Tuesday, December 1, 2015


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Hi Gang,
   Isn't this so cute ??   Smile,  I told you so !   Well,  what now, guys,  start doing what I told you to start doing a year ago.   Starting building the "Ark" and get ready for the "Storm ?"    Few people have the where with all to just walk out today and buy, store, everything they need,  but there are some suggestions listed below.... although I suggested that people do them a few YEARS ago...  duh.    Let's face it,  I am going to be hurting too,  but I have at least tried to 'soften the blow'  buy building my little house out of stone and brick.  
      And just what does it mean to "RESET" OUR SYSTEM ??   Do we expect everyone to just forget about our personal debts?   I kind of doubt that... HA!   The greedy and the Gov't will want their pound of flesh,  and I honestly believe that many, if not most people will be far set back into a past world of near slavery or feudalism,  plus riots all over the place, and then Martial Law, which is just what Obama wants.   People in the Western part of the USA will soon run out of water, and will have to pay high rent upon moving East,  if they can.  
        Oh, Gee,  I am painting such a dark picture of things to come.   Not to worry,  just stick your heads in the sand like most Dims/ Libs do all the time.   Or get right with God right now, today ! !    Yes!  When all else fails --- read the KJV Bible...  the BOOK !    
     Frankly,   I know that the little bit that I have managed to save up, is only a 'half-measure'  and I will never be rich [except that I am rich in Spiritual things... like God's Grace, and the Holy Spirit].    Besides, the Obama Gov't WILL ROB THE RICH, but especially the Middle Class, hard working Americans, and give it to the worthless illegal aliens, Muslims, and reward those who put him in power...  the maggots... lol.    But, IMHO, the Congress is just as guilty.   The Military is now a hollow shell, and all the good guys are mostly kicked out of the Service, for their moral and Christian beliefs and ethics,  so really,  what do you have left ?   
      I have already cut down on many things, like disconnecting HBO, Newspapers,  cut up some Credit Cards [that started a small war with my wonderful wife...  Ha!  She just doesn't understand simple Math, even though she has a degree in it.].    But today, I will start to figure out how much more I can and will do, to prepare.   Let's face it, Friends,  Americans are soft, rich, fat and lazy, for the most part.   Hey,  I was raised on a farm in Wisconsin, and all we knew was hard, sweaty work, every day of every year !!    That is one reason why I joined/ enlisted in the U.S. Army,  to get away, learn some skills, and do something with my life.....  rather than just be Dad's strong 'field hand.'   And man, it really 'straightened out that family !!'    Yes !   You never know how much something or someone is worth until their gone.... and then YOU have to do the work !   Smile !   As Sonny and Cher used to sing:   "Don't it always seem to go --- that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."  

There is NO WAY that human kind can work or find their way out of the congested,  foul, toxic, slum/ scum,  disobedient, God-hating world, so polluted with garbage and Satan !!   The only person who can clean up and fix this world is GOD !!   Or do you all still feel like being stubborn, arrogant, haughty, and try to do things yourself ?
     I have said that I have a lot of faults, personality flaws,  I am a big old sinner.   But I know God, and Jesus is my Lord and Savior !   He will save me,  or I will die and wake up in a much better place.

Warm Regards,

Breitbart Special Message

Former U.S. Congressman Issues The Following Warnings:

- Currency Collapse is INEVITABLE by the Winter of 2015
- IMF Warning: World Reserve Currency could change as soon as Winter of 2015. Here’s what to do ahead of the change
- Fiscal Crisis WILL Cause Federal Gov't to target 401k's & IRA's for additional revenue
- 10 Countries have already signed a document to begin phasing out the use of the U.S. Dollar
- Dollar on its last days as China prepares with this big announcement

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- Ron Paul urges Americans to buy Silver to prepare for economic collapse in 2015
- National Debt Hits $18 Trillion, value of IRA's $20 Trillion, accounts at risk
- U.S. Government on verge of bankruptcy, financial system reset is imminent
- China buys record amount of Gold, preparing for a Gold backed Yuan
- IRS Loophole allows you to store your IRA at Home

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