Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feds Caught Shredding Veterans' Claims !

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Yes,  please forgive some of us Veterans for being a bit cynical, distrusting, as we do NOT just "go with the flow" of regular 'sheeple.' [sic].  We are smarter than most civilians and better trained, too,  and we will NOT allow the "Gov't" to mess with us !!   I hang out with a few Veterans' Groups, and Organizations/ Friends,  and we all share important stuff with each other.   Because.....  'If we don't take care of each other --- WHO WILL ?'   We were lied to from DAY ONE, so our ears itch when we stumble on the "Powers" ALWAYS trying to steal from us.... and then give the world on a silver platter to ILLEGAL ALIENS, and the Muslims that the Gov't sneaks into our big cities at night to plant them into places like Detroit and New York !
     I am a peace loving man and also a Christian,  but that doesn't mean that I am deaf, dumb and stupid !   Fellow Vets,  please share this with our Brothers in Arms, everywhere, please.

Also,  please pray for a few friends of mine who are having medical procedures next week, etc.   I wish them the best !

Warm Regards,

Busted! Feds caught shredding veterans’ health claims

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) launched surprise raids of 10 Veterans Affairs Regional Offices (VARO) last summer after receiving a tip from a whistleblower.
And what they found was disturbing.
According to the recently released report, the VA has been methodically destroying hundreds of veterans’ benefits and claim documents at their offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Reno.
And those actions “could result in loss of claims and medical evidence, incorrect decisions, and delays in claims processing,” the OIG’s report states.
According to the report, the OIG found the VARO staff had scheduled for destruction documents that either directly affected veterans’ benefits, could have affected them, or should have at least been kept in veterans’ claim folders.
And these were just the documents discovered during the surprise audit, meaning the problem could be much more widespread than the OIG has found.
“The potential effect should not be minimized. Considering that there are 56 VARO, and if weekly shredding is conducted, it is highly likely that claims-related documents at other VAROs are being improperly scheduled for destruction that could result in loss of claims and evidence, incorrect decisions and delays in claims processing,” the report concluded.
The VA has struggled with scandals for nearly three years since news emerged out of Phoenix of chronic delays for veterans seeking medical care, and falsified records covering up the long waits.
Similar problems were soon discovered at VA medical centers nationwide, affecting thousands of veterans and prompting an outcry in Congress.
The “Review of Claims-Related Documents Pending Destruction at VA Regional

Friday, April 15, 2016

Movie: " REVELATION --Dawn of Global Government."

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This article is  online  at Oath Keepers.


REVELATION: Dawn Of Global Governance

A Searing New Film by Chuck Untersee

Wow! Y'all ready for this?

I've received a request from Chuck Untersee to make sure all Oath Keepers and friends know about the new movie which will premiere on Friday, April 15 2016 at two theaters in Texas.
Here is the letter I received:
Hi Elias
We need veteran support!...Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Recent press release, radio spots, TV commercials, post theatrical screening  audience interviews and Charlie's original theme for the film.


Stewart is in a big segment toward the middle of the film.
Thanks for the support.
Chuck Untersee
MAJ, AR, USAR ( ret )


Looming world government.
A global "elite"! The United Nations...loss of American sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on the hill dims". Dissecting America under judgment. Lieutenant General William Boykin and Alex Jones join Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated on The New World Order, with Biblical perspective. The global feudal police state unfolds. We were born for such a time as this!
TIME: 1.46 minutes


1. Film has taken over five years.  Filmed in fifteen states with 42 rock stars of the patriot movement. Drove over 25 thousand miles Maine to California, Montana to South Texas.
Alex Jones, Charlie Daniels, Lieutenant General William Boykin, Joseph Farrah, Sheriff Richard Mack, Dr Jerome Corsi, Mark Collins as George Washington, Randy Weaver, Gerald Celente, Joel Skousen, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt, Kathryn Albrecht, Edwin Vieria, Jim Marrs, Cliven Bundy, Kamal Saleem, Chuck Baldwin.

