Thursday, August 6, 2015

2nd Hand Political Smoke.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends, and Good Day to you all !
      As the H.S. [Holy Spirit] is certainly ACTIVE in me,  even sinner man, Tom Schuckman, and God has seen fit to pour His grace upon me,  that very Spirit also pings and plucks my conscience too many times, and therefore motivates me to write, share and study all I know and have learned about the Gospel.   And yet, I will have to admit that there is a little fear in my heart,  being a poor human, frail, being.   Do you all know what to do when that same thing happens to you ??  ASK,  CRY OUT, BEG and Pray for the Spirit to give you more strength ! !   That's what I do.
    Hey!  I, like many of you good people, worked really hard all of my life, and even after I retired at the age of 54, after working for AMC/ Chrysler, and MANY other places just to survive.   And now, praise the Lord, I do have a good income so that I can pay our bills and debts....   but I know and admit that I am truly BLESSED by the Lord, and thank Him most every day and night !   THANK YOU DEAR LORD, for all that I have and possess.   For the cold drinks and food in my small office refrigerator, our secure home, my beautiful, lovely wife, Terri, pets, trucks, etc. and income/ pension !  In Jesus name. Amen.   I also know where and what I need to address, to work on,  my strengths and shortcomings, and personality flaws, and sins.  Forgive me for all of this, dear Lord.  Please.

But where are all my fellow Christian brothers and sister all over the world ----- BUT ESPECIALLY IN THE USA   ???   This WAS A GREAT COUNTRY ONCE UPON A TIME,  but now it seems that we are a race of frightened wimps and cowards....  sorry, folks.     Personally,  I am not a hero,  buy my "Metal" has been tested many times in combat and other places, ways, in my 66 years on earth.  But as my mother would tell me:   'Tom, you have been injured so many times and worked hard in your life.  Why not stand down, relax and take it easy -- enjoy life ?"   Well,  for one reason, when my fellow brothers who have proved themselves on the battle field,  they come home and get 'hosed' by the stinking Gov't and VA systems and left to fend for themselves and die !    I see hard working families get gutted by the lying Gov't, and other entities.    In deed, I used to help others with Finance years ago, and show them ways to get ahead and invest well, teaching them that banks and Insurance Companies are ripping them off all the time !  That most religion in America is a SCAM, and the new Pope is a Socialist, for real !   Just wait until he speaks at the UN convention in the next 2 months !   And that God ALLOWED Obama to rule over us, circumventing the U.S. Constitution with #Executive Orders all the time, and Congress failing us, being blackmailed/  bought off and in cahoots with the WH !!    Yes,  Sorry, Friends,  When anyone or any country messes with the "Apple of God's Eye --- Israel"  they can expect a sound thrashing or worse!   I usually refer to Genesis 12: 3, and God's warning not to touch, hurt, threaten or abuse His favored People -- Israel.   Are they perfect?  No!  Are they special to God? YES !  And God has a sworn contract with them, as a Nation.   For this reason alone,  but for the horrible ABORTION in the USA,  we are about  to get kicked to the side and stepped on, Big Time !   Sorry, again, friends,  but I don't mince words or talk lightly about this unstoppable coming event, when ever it happens, but most of WE bible studying Christians....  Followers of Christ, believe that things could start moving quickly in the world, and even our own Gov't is 'Prepping' for this with their FEMA camps operational,  anticipating a world economic melt down.  

Now is not the time to shrink back like a scared cat or ostrich.   The devil is busy as a bee too,  but we can stick a finger in his eye by studying the bible and then sharing the Truth with others, on a daily basis.     Confidentially,  I think that I have "Prepped" as much as I can afford,  but my real hope and trust are in my Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am His, to live or die for Him !   If I appear to look weak because of this statement, like it look like what ever folks think...  I don't care.    I am too old, and too disabled to run,  so I must stand my ground and defend as best I can.  Jesus is my Rock and Shield.  What can man do to me...  beside make me poor again or take my life.   Go ahead -- end my suffering and physical pain that must be endured every day that I breath on earth.    I am not setting myself as a target or on a pedestal,   but I long to meet, talk, email and visit other folks with my mindset, and love to Christ.

My cousin in Kansas,  Kathy Herman, daughter of my Uncle John Schuckman, a Korean Veteran whom I loved dearly,  just passed away a few days ago.  Prayers requested for her grieving, family, please.   My people don't "Hyphenate their German title/ linage....." as do some so-called,  'African-Americans'.....  but just call ourselves:  AMERICANS !   Our people came a long ways from Northern Europe many years ago, and totally assimilated into American society, even fighting in America's wars and battles.  Our ancient roots were in Germany where we labored mostly as Wheat Farmers, and Soldiers, when called upon, but we are now,  Americans.    Hopefully many of our clans love Jesus, and are Saved....  may it be so, Oh Lord.

I try to build my posts around good articles, just like I have posted below, today.

Warm Regards,

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With good wishes, Bruce ...

Here are some chopper pix that my friend:  JJ Jensen just sent me today:  He was a door gunner in Nam, too.

Tom S

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Thursday, August 6, 2015
Health Risk: Second hand political smoke 
There is a lot of back room political smoke being blown around in the carbon-sensitive bowels of Washington, DC these days. The attack on the Constitution and the American people by an overreaching and ever growing illegal socialist government is unrelenting. Yet the American people are not standing; they are not rising up against the red tide of those who hate freedom, who hate God, who love their power, their lives, their authority more than their fellow man and country. These are those who feign compassion to gain control; who masquerade as peace lovers and civil rights guardians to create crisis and division to conquer what is good and right. Where are the patriots? Where are the Christians?
They cannot see through the smoke because it has become so intense--like that aftermath of massive destruction. The feeling is that of weariness, of confusion, of hopelessness against the dark tsunami of issues, against the unrelenting attack of the mockers, the taunters, the ones who promote evil as good and characterize good as hate, ignorance and a threat to humanity. Herein lies the motivation of the heart. Is the power of evil and deceit so far greater than the Christ that lives in every Christian? Is the barrage of the issues before us so intense that we cannot engage our present lives in a hedge against the advance of bondage? Have we become so stunned, so numbed, that our only action is inaction?
Many say we lack a true leader--one we can trust who is not swayed by politics or by party, but only by what is true and just and right; one who has God's law written upon his heart and the blood of justice throbbing through his veins. Where is this one? And how long will it be before he steps into his calling? These are questions asked by those who care. This counterrevolution, as it may be called, cannot find its solace in politics, or its leader from the political arena because like will dissolve like. There is a leader in each of us who proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior. Each of us has a role to play in preserving our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness. The Word of God encourages to do so.
We should each stir ourselves to bring out the Christ in us who as Galatians 5:1 describes as the Liberty who has made us free. We must care enough to pursue a greater good. The beginnings of this movement must look to the Lord first with repentance and a clear heart and then act with the power of God. As Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." Psalm 20:7, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God." The leader we need is Christ. We find him within. He shines his light through us. Trust in God, act in faith. Otherwise, we will perish by breathing the second hand political smoke.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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