Monday, February 29, 2016

No Work --- No Eat.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Dear Friends and other Readers !

"Iron sharpenth iron,  so a man sharpenth the contenance of his friend>"   ---Proverbs 27: 17.   That means:  If two good, smart people hang around together as friends,  one will help the other, and sharpen him up.   But if you hang around a goof ball, or someone stupid, mean and prideful,  you are very likely to fall into the same snake pit together, filled with King Cobras....   Pick your so-called  "friends" well  !!   Personally,  I would never call anyone a true friend unless he was a real, bible loving  Christian, who would be willing to lay down his very life for me.... and visa versa !  

"Hell and destruction are never fall,  so the eyes of men are never satisfied."   ---Proverbs 27: 20.   

I well know my faults, and even ask, beg, and plead for my real friends to TELL ME IF AND WHEN I FALL SHORT and mess  up....  so I can correct myself.  But the H.S. [Holy Spirit] also pricks my conscience to make me aware of stuff I need to address and work on.   
     Now,  much of my mind and heart are shaped by what the Bible says, and tells me,   and really guys and gals,  the Bible is not hard to read and understand AT ALL !   Actually the words just jump out and bite me !!!   Let us look at what the apostle Paul wrote to the congregation of Christians at Thessalonica .... at   2nd Thessalonians 3: 10,    {Not:  "Two" Thessalonians 3: 10.... LOL},    "For even when we were with you,  this we commanded you,  that if  any would not work,  neither  should he eat."    Awwwww,, does this sound cruel ???  Remember,  this is the perfect, pure,  Word of God, and even the apostle Paul was a tent maker in his spare time !!   He wanted to set a good example,  but God seems to take care of those who do His mighty preaching work.   God has always taken care of me,  even when He  needed to humble me a few times by making me homeless for a short duration of time, so I would "see the light..."   I am also thinking that it was GOD who 'removed me from a super stressful situation a few months ago,'  even though it almost broke my back....and my heart,  and surely my ego.    And please,  let me tell you a secret, friends,   I needed to also find out who my REAL friends were, and who the FAKES in a certain church were, also....  duh.    Boy,  do I have some stories to tell you all....  maybe some day...  lol.    
       Now, the ancient Hebrew nation had a form of special provisions for poor people to stay fed,  but they had to WORK for their food and physically gather it with their own two hands in the fields AFTER the farmers made their harvest.   The farmers and workers were commanded NOT to reap and harvest a 2nd time to take every last grain from the harvest field,  but to leave the ragged edge alone so that the poor could come and pick it for themselves.   Wheat, barley, corn, etc. fruit.  You see,  Jehovah God was, and is, a happy, smiling, generous GOD !!    And even Jesus said, that there will always be the poor.  Sure,  something could happen even to those who save and work hard, like a broken leg or a plow animal that died,  but God made provision for that possibility,  and also put many safe guards in His many laws and statutes.   Just read them at Exodus chapter 20 !   See, I even put down the place to do your research, right off the cuff.    I read and study the bible,  and by the Grace of God,  it sticks in my tiny mind..... PTL !   God still uses me,  even though I don't always set the more pure, fine, example.    I am still a lonely old man, a DISABLED Vietnam Veteran:  68-70, with many battle scars and wounds from many work related accidents, truck and motorcycle mishaps.....  Ouch !   But I worked very hard all my life, and learned many skills.    By all human accounts and medical experts,  I should be dead to the tenth power !!   But I can't brag.... or God will surely humble me in a heart beat.... and yes,  I am afraid to offend God or tempt Him.    But I firmly believe that everything will 'shake out' and vindicate me in the long run,  if I keep my nose clean and do God's Will.   And just what is God's Will for Tommy Schuckman?   I need to keep myself clean, buy a few more new KJV Bibles, soon,  and continue to SHARE  THE   GOSPEL  !    Smart, better educated people KNOW for a fact,  that America simply cannot continue in the Welfare give away course that we have sunk so deeply in,  much longer,   where those to carry the load and WORK,  are dwarfed by those to take and eat for free  ! !   The major trouble is that those so-called "Poor People" could work if they wanted !   But now America has a 4th and 5th Generation  Welfare Class of people who don't know any better....  don't have any education or skills to work for a living, and don't give a dang if they ever do  ! !  What's worse, the Liberal politicians are their Pimps and keep them that way !   In other words,  such people are not dumb,  stupid, injured, disabled....  they are just plain LAZY !!   Many black leaders use those unwashed masses of "poor people" to get certain pimp congressmen re-elected to keep the system going, lay a heavier burden on the working class which is over taxed already,  and I tell you that something has got to give !   
       And people like me also have a hard time understanding how other nations with a GOOD WORK ETHIC like Germany have allowed the Islamic hordes  to invade them and not only wreck their economies,  but rape their women !!   My bet is that the Germans,  at least, will "do something about that situation,"  and soon.    Ask me privately,  and I will tell you my mind on that subject.... LOL.   

I now live in a huge house that I call 'my barn'  but I am so thankful and grateful to a close friend named, Timmy,  who told me that "God told him to help me,"  so now we help each other and we are both happy with the deal,  as I am renting from him.   PTL --- Praise the Lord !   Hey,  I know how to be generous and grateful,  just like my Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ.    And I enjoy helping my true, real friends.   But I make deals with them too.  Like you do this for me, and I will help you with that...  etc.   Just like,  I havc a sweet Christian friend named, Annie,  who comes over to help clean my barn,  and I like to help her  with some things too, if I can.  She is the one who led me to a Spirit-filled church where they treat me like a HUMAN BEING, and like me for whom and what I am,  a Christian man !!   So,  I like Annie, and she has a boyfriend,  but she is my friend.    Just like:   I own a new truck, and I can help some folks get around and take them shopping, etc.  See how that all works ?  Or take them to church on Sundays. 