3. CU filmed, directed, edited...theatrical 5.1 mix in LA, edited ( 8
months ) Austin.

4. REVELATION will be the first theatrically released documentary on issues of the New World Order and loss of American sovereignty.

5. Same distributor who did 2016, Obama's America...Rocky Mountain Pictures

6. Opening 15 April in Houston. Santikos theaters: Richmond Palladium, Tomball Silverado. Will break into the Houston Market from there. Opening weekend critical to get big box office.

TICKETS AT OUR WEB SITE: www.revelationthemmovie.info
8. Perfect storm mid election. Not about election but much easier to get people to focus on our issues. Could reach a huge audience.

Agenda 21, our fall toward Marxism/Communism, secret societies, global elite, one world government, spiritual battle, Black Robe Regiment, gun control, Common Core, looming police state, patriot's line in the sand, geo political situation, Islamic threat, open borders, Constitutional Sheriff, Bundy Ranch, The Constitution, RFID


HOUSTON, we have a problem! 

Finally, a movie that connects the dots that the "elites" don't want you to see! Launching in Houston on April 15, 16, 17 at the Santikos Palladium Richmond and Santikos Silverado Tomball. This is your opportunity to be a Paul Revere by educating all your friends, family and church with this movie.

REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government, revelationthemovie.info starring country music legend Charlie Daniels, Alex Jones and Lieutenant General William Boykin, reflects a Biblical world view as illustrated in Revelation by the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The American Republic, Christian faith and liberty are rapidly being destroyed by the Trojan Horse of globalism. As we have slept, "change has come to America"...awakened late, we will find ourselves suffocated in a global prison planet. Come and find out how we can restore Liberty to the country we all love!

Buy Tickets Now http://www.revelationthemovie. info/ticketing/

For Group Tickets call Derwin Jordan at

Area Code 281
750   6955

To view trailer for this film on Vimeo, click  here

Praise from Alex Jones

Santikos Palladium 7301 West Grand Parkway South, Richmond, Tx
Santikos Silverado 24720 Tomball Parkway Tomball, Tx

Your comments are invited under the  article  at Oath Keepers national.  Thank you.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Record Tax Collecting.

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I just might take a 'vacation' from blogging, to clear my head and let some fresh air blow into my brain.   I can take good, constructive criticism, and I even ask for it and comments.   But I also have feelings.   There are my faithful friends and email buddies,  but I just need a break.  I doubt if I will be on Face / Book much either.  


Top Song in Australia
Needs to be adopted here in the U S !  
Great Song--you'll like the  beat and message. 
 It seems like every country with an Islamic population has problems with these people.
  LORD, help us!
 This would never be allowed in the USA or Canada.

     I guess that the Gov't would label me an outlaw or a terrorist just for putting this message in print and disseminating it to my readers, etc.. in a public forum.   For those of us who fought to make other people FREE and independent,  we have seen what real Socialism and Communism looks like, and feels like, with oppression gone a rye/ amuck !!    It just stinks on ice !   I don't know if I can even say someone is a friend... who holds to those God-hating mind sets,  sorry.   I was misguided in my younger days too,  but the Word of God, deep prayer, study, understanding and the H.S. got me out of that 'church of the poison mind,'   PTL.   I regularly engage in helping others seek and find the Truth of the KJV Bible, as much as I can these days, Holy Spirit, help me.    Yes, folks,  I have been wrong many times and I freely admit it ---  but the Bible has always set a correct course for me, and I have prospered mightily, pretty much, since I retired from Chrysler in 2002, at the tender age of 54.   But my body and joints were pretty much messed up and pained by that time, mainly from super hard work and injuries.  
       But, "Once Saved ---Always Saved,"  and that is the biggest benefit I have for my retirement.   That trumps everything else, and smooth's  over the rough spots in my life.   I have also learned that it's best if I just give up certain things that have caused problems in my past, and just be satisfied with what I have and own.   However,  I know from Financial training and education from PFS Investments,  that we all need a lot more discipline to save and invest, by learning to live on 1/ 10 less of what we earn each month, and invest that part in something good and stable.   I used to teach people how to do just that !   It's surprising how much we ALL waste in our everyday life.... and we say that we "NEED" those creature comforts !    I guess we could call that selfish thinking.   
       But down below, the article tells us that the Gov't is stealing from the working class, and giving that ill gotten gain to people 'who COULD work,  but they are too dang lazy TO WORK,' and so we now have a 4th generation class of "Welfare People" sucking America dry, and making us into a 3rd world country,  and that IS Socialism, dear friends and readers !!   You cannot find ONE COUNTRY that is doing well on Socialism in the whole world !!  Yet so many Americans are so stupid and ill informed that they will vote for the poorest candidate, and that too is a by-product of "dumbed down public education !'   The older folks who graduated from good schools in the past know the score.   And for that matter, the 1st Century Christian communities were NOT Socialist,  but had the H.S. [Holy Spirit] operating in them to help distribute food and stuff to the needy in their groups, as should people today, IMHO.   [In my humble opinion.].   
     And then, go figure that our Gov't is over 200 years old and ready to collapse, partly from over taxation, and kicking God out of their system, plus most of the churches doing the same, and straying away from teaching the bible truth and watering down the Gospel.   

