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IMF threatens to kill the Dollar.

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Doc Eifrig: The surprising health benefits of beer

From Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA:
Grab a cold brew while firing up the grill this Labor Day…
A new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that marinating your meat in beer significantly reduces the amount of certain cancer-causing molecules.
These molecules, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), come from the smoke that rises up when fat drips off into the flames. The smoke coats the meat, giving it that fresh-from-the-grill flavor, but also trapping the PAHs in your food. PAHs trigger cancers and can damage your skin and lungs.
The study tested meat cooked on a charcoal grill. The researchers tested meats without a marinade against meats in one of three beer-based marinades. The lighter beer marinades, including one without alcohol, led to 13%-25% fewer PAHs than the non-marinated meat. But the best was the black beer-marinated meat, which had 53% fewer PAHs.
Researchers suggest the black beer did the best because of its high amount of antioxidants. Other research has backed up this theory – darker beers contain more flavonoids, a type of antioxidant.
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So make sure to marinate your meat in a nice dark beer for a few hours to enjoy the benefits. And have a cold one yourself. Not only will you benefit from the antioxidants, but beer contains plenty of B vitamins, too.
Here’s to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,
Dr. David Eifrig
     Although I do NOT suggest nor recommend this entity,  Precious Metals company for anyone's investments [especially my own...  I like and trust:  MMX --Money Metals Exchange !],  this article does tell the truth about the near future and the demise of the USA, IMHO.   I AM SHARING THIS STUFF NOW....  because I believe it's already kind of late to safely get into the buying of PM's [Precious Metals],  however, I have been contacting most of my close friends with my observations and advisements.   As for my 2 cents, I believe that getting some PM's is only a 'stop gap' strategy for the time remaining from:   Now.... to the time of the Rapture.  Period.   It's like a Life Insurance policy,  and after we are dead, or 'removed' from the earth, who really cares what else happens down here ?   I am not a rich man, just a retired Chrysler worker/ retiree, and a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70,  that most people know from reading my humble Blog.  

I am sure that many will disagree with my mind set, make fun of me, and trash my thoughts and ideas, which is still legal in the USA.   But as I have said on this web site so many times,  the KJV Bible NEVER, EVER MENTIONS THE USA, or AMERICA, not once !!   To me that means that America will either cease to exist, be removed from being a mighty, powerful nation, or become a poor, servant type, 3rd world country, perhaps ruled by another nation, or what ever.   If someone can prove to me, using the Bible, that I am wrong....  please do so !   I don't want to walk around ignorant or stupid... please... LOL !   I love to teach others my skills, arts, learning, etc., especially the meaning of the Holy Bible.  
      Remember:   "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:    That the man of God may be perfect ,  thoroughly furnished unto all good works."   ---2nd Timothy 3: 16.    So, please, use the Bible to reprove me, fellow Brothers in Christ.  Thank You.   Now....  just before this verse that I just quoted, the Apostle Paul tells us about the future events of the 'Last Days'.... in Chapter 3, verse 1:   "This know also,  that in the last days perilous times shall come..."   And then he mentions a whole bunch of evil things and people that will arise, more than normal.    I 'm sorry,  but the  younger people now days, under age 30, won't be able to compare these bad times now --- to better, happier times when I was a young lad working on Mom and Pop's farm in Wisconsin....  But you could read about it.   Combine this study with a few other places, like:  Matthew, Chapter 24, and Revelation, and you will get the point.     But just consider, please, that the children and people in Israel have been living in a hot war for the past 40 years ! !     Everyone is a Soldier over there, and I would not mess with the women, either.   I heard that their style of fighting is mean and nasty... lol.   But they are survivors, and also 'God's Chosen People' with a holy "Contract with God" that is still binding.   Anyone hurting, harming, even threatening them will be cursed by God.   See:  Genesis 12: 3.  

