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The 'Best' Mid-Sized 9mm Pistols.

Tom's Journal.

     At this point in time,  I am letting my guard down just a little because I feel that my brother/ fellow combat Veterans deserve every break and support that I am able to deliver.   I never reveal all my sources, nor "hardware" on my posts,  but I will share some of them to my fellow veterans, if they contact me.     --- I was pleased with this 'match up' of fine pistols today.   But I also stress that the 12 ga. shot gun --pump, like Mossberg, etc. are the most effective home defense weapon, that delivers so much SHOCK and Awe !   The vicious wandering Perps, and Illegal Aliens, now from parts of Islamic Syria have to be stopped.....  but that is only my humble opinion.   As Christians we ought show them kindness first and try to tell them about Jesus and the Gospel.  However, most of know that they already have hatred for us in their hearts and want nothing to do with assimilation our once great American culture and English language....   sorry, folks.   And isn't it strange that the great majority of 'refugees' trying to get to Germany and points North,  also  America, seem to be well fed, young and able MEN, many of whom are well trained with assault rifles... duh ?   Hey!   Our main enemy who is trying hard to destroy America happens to be mostly, Arab Muslim, and very little, real African Black ! ! !   His people bought, stole, and sold Black Slaves... and he has not one drop of American African Black slave blood in him !   And the Dems and the 'Liberal Catholic Block' voted him in TWICE !

Sorry to digress, again, folks.   But I know from vast experience that it's much better to shop around and compare what the experts say, before spending our hard earned money on something that won't work right when you need it the most.  Sure you can get 'bargains' all over,  but you need to learn the basics and compare, ask questions, hold the product in your hands, like all combat Veterans do, and see what works for THEM.      I hope I have helped some of you in these "Last Days" of the late, great planet earth.   Not to worry,  because after all the destruction and cleansing,  our heavenly Father will create another beautiful Paradise Earth for good people to live on.   That is what His Book says.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Packing Some Extra Heat: Top 10 9mm Mid-Sized Carry Guns

By CTD Blogger published on in Firearms
It’s a simple fact of life with firearms: Small guns are easier to carry and conceal than larger guns. However,as anybody who has ever spent considerable time with a mouse gun can attest, shooting tiny pistols isn’t always fun. And with certain models, it can be a downright miserable experience. But for those willing to compromise slightly on carry comfort to enhance shooting performance, there exists another option: The mid-sized carry gun.
We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best mid-sized sidearms. All of them are in 9mm Luger, which is generally thought to be one of the best calibers for self-defense. And in order to qualify for the title of “mid-sized,” each had to be big enough for an average person to get a full grip with very little, if any, extra room.
Also note that the most expensive handgun isn’t necessarily the greatest handgun by default.
Without any further ado, here they are, ranked from good to best:
  1. Springfield XD Service Model

The Springfield XD is more than serviceable as an excellent mid-sized carry pistol.
The Springfield XD is the upper crust of the lesser-value pistol market. While known to have long-term reliability and durability issues when used extensively for training and competition, it’s a superior choice when compared to similarly featured pistols in its price range. As long as you pay attention to basic maintenance and keep certain spare parts on hand (like the infamous striker retainer pin), the Springfield XD is more than serviceable as an excellent mid-sized carry pistol. Click here to learn more about the Springfield Armory XD.
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  1. Kahr Arms CW9

Kahr Arms CW9
A single-stack frame gives users an equally slim grip, which is one of the primary reasons the CW9 is so easy to carry all day, every day.
The CW9 just barely makes the list for a mid-sized carry gun, due to the adequate length of its grip. It’s just barely long enough for most adults to get four fingers on, but makes up for it in terms of the narrow, comfortable slide width. A single-stack frame gives users an equally slim grip, which is one of the primary reasons the CW9 is so easy to carry all day, every day. However, it’s not the most comfortable pistol to shoot, especially when compared to other pistols on our list, which is why it sits at #9. Click here to learn more about the Kahr CW9.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. SIG Sauer P239

