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think you will get some good pointers in the film to help understand and see that history kind of repeats itself. Bad part has been since the military has not been permitted to WIN the fight that we are required to engage..

Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran
"Greyhound Two" 1969-1970

Hello Friends,
     It seems that when a person travels to other countries,  they get a dose of the REAL WORLD NEWS, and facts, and what we were all taught in school and just so-called, 'general information' passed on by our parents or the Gov't needs to be double checked and balanced out with other sources.... and measured next to the KJV Bible,  BEFORE we swallow it.    Sorry to be a "Doubting Thomas,"  but it just comes with the territory.
       I believe I had a good, normal, balanced,  up bringing and a good education from many sources,  but it never hurts to test your national I.Q. against REAL HISTORY [and the Bible ought always end up on top --- as the only deciding factor.... as, "God cannot lie." --Titus 1: 2.].   And also remember that History is written by the Victors...  the Conquerors.   And,  if it happened before, in the past --- it can and will happen again, in the future.   Trust:  "Murphy's Law !"
       Actually,   taking a 'sabbatical' from my chosen skill field of Welding, when I was laid off of my good paying job at AMC/ Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, WI [starting in 1989],  for 6 long years that left an big hole in my heart, mind and pocket book, and broke my  first marriage of 22 years, taught me so many hard, stinging lessons of life and poverty, even being homeless for a short time.   Some 'theories' just need to be tested, I guess.   And after that I learned to develop MANY 'safety nets' and golden parachutes, and back up plans of contingencies.    And I am still trying to play,  "Catch Up !"   I am a believer in "Prepping" for emergencies, and it never hurt me too much to save up, store, put up, stock pile, at least a LITTLE BIT.  Hey,  we all need toilet paper !!  Duh....  LOL !   We all need, safe, pure, drinking water, soap, a source of fire to cook and warm ourselves.    It's also nice to have a true companion,  but I have also learned the hard way that now days we have "Women's Lib," and the devil is so hard at work trying to break up Christian marriages, and even many churches still don't teach what the bible says about sticking to your wedding vows.... love, honor and cherish, obey, be respectful of our marriage mates and stick with them first...  not a woman's  girl friend.    

Let me lay it all out on the line now, dear Friends.   I fear that something big is about to happen in the next two months of 2016, and I only want to share what I have come to know and believe, from experts and my own extensive understanding, having worked for a while in true Financial Industries, with "Asset Managements and Investments."   With PFS Investments, etc.    Folks,  It's very simple:   You cannot spend MORE than you earn or have saved up in your banking accounts ! !    People and whole Countries go, "belly up,"  Bankrupt all the time !!   And there is no such thing as, "Too Big to Fail !"   The USA has run out of tricks, lies, schemes, paper shuffles, gimmicks, slick sleight of hand card tricks !   We are honestly 'Stone Broke,' busted, without gold or silver to back up the American paper Dollar,  period !    So now, the real Financial experts believe that we will all fold up in the very near future, with a Financial / Economic Meltdown.   The bubble will burst with all sorts of negative, nasty, poisonous hurtful things spewing all over US, that might eliminate the Middle Class in America, leaving only the Rich and the Poor.   I am so sorry to be telling you all this now,  and I will get hurt plenty, too !   China, the UN, and the WMF may soon be making some sort of an announcement about a "new, different type of currency," and the USA might fall from being the 'top dog currency' leader for so long, and be replaced with another either National or World Currency.   I heard that June 15 might be the date such an 'announcement' might be made,  but anything could happen,  and I HOPE AND PRAY I AM WRONG ABOUT ALL OF THIS.    I would rather look, stupid and foolish, that see this new action come down on us so early.....  but on the other hand,  most of us already KNEW this was coming for a long time now, and the US powers that be were lying about a "robust economy" ---Obama's lie, all along.    Lies !    It was a 'Paper Tiger' all along and soon everyone will know that we don't have nearly enough gold and silver to back up our fallen, worthless American $$$$ Dollar ! ! !   China, on the other hand has been buying  up, storing up THOUSANDS of metric TONS of Gold for years, and is about ready to tell the world about something new that might embarrass the good old USA.  I love our country and fought in Vietnam: 68-70, for the USA,  but our current evil Gov't -- Administration, and the last few other Administrations lead us down the wrong road, making too much debt for us to handle.... and both Political Parties, IMHO, are guilty.   A few will get rich, and many will now become very poor, IMHO. [In my humble opinion].     I also believe that foreign national troops are already on U.S. soil,  ready to put down any riots,  because our Gov't doesn't think that our American troops will shoot down their fellow Americans.   This is not some 'right wing conspiracy'  goofy theory, folks.    And this is just the beginning,  sorry, again. 

