally a VA cop came by to render assistance, and he helped me so much by peeling off the electrical tape and shove the rubber 'boot' back in place, until the 'FIX- IT PEOPLE' replace the entire wiring system, again.  All that service is 'free' for me,  but the VA's red tape, rules and regs are soooooo stinking slow,  legendary.       In fact I have been waiting for over a month now, just waiting for the repair shop getting the needed parts to repair my rig.   And without orders from the VA, I would have to pay for it, and travel to a far away town to get it done.    And the VA loves to drag things out and FRUSTRATE the Veteran, so he throws up his arms and just walks away, forever !   And the Gov't 'saves money' and gives it to ILLEGAL ALIENS and Muslims, so they can live here for free and then attack us !   Ha!   Isn't that cute ??    Sorry I didn't get the Vet's [Cop's]  name,  but he said that   he served in the Air Force for 20 years.   I put my hand on his back, at one point and discovered that he was wearing body armor...   smart gentleman !   I thanked him many times and got out of the VA parking lot and onto the local grocery store, with great  A/C, and got a few groceries.   I got at least 3 cans of Spam, because a great Navy friend of mine, Steve Brulport, in Alabama, suggested it would be good for my B.O.B.  He is a very smart, happily married warrior and gentleman, and knows his Bible well !!   I trust him with my life, and then some.   He is married to a very pretty lady named Barb, and they like good dogs.  
       After I got done at the Store,  I loaded up [at a very fine Store named:  Econo-Foods, in Iron Mtn., MI.]., and drove home with the A/C on full blast --Arctic.........tried to grab all the plastic bags of groceries in one hand and my walking cane in the other hand, but just ran out of steam, so I called out to the good boy nest store,  who was 'shooting hoops' outside,   his    Dad   is a good LEO, OUR NEIGHBORS, and we have very good, supportive, watchful neighbors surrounding us, all willing to help if they can.   My very talented, pretty wife, Terri, sometimes bakes some fine Carrot Cakes and shares them with some of the neighbors in good will, and they all say that Terri is a very hard worker and a talented Carpenter, etc. !    I still love her, even though she is hardly ever at home these days....  visiting all her girl friends and relation, Monthly...
     It's just that my heavy body is in no shape for this hot, humid weather this dog day Summer, and I thanked the neighbor boy, prob. age 17 or 18 and a big guy.   I gave him a great, large bible a year or so, ago, and he still reads it.  

The short article below talks about, "falling OUT of love, in the marriage arraignment, but also pertaining to our love for God."   Sometimes, and especially lately, so many Americans, etc., are drifting away from their "First Love of God, our Father."   It's amazing how much I seriously STUDY the KJV Bible, and STILL learn so much, just like I did, again, today !   Our human brains were made to LIVE FOREVER !!     And we shall live forever....  but it's just a matter of:  "where."   I catch myself "Drifting" sometimes, and let my mind wander,  but the H.S. [Holy Spirit] pokes me in the ribs and brings me back to the fold, and that is another reason to be faithful at the church, assembly meetings.   We can push ourselves,  but then we must also take a short break and 'talk to God' in our lives, as a son does to his Father.   But OUR FATHER is a loving, kind, compassionate, but Just, God, who loved us even before we were born ! !
   Got to put the perishable groceries away now.... and take care of our brave, ever watchful Rottweiler dog.   His pix can be seen on my FaceBook page.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Has He “Out Sinned” God’s Grace?