High-contrast sights and heavily textured grips only add to the “shootability” of the SIG P239.
The P239 is an excellent choice for those who want an easy-to-shoot carry gun without hauling around an uncomfortably thick pistol.
Much like the above listed Kahr CW9, the P239 is a single-stack handgun. But unlike the CW9, it’s a double/single action, and weighs 13.7 ounces more than the Kahr. This combination of a heavier handgun with the crisp single action follow-up shots that SIG is known for makes the P239 an excellent choice for those who want an easy-to-shoot carry gun without hauling around an uncomfortably thick pistol all the time. High-contrast sights and heavily textured grips add to the “shootability” of the SIG P239.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. CZ 75 Compact

The renowned CZ 75 still retains all of the features of the full-sized model. Most notably, the slide is contained within the frame, which makes recoil and follow-up shots manageable and fast.
It’s like having a racehorse that doesn’t mind taking you to the convenience store at midnight.
Even though it’s named the CZ 75 compact, #7 on our list is still plenty big enough to get a full grip on. There’s never been a consensus between firearms manufacturers about when to start calling pistols compact (or even sub-compact), but this shrunken-down version of the renowned CZ 75 still retains all of the features of the full-sized model. Most notably, the slide is contained within the frame, which makes recoil and follow-up shots manageable and fast. It’s like having a racehorse that doesn’t mind taking you to the convenience store at midnight. Click here to learn more about the CZ 75.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. Heckler and Koch P30 V3

If your body type and holster can comfortably conceal the grip, this double/single action blaster can provide you with H&K’s unquestionable reliability day in and day out.
The P30 V3 also features a full-length dust cover rail, which will readily accept lights and lasers.
No list of “pistols big enough to fight with” would be complete without something from Heckler and Koch. Truthfully, the only thing on this pistol that fits in the “mid-size” category is the barrel length. But, if your body type and holster can comfortably conceal the grip, this double/single action blaster can provide you with H&K’s unquestionable reliability day in and day out. Interestingly, the non-tritium sights glow in the dark (after being periodically “charged” with a flashlight.) The P30 V3 also features a full-length dust cover rail, which will readily accept lights and lasers.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

Picture shows Beretta's PX4 Stom 9mm compact pistol.
The PX4 Storm comes with the hallmarks of accuracy and reliability that end users have come to expect from Beretta.
This is another pistol with a slightly misleading name, as it’s definitely more of a midsized handgun. While striker fired pistols certainly aren’t going anywhere soon, a large portion of shooters still favor the traditional double/single action trigger mechanism. The PX4 Storm offers an excellent iteration of this trigger style, and comes with the hallmarks of accuracy, reliability and good looks that end users have come to expect from Beretta. As an added bonus, the sights are easy to change out for something that you’re a little more used to seeing. Click here to learn more about the Beretta PX Storm.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. Beretta 92 FS Compact

. The PX4 Storm offers an excellent iteration of this trigger style, and comes with the hallmarks of accuracy, reliability and good looks that end users have come to expect from Beretta.
This is another pistol with a slightly misleading name, as it’s definitely more of a mid-sized handgun.
Since we have so many military veterans either leaving the service or making a career out of it, there’s no way we couldn’t mention the Beretta 92 FS Compact. Staying true to the tried, tested and trusted design and format of the standard-issue military service pistol, the 92 FS will feel very familiar to anybody who has served. Of course, Beretta’s high quality control is evident, and the unique open-top slide lends itself well to reliable function with pretty much any 9mm Luger ammunition you can stuff in the magazine. Click here to learn more about the Beretta 92.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. SIG Sauer M11-A1

Sig Sauer M11-A1 handgun
This is the exact sidearm issued to US Naval Aviation personnel, as well as numerous other special units within our armed forces.
This is the exact sidearm model issued to U.S. Naval Aviation personnel, as well as numerous other special units within our armed forces. The M11-A1 provides a full 15 rounds in an easy to conceal package, with a truncated 3.9” barrel. Upgrades such as a short-reset trigger and glow-in-the-dark night sights round out the package, which makes this choice one of the highest quality carry pistols currently available. And you just can’t beat that pedigree. Click here to learn more about the SIG M11-A1.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. CZ P-07 Duty