But I have been piss poor before, down and out, without one real friend to help me [except for Father God, in heaven].   My own family turned me away and would not give me the time of day, and no one would even take me in for shelter, even though I helped them out all my life, many times, when I was making the big money at American Motors Corp., and Chrysler.   And having a good, viable Welding skill barely kept me alive.    It took all that calamity to bring me on my knees to know and confess the Lord, Jesus Christ, and turn my life around, to do His Will, instead of My Will, back in the Winter of 1994- 1995, in cold, Milwaukee.   I may have been carrying that 'chip on my shoulder' for many years, but I've been fighting for the H.S. [Holy Spirit] to give me more "Balance", common sense, and the fruits of the Spirit.... see:  Galatians 5: 22.  

Now,  I KNEW that this 'crap storm' was coming,  but now I believe we are finally here and the storm is at our door step, ready to make waste of our once great country.   Indeed,  a "One World Gov't" --- the Beast, the "New World Order" MUST COME now, as the book of Revelation, chapter 13, etc., says it will, and no one can stop it, no matter who gets into office !!   Sorry.   I, and many other intelligent, studied people honestly wonder if there will even BE AN ELECTION this year !!    I also believe that Martial Law will be here and people will die and many hurt.  Hunger, starvation and chaos will ensue, with rioting, and civil disorder.    Sorry,  I wish it were just a stupid rumor or fairy tale !   But I know the bible well, also a History buff.

My personal friends, and email buddies already know this stuff is true, and have made as much progress and prepping as they can afford.   But truth be told....  I doubt if any of us are fully, really ready for this 'storm.'   I am afraid that it will tear our guts out.    The Rapture and Jesus Christ, is our only real Rock and Savior.   Studying the bible often, praying and talking to my close friends helps me a lot, and I suggest that the rest of you folks do the same.  
     And if things do 'hold off' for a few more months to give us some breathing room, that would be a blessing, big time, and I don't mind being wrong on this account, nor having 'egg on my face,'  --LOL !

Pray for all your relatives and friends who are not Believers, right now, and try to reach out to them again,  be kind and love them.   But CYA [cover you anatomy] FIRST and take care of your own family right now.   I will be radically changing my spending habits starting TODAY !!  

My email:

Christian Love and Prayers,
Tommy Schuckman

These Cereals Destroy Your Hormones, Zap Your Energy & Cause Weight Gain
Most cereals are promoted as "health foods" by the giant food corporations.  However, these sinister common breakfast foods that almost everyone consumes daily are killing you slowly, zapping your energy levels, causing diabetes, excess body fat, cancer, and even faster aging in your body.  I'll explain why below...

by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist
Best-Selling Author:  The Fat-Burning Kitchen & The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

If you care at all about your body and health, I'm sure you already know to avoid the obvious sugary cereals like the flakes with sugar frosting, the fruity sugar cereals with artificial colors, the frosted wheat biscuits, or the marshmallow cereals that so many parents are poisoning their kids with these days.
However, even most breakfast cereals that aren't frosted in sugar are marketed heavily as "heart healthy", "rich in fiber", and "a good source vitamins & minerals"... Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!
As a Nutritionist that's studied the biochemistry of nutrition for over 25 years, and how certain foods affect the cells of your body, there are at least 10 important reasons to be extremely concerned about what cereals are doing inside your body.  I'll touch on a few of the important details in this short article...

Most cereals (even "whole grain" or "high fiber") cause extreme harm to your hormones and create runaway blood sugar in your body
One of the WORST things about most cereals, even so-called "whole grain" cereals is that they ALL cause a significant spike in your blood sugar (regardless of whether they are wheat, rice, or corn based) to dangerously high levels, which results in a cascade of fat storing hormones to be released in your body, and causes more carb cravings later in the day.

