Friday, March 11, 2016


Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends, and Readers,

I had a good day and met some nice people, over the Net and in person at breakfast also.  I got introduced into:  Point Man Ministries,  a Christian bible based Org that seems to concentrate on Veterans to share the Gospel and bible with them, and help them if  possible.   I met a Navy "River Rat," who was very hard of hearing, and speaking to him was tough because of that.   I bought him breakfast and he gave me 3 important books of which I intend to read and follow up on.   It seems that doing something productive like leading combat Veterans to Christ and helping them would be a worth while activity now that I am enjoying my retirement.
     But the Daily Jot and it's missions in Africa, helping people there get clean drinking water is a great thing too.   Surely I can afford to at least send them a check for about $50., or so, to help those people out, and what a WITNESS for Christ in that part of the world !!   Jesus said that the world would always have the poor,  but not always have Him down here on Earth after he finished his earthly ministry and death on the cross.   So,  as followers and imitators of  Christ....  the very definition of a Christian,  we would want to emulate Him as best we can.... even as we are all sinners, here and now.  
       I also just met a nice lady named:  M.E., and we talked on the phone and on line for a long time,  and I bet that we will end up as good friends, even though we choose to disagree on certain things.   A mutual respect and having much in common can be a very nice thing,  and who knows what our future will be.   I feel that the Lord has blessed me so much, and might even end my loneliness some day,  before He comes back to "correct things on earth..."   And I have to learn that there are some things in life and in people that I am not able to change or alter,  skilled man that I am... in certain fields.   But let logic and the Word prevail, and common sense, and love for God and Jesus Christ, I pray.   I keep my "sayings and Proverbs in my mind and heart,"  just like:  "The cream always floats to the top."  Murphy's Law is so cool, too.   But I have found out personally,  that if I stick to the KJV Bible,  and try hard to do what it says,  I keep myself out of trouble.    However, the book of Jeremiah says,  " the heart is treacherous... who can know it ?"   Now the mind knows....  just as the 3 very important definitions of:  Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom...  and here we go:   Knowledge is that we know that train tracks carry a speeding train.   Understanding is:  if we are sitting or laying down on the tracks long enough,  a speedy train WILL come and kill us.   Wisdom is:  knowing the right time to get your anatomy OFF the tracks before it happens !!   OK,  that was supposed to be a joke,  but logical, too. 

I know that the bible tells ME that no matter who gets elected,  times will eventually get worse,  because a huge financial melt down is coming because of our collective Liberal baloney/ neglect and unwise management of debt to other countries who already own us, and the % of interest compounding is eating US alive ! !  We cannot sustain this wild train ride for too much longer as any financial student understands that we have already reached the time of no return, and there is simply NO WAY OUT.   Other nations are going down the tube and America is about one month away from what happens in Europe.   And,  we have enemies who HATE our guts and are now working to bring us down,   [and we have even worse enemies here at home.....duh].... by refusing to even deal or trade with the American Dollar !   Almost everyone will get hurt when this happens,  except the rich elite and those in power who know when to jump ship and move to another country with their loot.   Shame.   We have been sold out,  but a good bible student should know this also because he/ she has the H.S. [Holy Spirit] which allows them to understand bible prophecy and Revelation, etc.....  besides simple mathematical LOGIC, IMHO.   Well,  not to beat a dead horse,  but I would rather know so I can at least take some modest, humble steps  besides trusting in the Lord, to soften the blow when it comes.   But that is just my personal opinion, folks.  

Yes,  I am growing back my silver beard !  Women say that I scratch them all up with my short whiskers...  lol,  no matter how close I shave.  