We can only do so much to help ourselves, I guess, and Congress is on the take, misled, corrupt, and in league with the WH/ Administration, and just godless.    We are going down for the count,  but perhaps we could make a difference by supporting new, better leaders and new Congressmen who want to clean  up the system, if only for a  while,  before God cleans up the world in "His own way..."    
    Any suggestions or comments from the readers ?   Don't be afraid to voice your opinions here, please.     Don't be afraid.
     It's going to be a nice, WARM, 60 degree day ! !  Have a great, safe time.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
email:   tschuckman@aol.com  


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NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Record tax collecting; consequences loom

As we approach the day when our taxes are due, let us keep in mind the spirit of the American Revolution. Our Founding Fathers rebelled against England after a less than a penny tax on tea. They did not envision a multi-trillion dollar government tending to the specific needs of individuals. Neither did they expect Americans to work 114 days into the year (April 24) to pay taxes. The government at all levels has become an insatiable beast feeding on the hard work of all Americans and becoming more and more demanding with each passing day. The Treasury Department reports that it collected a record amount of taxes $1.48 TRILLION the first half of the fiscal year.

The American entrepreneur spirit must have money to be able to take hold and prosper the economy. Labor union workers do not "create" jobs. They work for the job creators. And yes, they too, should have tax reductions to be able to save more and provide for their needs. But it is proven economic fact that if the job creators are saddled with high taxes and excessive government restrictions, the economy will slow, jobs will be lost and companies will close. Here we go: The Tenth Commandment in Exodus 20:17 says, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor's."

Taxes, especially unfair and exorbitant taxes, are covetousness. Now many will also quote the Bible verse where Jesus says give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. But in this nation, our Founding Fathers set up a form of government where we all have a say. So we, in effect, are Caesar. It's when we lose touch with that reality that the government, any government, will fill the void and begin to expand its power. From property taxes to income taxes, when the fruits of a person's hard work are taken and given to another, that is coveting. It is also placing a chokehold on the economy because politicians are interested in expanding government rather than paying debt. 

For example, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed a one TRILLION dollar tax increase if she is elected. Bernie Sanders will do much the same. This money will not go to reduce debt, but rather to give students "free" college education and construction workers jobs fixing roads. Seriously. It's true. The current national debt as we reach tax day is $19.2 TRILLION. If you are a citizen, your share of that debt is $200,221. If you pay taxes, your share of the US Federal budget deficit ($5.8 TRILLION) is $850,735, according to the US National Debt Clock. These numbers are sobering and they point to rough times ahead. If responsible stewardship is not put in place, there will be disastrous results--the consequences of breaking God's commandments. 

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Have a Blessed

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How Our Taxes are Spent.

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Top Song in Australia
Needs to be adopted here in the U S !  
Great Song--you'll like the  beat and message. 
 It seems like every country with an Islamic population has problems with these people.
  LORD, help us!
 This would never be allowed in the USA or Canada.