P07 Duty Threaded
CZ really nailed the proportions on this pistol, and it’s easy to hide pretty much anywhere.
Coming in at #2 in our list, the CZ P-07 Duty has few flaws as a mid-sized carry gun. CZ really nailed the proportions on this pistol, and it’s easy to hide pretty much anywhere. It also gives users the choice between a traditional double/single action trigger and a light single-action-only trigger with just the swap of the (included) extra safety lever. Memory texture spots for your thumbs on the frame, impeccable reliability, impressive accuracy, a full-length accessory rail and a price point that’s well under $500 make the P-07 Duty an easy choice.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

  1. Glock 19

Dark charcoal colored GLOCK 19. barrel pointed left, on a white background
This is the undisputed king of the mid-sized carry class.
This is the undisputed king of the mid-sized carry class. Few pistols match the unique proportions of the legendary G19, with its 4.1” barrel and ideal-length grip. All of this comes with a 15 round standard capacity, and the capability of using the bigger mags from its big brother, the G17. The G19 rides well in either traditional strong-side positions, and even better in the newly popular appendix carry. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also fairly affordable. And, since it’s a Glock, you can rest assured that reliability simply isn’t going to be an issue. Click here to learn more about the Glock 19.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt
So there you have it. Ten fantastic pistols, each big enough to actually fight with, yet small enough to realistically conceal on a daily basis.

Did your favorite make the cut? Let us know in the comments below


Silver is the Poor Man's Gold !    Invest NOW !    And the best place to buy is from MMX   --IMHO.

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Senior Market Strategist Likes This Metal Best

Todd Bubba HorwitzOne senior market trader says that there is too much ‘noise’ in the market for the price of gold to find a clear direction – at least in the short term. However, he does like another metal better over the longer term. Here’s what Todd “Bubba” Horwitz of the Adam Mesh Trading Group said in a recent interview with Kitco News:
“We don’t have a clear path here – the way currencies are moving back and forth are having a dramatic impact on gold. [It’s] moving at a slower pace. I think eventually gold will make its way back up – it has an outstanding chance of hitting $1,200.
Horwitz said the yellow metal is ‘churning in its current range but overall, it is a good, long play. September Comex silver hit a six-year low on August 26 and was down to $14.14 per ounce, but he said there is great potential for the ‘poor man’s gold:’
I like silver more than gold, it has a much bigger upside and can double and triple – but not tomorrow. You want to start accumulating silver at these levels.”
When you can buy silver bullion rounds at under $20 an ounce, it’s a great opportunity to buy inexpensive insurance against a currency, stock and/or economic collapse. We realize it’s been frustrating the past few years dealing with these manipulated and suppressed COMEX futures prices.
However, history shows that all market manipulations come to an end, and the fundamentals in gold, silver and every other market have (and will always) prevail.
Got silver?

Your Church Is Likely An Agent of the State... Maybe.

Tom's Journal.

The Next Tool of Tyranny and Enslavement Is Coming From Your Pastor and FEMA

CSS Offical-New-Logo2
church x know your member
Many who have followed the writings on this site are all too familiar with how the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have turned your pastor into an agent of the state. And as such, your pastor has been trained to invoke Romans 13 in order to enforce compliance with government edicts, no mater how draconian, in a time of national emergency.
Many of the nation’s pastors have been trained how to bring calm to incarcerated Americans being held in the proverbial FEMA camps in which the pastors are forbidden to quote the Bible and speak of Jesus. It would be wise to click on the link for the two aforementioned claims before proceeding with this article.

