Friday, October 23, 2015

How to "Carry," Correctly.

Tom's Journal.

Good Morning, Friends and Followers:
     Years ago, and for many reasons,  people in America most likely didn't NEED to carry fire arms,  because we were still a "Christian Nation," the laws of the land were kept and enforced, more people worked for a living and had self respect, and most crime was just not tolerated, to name a few reasons.   But when a nation 'kicks God out of the courts,' town squares, schools, and even churches....  things will go a-rye and swiftly down hill.   The KJV Bible repeats this fact very often....  just look at the book of Proverbs.   And when the 'king' is wicked, everything and everybody suffers, plus most civilizations don't last much longer than 200 years.... and the beat goes on.   But in the case of America, although that name or country is not literally mentioned in the bible --- Jesus alluded to "Our Generation" as being special, and the last one before the NWO -- the New World Order, that will control the world right before the Lord Jesus Christ comes back to clean things up in a mighty way !   Personally,  I would NOT want to be on Earth when that happens !   Praise the Lord God, for the Rapture ! !   However,  we human beings have the right to keep and bare arms,  what ever they be in these modern times, as in the year 2015.   Christians are NOT a violent people,  but they do have the divine Right to fight and protect themselves and loved ones...  or else we would be called cowards,  something that God does NOT want us to be.  See:  Rev. 21: 8, about the term, "cowards."   Although,  me thinks that many of us old combat trained war Veterans just wish we could retire to a paradise-like place and excuse ourselves from all further war, violence, and fighting... as we grow weary and would love to pursue other things in our lives.  

But the true picture of today is:   That too many men in the USA and else where have been pushed into obscurity, as this satanic world controlled by the devil seeks to 'castrate us' and castigate us, looking to make us more feminine, while the "ladies" seek to grab more power, glory, and manhood !  Yes,  it is an upside down world we live in!  But in the Middle East the power balance between the sexes goes too far in the other direction --- with men putting down, beating, abusing, and humiliating most women ! !   And yet, many Democratic females in the USA seem to like Islam !   If they only knew what really went on in Islamic countries....  duh.  

But, like I said before,  God's new Kingdom will change everything for the better, and we can get a look at it now, by studying/ reading the bible.  

In the mean time, if you are going to 'carry hardware,'  do it correctly so that terrible accidents are at a minimum.    As in any other thing, we ought go to the EXPERTS from the very beginning.   Those who know -- ought to lead and teach the rest of us, and the rest of us ought to show due humility and close observation !    Combat Veterans have a jump on the rest of us,  because the Army and Marines teach safety from the get go.   So let us read and study the following short article, please.
     And Please pray for me.   Smile.   I truly wish that I had enough extra money to drive to CO, to visit with my grandkids.... I miss them so much.  

But as an 'after thought,'  just imagine what COULD happen  as our American $$$  Dollar fails or is worth little to nothing in the near future.... and food riots start to terrify innocent house holders who have worked hard all their lives, instead of living free on Gov't assistance [and now we have 4th and 5th generational Welfare families, who also drop out of schools, with no skills or trades, etc.    The Gov't conveniently wants to ban all larger gun clips, limiting how many bullets may be fed to our fire arms.   But the 'bad guys' / criminals all have huge ammo clips/ magazines in THEIR guns !   Do you all get the picture ??   We innocent, law abiding folks are at a distinct disadvantage against the criminal element in America, and else where !   And DON'T think you will depend on the police forces who have gone  home to protect their own families and dwellings.... Duh !    Do NOT allow the Gov't to lie and manipulate you with their un-Constitutional new "laws" and rules,  because right after they disarm us,  they will then roll over us and make us slaves to their ungodly system.    Period.   It's like everything else in life:   Do your best research, listen to the experts, and then save to buy the best tools to defend and protect your family and everything else that  you have worked hard for.    For more info:  email me: 

Warm, Safe, Regards,

Be Safe !

News about carrying concealed, handgun safety, and tactical training.
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After much back and forth, the analysts have finally made up their minds in the recommendation to buy up gold and silver.

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Your credit card will get you nowhere if the world falls back to a barter system. Whether you need fuel, food, or medicine, having a reliable commodity is important. Trading precious metals has been a key element of commodity trading since ancient times. And gold and silver have always had value as intermediate commodities.

Gold VS Silver: Is one better than the other?

Gold is expensive. In other words, gold is great if you're keeping it in a lock box, but not so great if you're carrying it in a backpack. And since it's hard to shave off tiny pieces of gold, trying to trade with it will be like walking into a grocery store with $1,000 bills.

Silver, on the other hand, is less expensive and easier to carry around. At current prices, one ounce of silver is worth $20 while an ounce of gold is worth $1,320. If you were, say, trying to purchase a $5 chicken, you would have to purchase nearly 300 chickens to spend an ounce of gold, but only 4 or 5 chickens to spend an ounce of silver.

Where should you keep your emergency fund? Well hidden. And not in the same place. While a safe seems reliable, anyone seeing it will assume there is wealth inside. We recommend hiding your "emergency fund" inside:

- Bags of frozen food
- Air ducts
- A sealed bag inside a toilet's water tank
- A spare tire
- Hollowed out book

The biggest problem when preparing for an emergency is you never know exactly what is going to happen. That being said, it's important to diversify your investments. In other words, buy gold and silver, but keep other things handy as well. Many believe that barter items like bullets, tobacco, and alcohol are the way to go. Additional barter items we recommend:

- Batteries
- Canned meat
- Antibiotics, aspirin, etc.
- Synthetic oil
- Seeds
- Shampoo
- Allergy medicine
- Animal traps
- Can openers
- Candles
- Baby formula
- Coffee
- Flashlights
- Toilet paper
- Tools

Bad News For Social Security and Medicare

The 2016 presidential candidates are already talking about making Social Security cuts.

And it isn't the first time...

Just last year, Obama was under fire for a proposal which involved "eliminat[ing] aggressive Social Security claiming strategies" that some Americans are using to maximize their benefits.

Most Americans don't realize this, but there are proven ways to boost Social Security payments. And these options remain available - because Obama's proposals never passed.

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When preparing for societal collapse or a similar disaster, it's important to maintain balance. Remember, every dollar you spend buying precious metals is a dollar you haven't used to buy water, land, education, etc.

There's a good chance the world won't be destroyed before the end of your lifetime. In that case, gold and silver will remain a great investment, as well as stocks and bonds. Just be careful not to put all of your eggs in one basket - even if those eggs are made of gold.

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