Hello Friends, and Readers,
     I have always wondered and tried to figure out just WHY the USA, gives so much or our [my] hard earned money/ taxes away to so many nations with little or nothing in return.   And many of these countries routinely bad mouth and even threaten us.   Well, here is that old saying that we learned in the Army...... "Ours is not to ponder why --- ours is but to do or die."    And so it is, even in Republican Administrations,  that the right hand doesn't even know what the left hand is doing.   
    But I did just the same thing in my life circumstances,  thinking and thanking Almighty God in Heaven, for my good gifts of income after working hard all my life.   That I gave to those who came to me and needed it/ money for doctor bills, food, and medicine for their family,  and after I "fell from grace" in their eyes and became homeless for a very short time,  did they ever give me a dime, or the time of day ??  Ha!  NOT !   Except for maybe one or two people, including my own flesh and blood family !   THIS TIME,  I feel that I learned my lesson !    I don't even Tithe that much these days.... after what happened at 'another place of worship.'   I am sure that those old places can get along with out me just fine.  And if they can't --- that's OK, too.    For a fact,  I am in deep debt right now, and need to pay attention to my own challenges.   I am climbing out of debt as fast as I possibly can.  

Well,  Winter in the U.P. is certainly NOT over yet !   And I just read some news that this kind of freaky, up and down temperatures, weather makes it harder for our bodies to keep up with the changes, and we get worn out and tired.   I think it's best to take vitamins and the proper herbs, also eat good, fresh food if possible.   But, again, that is just my personal opinion.  

Have a great day.

Tommy Schuckman

Why do we US taxpayers allow our hard-earned money to be forcibly taken and given to other nations, many of whom are unfriendly or even our enemies?  How stupid are we and how long are we going to allow it to go on?

The amount of money we dole out to other nations is horrendous
​For example, if ​
Mexico doesn't want to cooperate to end illegal immigration?  OK, don't give them $400-500+
illion each year
​ and use it to build the wall.​

 Mexico  $417.8M - $560.6M  (2012 & 2013)
However, that's chump change compared to the $1B+ Brazil raked in in 2013, Burkino Faso's $1B+ in 2012 & 13, >$2.5B in both yrs. to Congo, >
3B to Ethiopia,
2.6-3.2B to Kenya,
1.1 to Malawi,
2.1-2.3 to Mozambique...!  The list goes on and on and on.

​and where ​
are Burkino Faso, Malawi, Palau, Myanamar, Lesotho, Kiribati, Djibouti...and what can they do for us? Why do we care?
​  Don't we have legitimate needs here at home?​

Look at the following list and then ask why?  What do we get in return from most of them?  Next, why do we stay in the UN and pay 22% of its budget?  Send it to Brussels!