Your Church Is Likely An Agent of the State

From the previously referenced links, it is easy to conclude that most of our pastors are compromised along with their message. However, the Clergy Response Team has taken an even darker turn for the worse. In ONLY 120 days, 30 churches from around the world have turned their place of worship into potential pit of enslavement. In geographic locations from Indonesia to India and from Portugal to the United States, churches have started using facial recognition software called Churchix. The innovator and the man in charge of this unholy distribution of unwarranted surveillance technology, Moshe Greenshpan, the CEO of Israel- and Las Vegas-based company Face-Six, is leading the way in installing DARPA and DHS surveillance devices inside the sanctuaries of Christian churches. Make no mistake about it, this surveillance program is a clone of other products that Greenshpan’s company offers to clients, such as law enforcement, public venues, retail outlets and of course, the American Gestapo, DHS.

Implementation of Satan’s Surveillance System

The Churchix program is implemented in three phases:

1. Enrol People into Churchix’s Data Base.
1. Enroll People into Churchix’s Data Base.

2. Upload Videos or Photos of Members
2. Upload Videos or Photos of Members

3. Churchix Identifies their Faces
3. Churchix Identifies their Faces
The Churchix uses CCTV footage or photos to match churchgoers against a database of high-resolution pictures that a church has to compile on its own. The software can be used to monitor attendance numbers, and alert church officials if some members stops coming to services. It can also screen for people banned from the church as pointed out in the company’s description of the operation features. .

“In the beginning I was surprised. We never thought of churches as potential clients, but we now understand the need. Most churches do already keep track of their members,”Greenshpan  told the IBTimes UK.
Churches are dependent upon their congregation’s generosity in remaining a viable entity. In the past, your church could often tell if someone was participating in the life of the church by monitoring their offering envelopes given to the church. This is where the real money is, not in the offering plate in which people drop in five dollar bills. Further, why would any church invest in such expensive and elaborate technology in which, for the majority of churches, the cost far outweighs increase in revenue that such a system could realize. This system of so-called revenue generating is flawed on its face unless the technology is being bankrolled from somewhere else.

Churchix Is Only Part of the Surveillance Movement That Is Targeting the Average Person

From April to June of 2015, a few reports surfaced about the introduction of the Churchix program. However, the reporting was one dimensional and did not look at the bigger surveillance picture. This system is only one part of a massive DHS data mining project designed to target Christians, people of interest and all Americans who are committing the crime of merely living in their homes and attempting to live an American middle class lifestyle. Most of you reading these words are considered to be enemies of the state (see the MIAC Report for an historical context).
It is not enough that your computer, or any electronic device, can be used as means to spy upon the owner of the device. DHS is seeking to gain access to ALL home surveillance videos. DHS is also seeking the ability to intercept digital signatures that come on your video camera devices as well. Your video and photos on your cell phones have long been the data base property of DHS.
News Hub previously reported (please note the error code) that DHS was indeed seeking to intercept your home surveillance videos for all Americans. That information has been scrubbed. Initially, it could have been obtained through the use of the Wayback Machine. As of September 8, 2015, that, too, has been sanitized.

Financing Your Church’s Implementation of Churchix

Earlier in this article, the question was raised as to why a church would seek to monitor its members attendance and if a lack of offerings was motivating this type of spying. However, this technology was too expensive to be of any real value. In short, the nation’s churches would spend more than they would recoup from bringing “fallen away” members back into the fold and realizing a revenue increase from church offerings as a result. However, The Common Sense Show has learned that Department of Homeland Security grants are available for churches who wish to upgrade their “technology” in accordance with the rules and procedures associated with their local Fusion Threat Center.
Originally, this information was available FEMA’s homepage at this link. As the readers can see, the page has been scrubbed in a similar fashion to the previously referenced New Hub report on this topic.