I believe it is high time to consolidate one's assets, forces, close relationships and TALK ABOUT THIS STUFF, before it happens.  Hey,  it's good to know an escape route in case of a fire at night.   it's good to stock a few cans of beans in case something happens, and batteries too.    I would never want to end up in a place like New Orleans, LA., when a foul wind strikes and flooding occurs, sorry.  The good Lord gave us a BRAIN that we ought to use.   Even the ant, in the bible, knows enough to store up food for the Winter.... duh.   Take a lesson from the book of Proverbs, which I find very stimulating.    Yes, this old sinner man loves the KJV Bible, and it really makes my heart feel good and rejoice,  because the news everyday doesn't.    And it seems to me that only serious bible Christian students know that whom ever get elected,  our troubles will still be here.  Now... as I often state,  I have JOY, love, happiness in MY heart,  because I know what the Lord has in store for His servants on earth and those who died in Faith.  I can be glad even when all the world is gloomy.   And I choose to hang around with people of that same Faith system and mind set.  

Pray that the Lord allows nice, good, people to flow my way, to enrich my life, as "Iron sharpens Iron."  ---Proverbs 27: 17.   And people should never be hateful or jealous because someone they know has found joy in the bible, or has committed a few nice Scriptures to memory, please !    
    Have a great, safe day/ night.    I am on a few web sites where people would enjoy seeing a recent picture of me,  and I know I will end up buying a new Scanner/ Printer, soon.  But in the mean time,  people can turn to F/ B and here on my Blog to see pix of me.  I will include a few of them right now, here.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Let me share one more important scripture with you all, written by Paul to the Galatians: 4: 16,   "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth ?"   Please try to remember that, dear friends.  Thanks.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

The importance of water -- please read to the end

One of the biggest challenges to the third world is clean water. It is not unusual on any given day 100+ degree day to see children playing in creeks with pools of muddy water. That same water is collected in containers and brought back to villages for drinking and cooking. Or there will be people out washing their clothes and from that same water comes the evening dinner and water in the household for the next day. Clean potable water in the rural areas of Ghana is a premium. The Daily Jot and our ministry partner in Ghana, Redeem West Africa led by Pastor William Agbeti, have spent the past two years developing a clean water project for a specific rural area outside Medina, Ghana. The results are amazing.

While children play in and drink from the same muddy creeks, the Ghana government is rather strict on trying to provide clean water. No one can legally sell water, for example, without proper permitting and documentation of the proper filtration of that water. Notwithstanding, we always check the water bottles we purchase when on mission there because they may not be sealed, meaning the water could be from a contaminated source. You can imagine the spread of disease and unsanitary conditions resulting from this practice. Indeed, when the ebola outbreak was occurring in West Africa, our ministry provided water sanitation kits and our areas did not experience an ebola outbreak.

Our first well is just about ready to launch. We have done everything according to government standards, which has taken a considerable time and added costs. But we wanted to be above board and legal in all that we did to provide water to this rural area. Our well is dug. We had to build concrete holders for water tanks to accommodate a filtration system, and provide electric to the system for filtration and pumping. Now we must complete the project by installing the filtration system and receive final inspection. Our goal is to make this the template of how we plan to bring clean water to rural areas AND use the water as an opportunity to evangelize, especially in Muslim-dominated areas.

These youngsters show up everyday even though the well is not yet ready for public use
This is where the filtration system will be securely housed

Jesus said in John 7:37-38," If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believes on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." Jesus is the Living Water. We are going to provide both potable and Living Water to those who seek it in the rural areas of Ghana. It is important that we do not lose momentum. The filtration system and the inspection are critical to this operation's success. This is where you could help if you are so led by the Lord. Your gift will actually make the difference of a child, a family, having clean water. In reality, hundreds of children having clean water. We are in the final phases of our first well system and you can help us put the finishing touches on it. 

If you are so led by the Lord to partner with us in this project, you can donate securely online at: The Daily Jot Secure Online Gift

Or you can send your tax exempt gift to:

The Daily Jot
5257 Buckeystown Pike #314
Frederick, Md. 21704

Thank you so much for your consideration. We know that Jesus is our Living Water. Thanks to your efforts, thousands more will know it through this ministry in West Africa as this well is finished and more are developed.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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