Other than owning [in your own home, secretly, safely hidden-- and never tell anyone!] PM's, is the smart habit and skill of Barter,  trading a peck of carrots for a bushel of potatoes, etc.   Also knowing or learning a SKILL that can be sold or traded for food and other needed supplies, or Silver, etc.  Indeed,  being "Left Behind" after the Rapture comes, would be the very worst thing in the world, or in eternity, IMHO !    And it doesn't NEED TO BE THAT WAY, dear friends and readers !   If you honestly admit and pray/ talk to Father God to forgive ALL YOUR SINS THAT  YOU CAN REMEMBER, ask Him for forgiveness and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart [and the Holy Spirit too], forever, and promise to study the Bible as best  you can to do what Jesus commanded all of His followers to do.....You will be Saved !   You will/ can know for sure that you are then going to heaven after you either die or get Raptured up with all the other Saints at that time.   I know, after being in a few other false religions, that this sounds TOO EASY, too simple,  but it's true, and the KJV Bible backs up what I've just said here.   Sorry to repeat this Info so much, so often,  but it is so important.   Just go into your bed room, or with a real, Saved, Bible loving Christian and do this thing NOW...  please don't put it off another day or another minute.   We could die in our sleep tonight or get hit by a truck in the morning on the way to work, or what ever !   There are also many great Christian radio stations that we can listen too..... so contact me and I will recommend some for you. 
      Like the apostle Paul said:  'I was the chief among sinners...' and I, Tom Schuckman, was a big sinner too in my early years,   but slowly I turned around and changed many of my bad habits and relied upon the Holy Spirit to help me change and work things out....  and I still have a ways to go, but I know that I am Saved, because the Bible tells me so.
      Do you know what the "life expectancy in combat is, for a helicopter door gunner ??"   I think it's about 30 seconds.   And the Infantry had it much worse than I did, over in Vietnam !     Now I am too fat, spoiled, disabled,  but still Saved by the blood of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and that fact takes away my sins.  PTL.   I also helped lead a few other people to the Lord, [with the help and direction of the Holy Spirit, or course], like my past wife, Sharon [who passed away from heart disease, and broke my heart],  My son, Andy, who was killed just one month after Sharon's death, and my present pretty wife, Terri M. Schuckman, and others.  All the praise and honor go to God.   I am NOTHING but a flawed "tool" in the hands of the Lord, and still wonder why He picked me....  yet very thankful !

So,  the best, most important thing to do right now, is to get Saved, and then perhaps buy a few extra cans of beans, rice, flour and spices, and pure water to drink in emergencies....  but don't forget to invest in a good bible!  I strongly suggest that you consider:  THE DEFINED KJV Bible.   See/ Visit:   ---  I seriously don't think that we all have too much time on the clock before the 'Big Storm' comes.   One nice scripture to memorize right now is:  "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding."  ---Proverbs 3: 5.    The day might soon come when our OWN GOV'T will outlaw all bibles in the good, old USA !  Don't laugh...   And what we might have left will be only in our heads and hearts.  
     Thank you all for reading my humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.  Please share it.

Warm  Regards,

The IMF Threatens to Kill the U.S. Dollar

christine_lagardeAccording to Bloomberg and other sources, the International Monetary Fund is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar on October 20th of this year, which experts say will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, literally overnight.  This announcement is expected to trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime.  Bloomberg reports that this decision comes on the heels of China pushing for their own currency to be elevated to reserve currency status.  So if you want to protect your savings & retirement, you better get your money out of U.S. dollar investments and into the one asset class that rises as currencies collapse.