This is NOT the way to start your day if you care about your waistline or how much belly fat that you have.
In fact, even cereals that have added fiber (such as bran flakes or raisin bran) have been found to cause just as much of a massive spike in blood sugar as the low-fiber cereals such as rice or corn based cereals.  Remember that the starches in wheat, corn, or a bowl of rice cereal break down quickly in your body into SUGAR and immediately do as much harm to your blood sugar regulation system as if you ate 40-60 grams of pure corn syrup or pure table sugar.
Those massive spikes in your blood sugar essentially damage your cells in your body through a process called glycation, which accelerates the rate of aging in your joints, skin, organs, and even your brain.  Ouch...  That tiger on the cereal commercials is never going to warn you about that!
And speaking of hormones, another effect of high blood sugar is that it blunts the ability of your body to release growth hormone (aka, the youth hormone), so if you want to look and feel younger, cereals are NOT helping you in that department!
Note:  Regarding the claims that cereals are a "good source of vitamins and minerals", this is actually FALSE... The majority of vitamins and minerals in most cereals are not naturally occurring, but rather, are synthetically added vitamins, which have been proven to be less absorbed than natural vitamins and potentially even harmful in some cases.  As an example, synthetic vitamin E is shown in some studies to be harmful to us, while natural vitamin E is beneficial.

Crunching your way to Diabetes and belly fat every morning?
Think about this next time you're gobbling down that bowl of bran flakes, rice puffs, or wheat biscuits while you're running out the door in the morning...
The more cereal you eat, the more you constantly stress your pancreas and other organs involved in controlling your blood sugar.  Insulin levels surge every day to try to control your massive blood sugar attacks from all that cereal, and eventually, your insulin sensitivity suffers, leading many people to type 2 Diabetes, and a life of injecting insulin with needles and stabbing your fingers every day for blood tests every day of your life.
Not only that, but causing high insulin levels in your body every morning by eating cereal also triggers your body to STORE body fat.  So if you want to be lean, cereal is directly going against your goal, and only making you fatter!

Gut Inflammation and even gut damage?
More bad news about cereal...
Any cereals with wheat ingredients in them can possibly cause gut inflammation and long term gut damage from too much gluten and lectins, even if you're not officially gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive.
Think those corn-based cereals are better than wheat?  Think again!  Corn-based cereals are almost always made with GMO corn, which has many scientists very concerned about long term health threats, since there are no long term studies on the effects of GMO corn to your health, as well as your children's health.
And rice-based cereals (krispies, etc) aren't much better, as they cause just as high of a blood sugar spike as pure table sugar... Ouch!

Cereal causes CRAVINGS for more carbs later in the day, leading to excess calories
The blood sugar spike and subsequent insulin surge from your morning cereal makes your body to try to get all that sugar out of your blood and into cells (usually fat cells), and that causes a big drop in your blood sugar hours later.  This makes you CRAVE more carb-based or sugary foods later in the day.
The result of this is a constant wild roller coaster ride of blood sugar and insulin all day long, leading you to eat more calories in any given day.
I recently read a study about people that ate egg-based breakfasts vs cereal-based breakfasts...  Even though the people that ate egg-based breakfasts consumed far more fat in the morning, they ended up eating much less calories throughout each day because they didn't have the wild blood sugar swings, hormone imbalances, and subsequent cravings.  Egg breakfasts are proven to CONTROL your appetite, while cereal breakfasts are proven to INCREASE your appetite for more food, particularly more starchy and sugary carbs.