Q. I have a friend who thinks that he has out-sinned God’s Grace  because he no longer feels or hears the Spirit anymore. He has had a long walk with the Lord. Is there any way to explain what has happened to him?
A. It’s impossible for God to abandon us because of our sins.  The reason for this is that He knew every sin of our life before He agreed to save us and took them all to the cross  (Col. 2:13-15).  And Hebrews 10:14 says that by His one sacrifice He made us perfect forever.  Our behavior cannot surprise Him or cause Him to change His mind about us.
If your friend no longer hears or feels the Spirit it’s because he’s gotten out of the habit of doing so.  It’s like falling out of love with someone after many years of marriage.  It happens little by little when we don’t keep working at it.  For a long time we don’t notice it happening until one day it dawns on us.
Our problem lies in thinking that “love” is just something we feel.  But it’s  also something we do.  If we think the feeling is gone, it may be due to the fact that that we haven’t been doing very much to maintain it.  One of the tricks Satan uses to defeat even the best Christians is to make them so busy in “the work” of the Lord that we no longer have time for Him.
The remedy is simple. Go back to the things we did at first, when the relationship was fresh, and re-kindle the love.  Worship Him. Talk to Him. Read His Word.  James


Top Economic Forecaster Warns: Have Cash On Hand To Survive For Three Months: “No Institution Is Safe”

Mac Slavo
July 24th, 2015
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Economic forecaster Martin Armstrong, who is known for having accurately predicted major events like the Savings & Loan crash, the collapse of Japanese financial markets and the destruction of the Russian economy almost to the day, says that a major turning point is coming to the global paradigm this October. While stopping short of calling for an all out crash, Armstrong’s cyclical turning point of 2015.75 suggests that very big changes are set to take place.
But how do you prepare for the uncertainty of what’s to come?
Armstrong says you’d better have some cash on hand for short-term disruptions, just in case your financial institution shuts down like they did in Greece:
No institution is safe for all can be closed by decree, including credit unions. This is true of safe deposit boxes as well. They may not confiscate it, but they can deny access. PLAN B should be an amount of cash that is enough to live on for at least one month if not three months insofar as basic essentials, not mortgages, etc. Effectively this is food money and gas for the car. Gold coins will not help in this case, nor will silver coins, for we are not talking about trying to preserve wealth; this is the emergency stash for living purposes in case you need CASH, which is recognized by everyone. Try explaining a silver quarter to a teenage clerk who has no authority to accept a quarter for more than a quarter. Precious metals will be more of an underground economy of barter; it will not be useful at the local supermarket.
Also, keep in mind that cash could come in handy in a computer failure, whereas you cannot access a bank, exchange, etc. just to survive for there could be a scenario where not even plastic credit cards or debt cards would offer any help.
Source: Armstrong Economics
If America goes the way of Greece and the government enacts capital controls you can fully expect hours-long lines at ATM machines and banks just to get your daily allotment of $50 – $100. That, of course, is not enough for the majority of Americans to cover their most basic expenses including mortgage payments, food, and other necessary expenditures.
In such a scenario, having a one to three month reserve of cash will come in handy.
And though Armstrong says that gold and silver will likely not be accepted at your local super market, he has also previously noted that gold itself is an asset of last resort to preserve wealth in a situation where the public has lost confidence in their governing bodies. Thus, while you may not be able to hand a pre-1965 junk silver quarter to your grocery clerk in the immediate aftermath of a financial emergency, barter markets will likely emerge just like they did in Greece following the initial collapse of that country and at that point trading directly with gold, silver or other physical assets like liquor, cigarettes and food may become commonplace.
It should be clear that something is very wrong in financial markets. There is a wide body of evidence confirming this assessment, but most recently we learned that China has dumped over half a trillion in dollar-denominated assets and many of the same scenarios we saw in 2008 are playing out all over again.
While forecasters like Armstrong understand that the system under which we currently operate is set to fail, what’s difficult to predict is exactly how such a collapse may play out.
Thus, preparing for a wide range of potential scenarios is in order and that means positioning yourself to survive a short-term disruption to the regular flow of commerce, as well as longer-term scenarios that affect the credit markets and the systems that depend on them.
Should the system buckle we can expect widespread rioting, panic and confusion, something for which the government has been actively training personnel to handle on a mass scale.
Significant changes are coming. Be ready for them.