Page Missing

Oops. This isn’t good, you’re getting an error message. If you bookmarked a page, it’s possible the page moved or was removed.
Obtained from
However, The Common Sense Show, made a copy of the DHS/FEMA grant program that was, in part, designed to make churches part of the DHS/FEMA national surveillance police state spy grid.
  • Page 22: Citizen Corps Program Requirements
    • State and territory responsibilities. Citizen preparedness and participation must be coordinated by an integrated body of government and nongovernmental representatives. States and local government recipients and sub-grantees of HSGP funds, including urban areas, must have such a body to serve as their Citizen Corps Council with membership that includes, but is not limited to:
      • representatives from emergency management, homeland security, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services/public health or their designee
      • elected officials
      • the private sector (especially privately owned critical infrastructure)
      • private nonprofits
      • nongovernmental organizations (including faith-based, community-based, and voluntary organizations)
      • advocacy groups for children, seniors, people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs.
Representatives from existing Citizen Corps partners and affiliates active in the community should also be included on these Citizen Corps Councils. Furthermore, Citizen Corps Councils should include a Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) representative, where applicable, along with advocates and specialists representing the unique needs of infants and children and representatives from the disability community.

Part of the Bigger Picture

Forget the obvious Fourth Amendment protections the Chuchix and your pastor are violating on behalf of DHS/FEMA. The fundamental question is why would a government agency invest so much capital and its resources into such a project?
Any competent social psychologist will tell you that body language accounts for roughly 90% of all human communication. Facial expressions, posture and gestures are part of this elaborate communication system. Please consider the following:
Computer scientists and musicologists at the University of Oslo have developed new software that lets music lovers add their own personal music, to match their mood, which created by a computer that can effectively read the person’s body language.
Paul Ekman, the pioneer of reading body language, according to the Wall Street Journal, “fears he has created a monster”. Ekman originally pioneered the study of facial expressions in the 1970’s. He created an inventory of over 5,000 muscle movements in order to demonstrate hidden emotions. Today companies such as Emotient Inc., Affectiva Inc. and Eyeris have amassed an amazing computer software data base that can seemingly read minds because of the accuracy and thoroughness of the body language reading software. The concern of the public should be great as the Wall Street Journal so accurately states “Collectively, they are amassing an enormous visual database of human emotions, seeking patterns that can predict  (pre-crime) emotional reactions and behavior on a massive scale”.
You might still be wondering how this could impact you? Imagine that this coming Sunday you are sitting in a church armed with this technology. The terms of the DHS grant given to your church allows the NSA, on behalf of DHS/FEMA, to pirate the video footage of the members of your church. Your facial reactions to your pastor’s message could reveal much about your suitability to live in the New World Order which has hijacked this nation’s government.


Ask yourself, if you were looking for opponents to the NWO, where would you go to identify them? Since most of the Independent Media are self-professed Christians as are many of their followers, the church would be the logical place to visit. An in an environment where topics such as Transgenerism and the selling body part of aborted fetuses could be discussed, your church would be a good repository to look for future dissenters, today, and eliminate them, before they could become a problem. Please recall, as reported on this site, the NSA maintains a data base on every individual in which every person is assigned a Threat Matrix Score. Churchix is just one more tool to make decisions on people who would turn up on the proverbial Red List.
In light of the introduction of this technology to the Church, home Bible study seems like a very good idea.

Beneficial Clove Essential Oil.

Tom's Journal.

Smile !!   Hi Friends,
    I just LOVE Cloves....   but my wife HATES Cloves, and if she ever finds a bottle of Clove Oil,  she throws it out into the garbage !    I know that some folks are just over powered by certain cheap perfumes at church and other places,  but I guess my system has been conditioned to be more accommodating.... except for cigarette smoke in a confined area...  "2nd hand smoke" can kill you !   But I well know that some people's smoking habit is more important than the health and welfare of their families...  especially, the tender, susceptible, precious lungs of young kids...    so I quit after 5 years of smoking [everything] back in 1972, and I really enjoyed smoking !    Nicotine is a very powerful drug, some say worse than heroin, and highly addictive.   If a weal man like me can quit --- so can other folks.   Praying for the help of the Holy Spirit can really help a person quit something like that, and much more.