Foreign aid received in millions of US dollars[6]
Asia Afghanistan6,725.05265.95
Europe Albania341.6298.38
Africa Algeria144.5207.96
Africa Angola242.3287.61
Americas Antigua & Barbuda2.31.5
Americas Argentina178.930.12232
Europe Armenia272.7292.76
Europe Azerbaijan284.9-63.13
Asia Bangladesh2152.02669.1
Europe Belarus103.2104.68
Americas Belize25.149.55
Africa Benin511.3652.61
Asia Bhutan161.2134.69
Americas Bolivia658.6699.15
Europe Bosnia-Herzegovina571.1550.04
Africa Botswana73.8108.38
Americas Brazil1.21150.17
Africa Burkina Faso1,158.51040.11
Africa Burundi522.7546.27
Asia Cambodia807.4804.81
Africa Cameroon596.2737.49
Africa Cape Verde246.1243.37
Africa Central African Republic227.2189.25
Africa Chad478.5399.33
Americas Chile125.578.52
Asia China-194,13-651,11
Americas Colombia764.4852.03
Africa Comoros68.681.9
Africa Congo, Dem. Rep.2859.32572.2
Africa Congo, Rep.138.6150.4
Americas Costa Rica32.737.77
Africa Côte d'Ivoire2,635.61262
Americas Cuba87.8101.24
Africa Djibouti146.5152.95
Americas Dominica25.619.8
Americas Dominican Republic261.3148.13
Americas Ecuador149.4147.8
Africa Egypt1,806.65505
Americas El Salvador230.4171.3
Africa Equatorial Guinea14.25.7
Africa Eritrea133.783.69
Africa Ethiopia3,261.33,826.2
Oceania Fiji107.390.9
Africa Gabon73.290.8
Africa Gambia138.8110.8
Europe Georgia662.2652.7
Africa Ghana1,807.91,330.5
Americas Grenada7.610
Americas Guatemala299.4494.1
Africa Guinea339.6499.5
Africa Guinea-Bissau98.9103.6
Americas Guyana114.4101.8
Americas Haiti1,275.11,170.5
Americas Honduras571.5627.6
Asia India1667.632435.68
Asia Indonesia67.853.3
Middle East Iran148.8131.3
Middle East Iraq1,300.71,541.4
Middle East Israel3,070.03,150.0
Americas Jamaica21.070.3
Middle East Jordan1,416.91,407.9
Asia Kazakhstan129.691.3
Africa Kenya2,654.03,236.2
Oceania Kiribati64.664.4
Asia North Korea98.1109
Europe Kosovo567.6
Asia Kyrgyzstan472.9536.6
Asia Laos408.9421
Middle East Lebanon710.2626.4
Africa Lesotho282.6320
Africa Liberia570.9534.2
Africa Libya87.0129.4
Europe Macedonia148.9251.6
Africa Madagascar378.6499.7
Africa Malawi1,174.61,125.8
Asia Malaysia15.3-119.4
Asia Maldives58.022.9
Africa Mali1,001.31,391.3
Oceania Marshall Islands76.093.7
Africa Mauritania408.3291.2
Africa Mauritius177.8148.3
Americas Mexico417.8560.6
Oceania Micronesia, Federated States of115.0142.9
Europe Moldova473.0374.4
Asia Mongolia448.7428.2
Europe Montenegro103.2127.3
Africa Morocco1,480.31,966.1
Africa Mozambique2,096.92,314.1
Asia Myanmar504.03934.8
Africa Namibia264.8261.7
Asia   Nepal769.7870.5
Americas Nicaragua532.3496.6
Africa Niger901.8773.1
Africa Nigeria1,915.82,529.4
Asia Pakistan20192174.1
Oceania Palau15.035.2
Americas Panama50.76.8
Asia Papua New Guinea664.8656.2
Americas Paraguay104.4129.4
Americas Peru393.8367.5
Africa Rwanda878.91,081.1
Oceania Samoa120.6118.1
Africa São Tomé and Príncipe48.751.7
Africa Senegal1,080.1982.8
Europe Serbia1,089.8783.2
Africa Seychelles35.325.4
Africa Sierra Leone442.8443.7
Oceania Solomon Islands304.9288.3
Africa Somalia998.6991.9
Africa South Africa1,067.11,292.9
Africa South Sudan1,578.01,447.4
Asia Sri Lanka487.5423.2
Americas St. Kitts & Nevis21.929.3
Americas St. Lucia26.824.3
Americas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines8.57.5
Africa Sudan983.21,163.1
Americas Suriname39.629.8
Africa Swaziland88.1115.9
Middle East Syria1,671.53,626.7
Asia Tajikistan393.9382.2
Africa Tanzania2,831.83,430.2
Asia Thailand-134.7-23.7
Asia Timor-Leste283.0257.8
Africa Togo241.4220.5
Oceania Tonga78.280.3
Africa Tunisia1,017.0713.6
Asia Turkey3,033.12,740.5
Asia Turkmenistan38.037.3
Oceania Tuvalu24.426.6
Africa Uganda1,655.11,692.5
Europe Ukraine769.2800.7
Americas Uruguay19.335.7
Asia Uzbekistan255.2292.5
Oceania Vanuatu101.490.5
Americas Venezuela48.135.4
Asia Vietnam4,115.74,084.7
Middle East Yemen709.31,003.5
Africa Zambia957.71,142.4
Africa Zimbabwe1,001.2811

Thomas Neviaser

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