Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Our Gov't Dumps in our Atmosphere.

Tom's Journal.

Wow--This article will curl your toenails.  This will be in Dave Hodges newsletter tomorrow.  Get a sneak peak tonight.

If this is true [and I personally trust our Gov't as far as I can spit...],  there are many reasons why our Lord God needs to "take His servants off the earth" IN TIME so we don't suffer the poisons and curses that those 'Left Behind' will experience.    BTW,  I am a Christian FIRST, and an American second.    It is also said that there are more REAL Christians in China than in Europe and America TOGETHER !     Now,  that's a big, bold statement,  folks.   One more thing... if all this is true,  than all presidents, all political parties are both guilty and complicit.  

Tom Schuckman

Entire Generation of Christians Murdered in Mideast.

Tom's Journal.

Col. North: 'Entire Generation' of Christians Murdered in Mideast


Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015 03:20 PM

President Barack Obama has inexplicably turned a blind eye to fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), despite the fact radical Islamic terror group continues to grow more powerful, retired Lt. Col. Oliver North tells Newsmax TV.

"If I knew the answers to what's going on in this man's heart and head I could probably deal with it a little better, but I don't," North, founder of the Freedom Alliance, said Tuesday on "Newsmax Prime" with J.D. Hayworth.

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"I do know the consequences of his failure to stand up in moral outrage about what ISIS has done, the calamity that's been for the Christian communities and the Yazidis and others, the disaster. An entire generation of people are being murdered off."

"This administration, for reasons that they'll have to answer for perhaps decades from now for failing to stand up to this genocide, they're going to be held morally responsible for what's happened out there."

North — whose educational and charitable group sponsors activities aimed at supporting and honoring American service members and their families — said ISIS has recruited thousands of jihadis.

"We have an all-volunteer military, so do they. This is an all-volunteer military and what they've done is they've recruited sufficient numbers of young men and they've indoctrinated them into the idea that the best thing they can do is blow themselves up," North said.

"And so the weapon of mass destruction in this war for ISIS has been the vehicular-borne suicide truck. It's got thousands of pounds of explosives in it, you drive it into the middle of a city, you blow it up, and you knock down an entire city block.

"That's what happened in Mosul. That's how they took Ramadi. And that, of course, is the weapon of choice for these guys — taking young Sunni males, educating them to the theology and the philosophy of hatred and self-destruction."

North said the Obama administration has finally acknowledged that American troops must remain in Afghanistan after years of trying to remove all military from the war-torn Middle East nation.

"Now they're putting the right kind of people on the ground in the right places to make a better outcome than they otherwise would have had," he said.

"The genocide that's being worked today has already killed over a quarter of a million people. It's caused the exodus of more than a million. You're looking at 14 million people displaced overall throughout all the territories that ISIS has been engaged in."

North — a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who served as a platoon commander in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal, and two Purple Heart medals — is author of "Counterfeit Lies," written with Bob Hamer and published by Threshold Editions.

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