But I digress [again],  sorry.   When so many financial experts swear up and down that a Financial Melt Down is soon to appear, and god knows what more,  would it not be smart to start storing up some natural home remedy 'Medical Herbs and oils, just in case our money is seriously devalued, or we have no way to reach a professional health care Practitioner/ Doctor  ?    this kind of stuff has already happened in a few other countries when everything went 'belly up.'   
      I know that I will be hurting too if such a world wide melt down happens --- but it will be interesting  to see how the masses deal with a situation like that....Ha !   I [We] are somewhat prepared, and are able to defend what we worked so hard for....  and we also have a "Neighborhood Watch, on Steroids" if things start to get ugly, and most of them also have their CCW permits.   We think that we might get a few more, trusted families involved if they are willing to live and work by our 'rules.'   However,  Father God, is our most trusted Guardian and Protector.    We know and trust He will Deliver us by Rapture, to a very safe place just before the real 'Storm' comes.   But if we die before that happens, we also know that we are 'sealed' by the Holy Spirit and locked in that great number of Saints who will go to heaven.   PTL. [Praise the Lord.].
     Now,  go chew some cloves...  and Smile !

Warm Regards,

The Survival Buzz #185: Some Weeks Are a Mixed Bag of Preps

20 Ways To Benefit from Clove Essential Oil

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It has happened to all of us.  It is the weekend or you are miles away from civilization and your tooth starts to hurt.  The pain is excruciating and has become so bad you can not eat, drink, concentrate, or get through the normal day-to-day activities of life.  If it is night time, you can’t sleep.
A trip to the ER is not practical and of course, what dentist is open for business on the weekend?
Let me let you in on a secret.  You can temporarily mitigate the pain and suffering of a toothache with with the oil of clove, an inexpensive and readily available essential oil commonly referred to as clove oil or clove bud oil”.
20 Ways to Benefit from Clove Essential Oil | Backdoor Survival

How to Mitigate Dental Pain with Clove Oil

Here is what you need to do.
Put a few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball, place the ball on your sore tooth and bite down.  Keep you mouth shut for about 5 minutes as the oil numbs the pain and kills the bacteria.
Afterward, remove the cotton ball and mix a bit of the clove oil (6 to 8 drops will do it), water, and salt into a cup.  Swish this around in your mouth for about a minute and spit out.  You should feel a whole lot better.
Note:  Undiluted clove oil can cause burning and even nerve damage, so be sure to dilute it if you are applying it to sensitive skin tissue.  You can still use it directly on a tooth by applying it to a cotton ball or cotton swab first.
20 Ways to Benefit from Clove Essential Oil | Backdoor Survival
Just so you know, I did not come up with this pain-relieving trick on my own. While on vacation, I was experiencing major dental woes.  When I got home, my dentist had one piece of advice for me.  Always travel with a small bottle of inexpensive clove.  In addition, he told me he was such a proponent of clove oil that he frequently used it with patients to provide preliminary numbing prior to a procedure.
I was convinced and wanting to learn more, I decided to investigate additional uses for this miracle oil.

The History of Cloves

The use of clove dates back to the Han dynasty (207B.C to 220 A.D.) where it was used to hide bad breath. Anyone approaching the Chinese emperor was required to hold a clove in their mouth for this purpose.   Over the years, traditional Chinese medicine has used cloves to treat indigestion, diarrhea, hernias, ringworm, athletes foot, and other fungal infections.
Cloves arrived in Europe in the 4th century A.D.  They were considered a luxury and were used as a part of a mixture it was used to treat gout. Once cloves became more readily available in Europe, they were used in a manner similar to traditional Chinese medicine.  Europeans used cloves to treat indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. cough, infertility, warts, worms, wounds and toothaches.
In America, cloves have been used to treat digestive disorders and have been used in bitter herb medicine preparations to make them more tasteful.
Here is a fact for you:  Americans were the first to extract the oil from cloves and use it to treat the gums and relieve toothaches.
The active component of cloves is eugenol oil. This oil makes up 60-90% of each clove and has long been thought to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  This oil also acts as an antiseptic, anesthetic, digestive stimulant expectorant, aromatic, antispasmodic, astringent and accounts for its various uses.

