Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No Cash Accepted.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
   Today I somehow forgot my AOL --Password, and had so much trouble trying to recover it !   And then you get transferred to India where you can barely understand their brand of 'English' -- so I asked to be transferred to an 'American,'  but they refused to do that for me !  

When I was young and in high school, we finally got a foreign exchange student guy from  South America, son of a doctor  $$$, and he was nice.   But all the boys in high school wanted to get a girl from Sweden for an exchange student !   In the 1960's, I guess that many males in America thought that Sweden had the most beautiful women....  but they were the most liberal European country too, IMHO.   I've also been told, even by Europeans, that the world considers the Germans to be the most handsome and good looking in the world.   But I see beauty in every race.    And God shows no special respect for any race, or color,  except that He chose Israel to be the 'root stock' of His coming Messiah,  Jesus Christ,  who HAD a pre-human existence WITH God for millions of our years, or more.    The bible was written so that man kind could understand it,  even the common man, and the plow boy, servant and rich man.  

Is it just me,  or do other people who read my humble column notice that last year when by like a fast train ??   And just look at how much happened, so that we can gage things and measure them to get the best sense of who we are --- and where we are going.   
       You know,  the Lefty-Liberal folks like to paint most everything contrary to their sill rants and agendas as,  "CONSPIRACY THEORIES."    And the lying 'News Media' has proven that it is controlled by Obama and the Dims,  but other countries try hard to 'cover the truth' too !   Just look at Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain ---- by North Korea, China and Russia, too !!      But here is the key:   Watch the 'Big Boys'/  rich folks and Gov't.....  not what they say,  but what their hands are doing !    Where are they investing, what are they hording, and where do they keep their money.    Sorry,  but it's come to just that.

And now, let us look to the "Rape capital of Europe" -- Sweden.   They are the ones who lov e to begin the human experiments and bold new ways.    I have always thought that Northern Europeans were SMART and EDUCATED.   But lately, many of us are wondering if that is still true.  
     I, personally think, that they should follow the examples of Austria, and arm themselves, NOW !

Warm Regards,

People Are Hiding Cash in Their Microwaves as Sweden Gets Closer to Being the First Cashless Society with Negative Interest Rates
No Cash Accepted Sign
(BUSINESS INSIDER)—Sweden is shaping up to be the first country to plunge its citizens into a fascinating—and terrifying—economic experiment: negative interest rates in a cashless society.
The Swedish central bank, the Sveriges Riksbank, on Wednesday held its benchmark interest rate at -0.35%, the level it has been at since July.
Though retail banks have yet to pass that negative rate on to Swedish consumers, they face increased pressure to do so as long as the rates remain where they are. That's a problem, because Sweden is the closest country on the planet to becoming an all-electronic cashless society.
Remember, Sweden is the place where, if you use too much cash, banks call the police because they think you might be a terrorist or a criminal. Swedish banks have started removing cash ATMs from rural areas, annoying old people and farmers. Credit Suisse says the rule of thumb in Scandinavia is: "If you have to pay in cash, something is wrong."...
So two trends are converging on Sweden at the same time:
  • Sweden is using less and less cash.
  • Sweden is an environment of negative interest rates.
And that means many Swedes have no way to "hide" their money.
So Sweden may become the first country whose citizens may have to accept negative interest rates (probably in the form of higher bank charges or fees) or be forced to spend their money to "save" it from those rates.
A resistance is forming, and some people are protesting the impending extinction of cash. Björn Eriksson, former head of Sweden's national police and now head of Säkerhetsbranschen, a lobbying group for the security industry, told The Local, "I've heard of people keeping cash in their microwaves because banks won't accept it."
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