Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Does It Mean ?

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Dear Friends,

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ?   What do these multiple versions of one set scripture really mean ?

It means dear friends and readers,  that if a Christian Believer goes and marries an unbeliever, just as I did, a few times, DO NOT EXPECT GOD TO SMILE UPON YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE !!   Ha!  I am paying thru the nose for my stupid, silly, indiscretions right now, and of course "someone" is making out like a bandit,  but the law favors the woman most of the time.    Many great men, warriors and kings were brought low because they did not heed God's command.... not His suggestion !   And let me say for the hundredth time, that just attending some church no more makes a person a Christian --- than standing in a garage makes a person a car, or an auto mechanic !!   A person has to have Jesus Christ in his/ her mind and HEART, and know at least the bare basics of the bible !  Just read the 2 books of John, and Romans,  and I know that any normal, intelligent, person WILL come to an accurate knowledge of the Gospel if they read them.   Although the Holy Spirit really makes it all come together, for those with a contrite, honest heart.  
    Sorry,  but I just will not commit to any person that is not a believer, at this stage in the game, when we all know that the Rapture is so near, and we need a fighting chance at survival, when things are getting so dark in the world and the USA.   AMYTHING COULD HAPPEN NOW !  Even before the election, and that is what Mr. Obama wants !!   He wants riots, violence and disorder, so he can declare MARTIAL  LAW.    CONSTITUTION BE DAMNED, as far as he is concerned, and all the other Socialists and Communists on the other ticket.    BTW,  the Pope and many other so-called,  "Christian churches"/ 'leaders'   are also in to the "One World Gov't thing."   It's as if we opened the bible up to Revelation and the words and images just jumped/ leaped  out and bit us  on the nose !!   It is so real for a real Christian who understands the real Truth, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  
     OK, now,  here is the "formula" for getting the free gift of the Holy Spirit.  Are you ready ?  Go by yourself to a nice, quiet place, and ASK God for the Holy Spirit,  and if you are sincere, honest, humble with the right motive He will come into your heart.  But you also need,  before that, is to ask Jesus to come into your heart, first.    But I warn you all..... once you gain the Holy Spirit,  don't ever trash Him, or you will be in a world of hurt !   I would say that every sort of evil will then come your way.   I would be really afraid to do something so stupid and careless !!

Now, in leaving,  always heed this other advice:  It's good to always read the surrounding text of a bible verse to get the full flavor and meaning of it.  Otherwise, you might be 'cherry picking' a scripture.

Warm Regards,
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