20 Ways to Benefit from Clove Oil

Since my first experience using clove oil for dental pain, I have incorporated cloves and clove essential oil into other aspects of daily life.  Here is a list of 20 ways you can benefit from clove essential oil.
Instant air freshener: Make an atomizer in a spray bottle mixing clove oil with water.  Be sure to shake well before each use as oil and water do not stay mixed.  If your household is smelling especially bad or is really stale, simmer some cloves, cinnamon and orange peel on the stove for awhile; the smell will be heavenly.  You can also use an essential oil diffuser to automatically mist clove oil in the air.
Got Doggie Destructo?  You can discourage puppy chewing by dabbing the most likely targets (wood moldings, your slippers) with a bit of clove oil.  One sniff and one taste and your pup will move on to something else, hopefully his dog food or doggie toys.  This worked with Tucker the Awesome Wonder Dog (my Yorkie) and he never did develop and penchant for chewing anything but his treats and toys.
Non-toxic Insect Repellent:  Did you know that many insect repellent companies use Clove essential oil as one of the active ingredients in their spray products?  If you have some clove leaves or oils, you can simply use these instead of spending money on bug spray. Another thing you can do is plant cloves around the perimeter of your yard to replace the number of bugs that cross into your yard. You can also put some of the oils on your body so bugs and mosquitoes won’t come near you.
As much as I tried, I could only find anecdotal information about the benefits of cloves. There seems to be little or no scientific research into the medicinal uses of cloves which frankly, I find baffling given the huge sums that are devoted to the research of toxic pharmacy products.
That said, here are some of the reported therapeutic uses of cloves and oil of clove:
Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal:  Effectively aid for food poisoning, clove oil effectively kills many forms of bacterial infections. Clove is also effective in reducing fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.
Anti-inflammatory: Clove oil clears the respiratory passages, acting as an expectorant for treating many upper-respiratory conditions including colds, eye sties, bronchitis, sinus conditions, cough and asthma.
Antiseptic:  Clove oil can be used to reduce infections, wounds, insect bites and stings.
Cancer Prevention: Preliminary studies suggest that clove oil may play a chemo preventative role, particularly in cases of lung, skin and digestive cancers. The American Cancer Society states that more carefully controlled research is needed to determine the role of Chinese herbal medicine, including cloves, in cancer treatment and prevention.
Cardiovascular Health: The active essential oil in clove, eugenol, has been shown to act as a an effective platelet inhibitor, preventing blood clots.
Energy booster: When used for aromatherapy purposes, clove oil helps to stimulate the brain. The scent makes you more attentive and can even make you feel more energetic than you normally would.
Improves blood circulation. Clove bud oil is one of the ingredients used in Tiger Balm, which is an herbal formulation that dates back to the times of the Chinese emperors. It is used to sooth muscle aches and pains and is though to do so by increasing the blood flow in the affected area.
Indigestion: Clove oil offers a powerful action against gas and bloating. It reduces gas pressure in the stomach, aiding in the proper elimination of food and toxins. It also relieves the discomfort of peptic ulcers. Effective for stomach related conditions including nausea, hiccups, motion sickness and vomiting.
Infections: Due to its antiseptic properties, clove oil is useful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises, prickly heat, scabies, etc. It can also be used for treating insect bites and stings.
Mitigate Dental Pain:  Clove creates a numbing sensation that becomes a powerful pain reliever for dental pain.
Powerful germicidal properties: Gargling with clove oil can aid in sore throat conditions and bad breath.
Premature Ejaculation:  Some research has shown that clove may be useful as a aid for premature ejaculation.
Relieve flatulence: A tea made of cloves can relieve the foof’s. Try steeping 5 cloves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink it when it cools and repeat two of three times daily.
Relieves headaches: Clove oil is useful for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with tension headaches. Apply a rag soaked in clove oils to the forehead or temples to get help open the blood vessels and rid yourself of the headache.
Skin:  An aid for skin disorders, such as acne.
Stress reliever:  Clove oil stimulates the circulatory system, clearing the mind and reducing mental exhaustion and fatigue. It is also used to aid insomnia, memory loss, anxiety and depression.
Prevention from toxic exposure:  Some studies show that clove oil can prevent toxicity related to exposure to environmental pollution.