Cereal makes your body a carb-burner instead of a fat-burner
The more carbs that you eat each day from foods such as cereal and breads, the more you train your body to rely on carbs for energy.  So when your blood sugar dips again, you need more carbs again, or you'll have a major energy slump.
On the other hand, the more that you get most of your calories from healthy fats instead (avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter and cream, olive oil, nuts, seeds, eggs, and pasture-raised meats), the more you train your body to be a fat-burning machine.
This is called creating a "fat adapted metabolism" and you do this by reducing your overall carb intake and simultaneously increasing your healthy fat intake.  This doesn't mean you need to go extremely low in carbs like Atkins, but just a LOT lower than the average carb addict, which is pretty much everyone eating a modern diet.
By relying mostly on healthy fats for energy instead of carbs, this balances your hormones and gives you VERY stable blood sugar levels throughout each day, allowing you to also have VERY stable energy levels throughout each day without the typical spikes and slumps in your energy that most carb addicts feel every single day.
Another benefit of creating a "fat adapted metabolism" in your body is that you will naturally lose body fat easier!  There is no magic ratios of macronutrients that's perfect for everyone, nor do I think you need to obsess over exact calories or exact ratios of carbs to fat... However, to give you an idea of how far off most people are... Most people currently eat a diet that is in the range of 60% carbs, 20% fat, and 20% protein.  What I'm describing to you in order to create a fat adapted metabolism would be more around eating 20% carbs, 60% fat, and 20% protein.
Basically, as you can see, it's like flip-flopping the typical western diet ratios of carbs to fat.

Healthier alternatives to cereal that are still QUICK (helping you to be a fat-burner instead of carb-burner)
Instead of the typical cereal in the morning (that's slowly killing you and making you fatter), try a bowl of plain greek full-fat organic yogurt (which is loaded with healthy gut probiotics, healthy fats, AND protein) and add in a handful of fresh, organic berries (or frozen wild blueberries), a handful of nuts such as either almonds or pecans (more healthy fats), and a little stevia or vanilla protein for a little added sweetness if you need it.
This breakfast will leave you leaner, keep your blood sugar, energy levels, and hormones balanced for the day, and prevent cravings for more starchy and sugary carbs later in the day.
Another option is simply any combination of eggs, veggies, avocado, and even organic breakfast meat if you want.  One of my favorite quick breakfasts is to cook up a couple eggs over easy real quick and slice a half of an avocado on a plate.
I chop the eggs and avocado together with some hot sauce and a couple slices of turkey, and voila... a quick 5-minute breakfast that's incredibly delicious, yet MUCH healthier than that bowl of cereal, and will help balance your hormones for the day instead of creating hormone imbalances and energy crashes like cereal does.
On the next page, I'll show you why you should STOP eating whole wheat bread, vegetable oils, canola oil, energy bars & these 2 particular milks if you want to stay lean and avoid diseases such as heart disease, cancer and you'll discover the popular restaurant plant-based "side dish" that CAUSES heart attacks according to one New Zealand study:

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Heli gunner Tom said...

From my good Navy man, friend, Greg Lesniewski, near Chicago, IL:

Great view of reality! Are any of us REALLY ready? For when SHTF or the RAPTURE? I have some things saved and stored away; enough to get me through the first days! Aster that, I trust the Lord that He woll show me the way to survive ! As ffor the RAPTURE? Well, I pray, try to follow His word! But the final decision is His alone! I talk/post about staying true to the Bible & God's teachings! Some listen, some heed, but I know there are others that say the believe but reli on "earthy" things! We cannot make people believe in or follow the Bible; we can only try! The rest is up to the people themselves! And some people laugh when I talk about "prepping for a disaster" (like when Noah built the ark)! But if they read the Bible they would see, He is coming again! We, in general, have turned ur backs on God because we had been blessed with prosperity, health and plain old good-times! But when you turn from God, He will turn from you also......and THIS is what has taken place in our world today! You can no longer pray in schools; we have taken the word "God" from the pledge (which we cannot recite anyway); we allow morals to be a rarity; even the Pope has gotten on the platform of false preaching! Can you blame God for being angry? For the strife that has hit us \? Muslims are spreading like a disease around the world, imposing their evil where ever thy go; and ignorant people embrace them!? WOW! It is really scarey, isn't it! \? But the true believers must not waver, must stay the true course and put our trust in God that He, and HE ALONE will give us the signs & strength to do what must be done to turn the tide! Sorry if I got on the "soap-box", but I sit and contemplate events taking place around the world and.....pray......pray for direction, for forgiveness, for courage, for enlightenment! All I can say os - -God help us all!