The IMF Holds Supreme Power

damon_geller_authorThe International Monetary Fund, or IMF, is one of the most secretive and powerful organizations in the world.  They monitor the financial health of more than 185 countries. They establish global money rules and provide “bail-out” assistance to bankrupt nations.  Some are warning that any move by the IMF to supplant the U.S. dollar could be catastrophic to American investments.
According to Juan Zarate, who helped implement financial sanctions while serving in George W. Bush’s Treasury department, “Once the [other currency] becomes an alternative to the dollar, rules of the game begin to change.”
Leong Sing Chiong, Assistant Managing Director at a major central bank, said this dollar alternative “is likely to transform the financial landscape in the next 5-10 years.”
Currency expert Dr. Steve Sjuggerud warned, “I’ve been active in the markets for over two decades now, but I’ve never seen anything that could move so much money, so quickly. Hundreds of billions of dollars could change hands in a single day after this announcement is made.  The announcement will start a domino effect, that will basically determine who in America gets rich in the years to come, and who struggles.”
Dr. Sjuggerud says if you own any U.S. “paper” assets—and that includes stocks, bonds, or just cash in a bank account–you should be aware of what’s about to happen and know how to prepare.  A number of experts believe the recent spike in gold and silver prices is a direct result of the IMF’s action.  Precious metals notoriously rise when the U.S. dollar falls.

The Death of the U.S. Dollar in One Frightening Graph

For the last 600 years, there have been six different global reserve currencies controlled by world superpowers. The latest – the U.S. dollar – has dominated world currency for over 80 years. The alarming fact is, global reserve currencies have collapsed every 80-90 years for the last six centuries! What does this mean for America and the dominance of the U.S. dollar? Based on recent evidence and long-standing historical trends, experts predict the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar! What’s more alarming? Many Americans aren’t yet doing the one thing that will save their savings & retirement from U.S. dollar collapse.
Just take a look at the graph below. It shows the lifespan of dominant currencies going back 600 years. Notice that the U.S. dollar has now been the dominant currency for 88 years, about the same length of time as its predecessors:
It’s obvious why experts say that the U.S. dollar’s days as the world’s reserve currency are coming to a climactic end.


All Fiat Currencies Collapse

“Fiat” currency is paper currency backed by nothing tangible. As opposed to “sound money” which is was backed by gold or some other valuable commodity, a fiat currency is backed by nothing more than faith in the government. The U.S. dollar has been a fiat currency since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 in what was the greatest heist in American history. The scary fact is, the average life span of a fiat currency is 40 years, and the U.S. dollar has now exceeded 40 years as a fiat currency!
Prior to 1933 and for well over 100 years, the dollar was backed by gold, and $20 bought you an ounce of gold. But after the government stole all U.S. citizens’ gold in 1933 for a $20 paper certificate, gold was revalued at $35 U.S.D., meaning the dollar was devalued by 43% overnight and all foreign and domestic holders of dollars were effectively robbed.
After Nixon closed the gold window completely in 1971, it took $67 to buy an ounce of gold, devaluing the U.S. dollar by 50% again. Today, it takes well over a thousand U.S. dollars to buy that same ounce of gold. Why? Because the U.S. dollar is now nothing more than a fast-declining Federal Reserve note backed by a corrupt government that is saddled with $18 trillion in unpayable debt — growing by $10 million per minute!

Protect Yourself Before It’s Too Late

This “Paper Money Experiment” has run its course. The Federal Reserve, the U.S. government, and Wall Street crooks have misused their power by mismanaging the dollar, and now there are global repercussions. The debt load sitting on top of the U.S. dollar is unsustainable and will continue to crush the dollar’s purchase power until no one wants to hold U.S. dollars, and they are no longer accepted for global trade. The dollar’s collapse means that every single one of your paper investments that are dollar-backed – stocks, mutual funds, money markets, cash accounts, etc. – will go down right along with the dollar! Meanwhile, the government and the banks will find a way to protect themselves at your expense.
So as we say goodbye to the U.S. dollar’s dominance, it doesn’t have to mean goodbye to your savings & retirement. Remove at least some of your savings & retirement from the dollar-backed, paper-based financial system and protect it with the one asset that has outlasted every fiat currency ever invented for the last 5,000 years: Gold.
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