How to Make Your Own Clove Oil Infusion

While not as potent as an essential oil, an clove oil infusion is a cinch to make at home for very little cost.  (Not that clove essential oil is expensive, but sometimes, it is nice to have a DIY alternative.)
Here is what to do:
Using a mason jar, take 1/8 cup of whole clove buds and cover them with 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. I recommend using olive oil for its own unique healing qualities but any oil will work.
Cover the jar and set it in a warm place such as the top of the refrigerator, next to the fireplace, or a sunny window sill.  Every couple of days, give the jar a good shake.  At the end of two weeks, strain the cloves from the oil and you are all set.
This clove oil infusion would make a fantastic carrier oil to mix with other essential oils or herbs when creating your own salves including DIY Miracle Salve.

What about “Thieves” or Bandit Blends?

According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, “cloves were reputed to be part of the “Marseilles Vinegar” or “Four Thieves Vinegar” that bandits who robbed the dead and dying used to protect themselves during the 15th century plague.”
These days, there are many popular thieves-type blends put out by essential oils companies.  I personally use the Spark Naturals Shield Blend bit you can also make your own using this recipe:
DIY Shield or Thieves/Robbers Blend
45 drops clove essential oil
35 drops lemon essential oil
25 drops eucalyptus essential oil
20 drops cinnamon essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
Combine the all essential oils and store in a dark 15 ml glass bottle.
A good way to use this clove intensive blend is in a protective spray.

How to Make An Essential Oil Protective Spray

Here is the recipe I use to make “Shield Protective Spray”.  I use it as a hand sanitizer, room freshener, and all around disinfectant and protectant.

DIY Protective Spray

30 drops Thieves/Robber Blend (from above); or
30 drops Shield Blend (from Spark Naturals)
Witch Hazel
Add the essential oil to a 2 ounce glass spray bottle.  Top with Witch Hazel. Shake well before using.  That’s it.  Easy peasy.  Honestly, this recipe is so darn simple, it is embarrassing.

A Word About Essential Oils

When selecting the oils to use in these Psoriasis formulas, be mindful that you want to use 100% pure, undiluted, essential oils.  I get mine from Spark Naturals because I feel that they are the best quality I can buy at a reasonable price.  If you are interesting in giving them a try, you will enjoy an extra 10% by using coupon code BACKDOORSURVIVAL at checkout.
Resource:  Clove Bud Essential Oil; Shield Blend
Note:  Enjoy a 10% discount at Spark Naturals using discount code BACKDOORSURVIVAL.
For the budget minded, and especially when using oils in cleaning products, you might want to consider the 100% pure essential oils from NOW Foods.  I have had good luck with them although I find I need to increase the amount used by about 50% to get the same benefit when used as an air freshener in my diffuser.  Products from NOW Foods are often available in stores that sell supplements as well as online at Amazon and elsewhere.
Resource:  NOW Foods Clove Oil


The Final Word

I first wrote about clove oil back in 2012.  Since then, it has become an important addition to my first aid kit and is a frequent visitor to my diffuser.  There is simply something calming about breathing air that is infused with the smell of cloves!
One caution:  please remember that clove oil is very strong in nature and hence should always be used in a diluted form. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first.  That said, cloves and clove oil are inexpensive and useful for a variety of purposes and ailments.   And for a toothache or dental pain?  In my view a dab of clove oil sure beats strong and potentially toxic pain relievers that require a prescription.
Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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