Now,  I just need to remind my readers that it's not too late to start investing in "Metals".... and silver, gold, platinum and copper, are still dirt cheap right now...  but they won't be that way for too much longer !   The 'sign' o f the company that you want to trust is:   MMX.   Money Metals Exchange.  800-800-1865.   I think that silver is about,  $15.86 today !   But as you all know, all commodities, etc., fluctuate up and down every day on the market...    I don't have near as much as I need or want, and I don't store them with me.   I still have a few trustworthy friends,  But I warn you all....  never, ever, store your "Metals" or anything really valuable in a bank or Credit Union,  because the Gov't CAN AND WILL TAKE THEM,  LEGALLY right after the SHTF !   I kid you not !   The laws are already on the books even when Mr. Bush was in office, and even worse now with obama !!!   The Interest on our National Debt is eating us alive  !  !@#%%^&*     Just find a very secure, secret place in your own house and TELL NO ONE, ever !!   If your wife doesn't really love and honor you,  don't tell her either !!   I well know what I am talking about, brothers.   Silver is a good bet right now.   Pretty soon gold will be too high to buy, even for the rich. 

But the greatest safety net and assurance we can have is a good, close relationship with Jesus Christ.   Because brothers and sisters,  we are all going to die some day, and the local papers and news are full of fatal accidents every day, even in the great, cold U.P. of Northern Michigan.   I don't even know if I will wake up in the morning,  and that's  one more reason that I enjoy posting on my humble blog.    I would like to leave behind some simple legacy,  and those few people in the world who have come to know me,  might take a few good things away from some of my articles.
      In retrospect,   I have erred and said the wrong things a few times and hurt some folks,  and so I have either pulled and banished those posts that I reconsidered to be inappropriate and too sharp....   sorry.   I also don't post too much on Face Book anymore, for a multitude of reasons.   "Big Brother..."   

Well,  I think that I will sleep well tonight, after getting a lot done today, and helping some friends.   I am also growing a beard, again,  because my dry shaving cuts up my handsome face too much....   duh.   And I will never find another nice woman again looking too ugly... Ha!   

But here is a goofy true story...  the VA people from Milwaukee were supposed to delivered and install a new LIFT for my power scooter in the bed of my new truck today, and they drove a few hundred miles before they found out that they had the WRONG JIB CRANE LIFT !!   So they phoned me and told me about the mess up after i was waiting half the day, and we rescheduled for later in the week.   But that's the dang Gov't for you...  duh!   Hey,  you like "Murphy's Law ??"    The Gov't helps SOME of their disabled Veterans,  but certainly not all the ones who really deserve the help and action.   For I have heard and seen so many miscarriages of justice and just plain B.S.   But all that just goes to show you that human politics, and laws, enforcement,  and Gov't can only go so far.   Just LOOK what happened to our Republic !!  We are now in a tail spin, drowning in deep debt  $$$$, and there is NO way that we can ever get out of it, no matter who gets elected !   Sorry to burst your bubble.
      I would rather vote for the man who will try to guarantee my rights by preserving the U.S. Constitution !!   If we ever lose our 2nd Amendment,  the rest of them will all cave in really fast,  guys !   That is the only thing that is still holding our Republic together,  at least for a little time.
   Now,  too many people say that they just don't want to hear all this gloomy news, even if they are facts.   They would rather like in a FAKE, plastic, make believe world of illusions, and escape with drugs and booze.   I ask why ??   Yes the news is bad and hopeless.....  but God has promised to remove all the sin and corruption, sadness and violence !!  When?    SOON !   But we are not going to know the exact day, and for good reason.   But the end will come soon.  That gives us great joy and happiness.    So in the mean time, we just don't sit around watching TV and drink a lot of beer.   We study, read and learn the Gospel, and share it with everyone we can.   Hey...  that is not a request.   It's a command !   
    Are  you too lazy, or "BUSY" to do this for the Lord ?    Shame on you.    You are like the ones mentioned below.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

I LOVE well trained Rottweiler dogs !!  Here is one of mine,  "Deuce."  he was smarter than many humans I know.....  LOL.

I have never heard this said as simply or as well.
The folks who are getting the free stuff   don't like 
The folks who are paying for the
 free stuff, because 
The folks who are paying for the
  free stuff    can no longer 
Afford to pay for both the 
  free stuff  and their own stuff.
And the folks who are paying for the free stuff     
Want the 
  free stuff to stop.
And the folks who are getting the  free stuff    want even more    Free stuff  on top of the  free stuff    they are already getting!
Now... The people who are forcing the people who pay 
For the
 free stuff  have told the people who are RECEIVING 
free stuff  that the people who are PAYING for the 
Free stuff  are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.
So... The people who are GETTING the  free stuff  have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the Free stuff  by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff  and giving them the free stuff in the first place.
We have let the free stuff  giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting  free stuff  than paying for the   Free stuff .
Now understand this.
All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200  and 250  years after being founded.
The reason?
The voters figured out they could vote themselves money 
>From the treasury by electing people who promised to give 
Them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

The United States officially became a Republic in   1776    
    years ago.
The number of people now getting free stuff    
outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff    .
Failure to change that spells the end of the United States 
As we know it.


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I'M 100%  for PASSING  THIS ON !!!
For all our sake PLEASE  Take a Stand!!!
Borders: Closed!

: English only

: God, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

Drug Free
: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

  freebies to: Non-Citizens!
Only   86%  will send this on. Should be  100%

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